PM Abiy Urges Innovators to Play their Part in Ethiopia’s Development Efforts
May 22, 2023 1458
Addis Ababa May 22/2023(ENA):- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urged innovators to exert efforts and play their part for the development of Ethiopia by effectively withstanding challenges they might encounter in the course of their activities. Prime Minister Abiy has today officially launched the 3rd National Competition of Innovation in Addis Ababa. The nationwide skill competition attracted young people with unique skills and abilities.   The participants are presenting their creative works at the competition organized by the Ministry of Labor and Skills will be held for the coming five days under the theme “Skill for Competitiveness” Innovation workshops, panel discussions, and other related programs will be underway as part of the competition. During the opening ceremony of the competition, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urged innovators to exert effort and play their part in the development of Ethiopia by effectively withstanding challenges they might encounter in the course of their effort. The premier stressed the need to increase the number of innovators and effectively use the available inputs as Ethiopia is endowed with abundant raw materials in all the economic sectors. Noting that Ethiopia has been experiencing several problems, the premier urged innovators to exert the utmost efforts to ensure Ethiopia’s prosperity through solution oriented activities and withstanding challenges they may encounter. “The innovation works displayed by young Ethiopian innovators here today demonstrates the fact that the efforts being carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Skills are encouraging. Ethiopia is a country with enormous problems. If we are willing to innovate in order to simplify the lives of the people by appreciating these challenges, Ethiopia is capable of providing full-fledged input to all the types of innovation works. However, despite Ethiopia having the ability to produce, it still imports from various countries for there are limitations in the number of people who are capable to innovate and make things simple. The main objective of this event is to reverse this limitation." He said the competition program will play crucial role for young Ethiopians with skills and talents to demonstrate their capabilities and create market linkages. The premier further stressed the need to strengthen innovative skills as Ethiopia has no shortages of inputs, urging innovators to use challenges as a springboard for their effective work. Minister of Labor and Skills, Muferiat Kamil said Solution oriented technologies play a great deal of role in creating competitive economy and ensuring sustainable development.   According to her, Ministry of Labor and Skills has been carrying out enormous reform activities in order to modernize the technical and vocational sector. The reforms have already been registering encouraging results, the minister added.    
Endangered African carnivore lived in Ethiopia for 1.5 million years: Study
May 17, 2023 3460
Addis Ababa May 17/2023(ENA):- A study by Israel's Hebrew University of Jerusalem and American, Spanish and Italian teams found the first and unique fossil of an Ethiopian wolf from 1.5 million and not 20,000 years ago, according to The Jerusalem Post. The first fossil – half of a jawbone – from an Ethiopian wolf in Africa has been found by experts from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (HU) and the University of California at Berkeley, along with Spanish and Italian paleontologists. The study, published on Tuesday in the Journal Communications Biology under the title “The earliest Ethiopian wolf: implications for the species evolution and its future survival,” unambiguously proves that the ancient Ethiopian wolf Canis simensis existed in Africa some 1.5 million years ago and not 20,000 years ago according to previous theories that suggested the mammal arrived from EuroAsia. The discovery “constitutes the first empirical evidence that supports molecular interpretations.” In 2017, the jawbone from the ancient wolf was found at the Melka Wakena site on the southeastern Ethiopian highlands about 2,300 meters above sea level. The specimen is the first and unique Pleistocene fossil of this species, the team wrote. Today, this species is one of the most endangered carnivores in Africa. “Bioclimate modeling applied to the time frame indicated by the fossil suggested that the lineage of the Ethiopian wolf faced severe survival challenges in the past, with consecutive drastic geographic range contractions during warmer periods. These models help to describe future scenarios for the survival of the species,” the authors continued.  
Society Striving to Enhance Awareness, Trained Manpower in Field of Space Science in Ethiopia
May 13, 2023 2233
Addis Ababa May 13/2023 (ENA) Ethiopian Space Science Society stated that it has been contributing its part in promoting the awareness about space science and enhancing professionals in the field. The Ethiopian Space Science Society held its 18th General Assembly today in the presence of board members and administrative bodies from various universities.   Board Chairperson of the Society Mesenbet Shenkute explained about the 18 years journey of the society and presented scientific explanations. The Chairperson also discussed about the performance of the society during the current fiscal year including the encouraging achievements and challenges. In her explanations, she pointed out that the society is working focusing on education and capacity building activities to create awareness in the field of space science. Mesenbet also said that efforts are being made to enhance the understanding of the field by providing aerospace related training in order to enhance scientific excellence. The chairperson mentioned that the society is also working to improve the country's human resources in the field space science by facilitating scholarship opportunities abroad. According to Mesenbet, the society will exert efforts to create a prosperous space science community that will shape the future of Ethiopia through space technology development. Manager of the Ethiopian Space Science Society, Biruk Terefe, said on his part that efforts are being made to promote space science and technology in the country.   Training is being provided to increase the awareness of space science and technology, in particular, he said. Ethiopian space science society was established in 2004, with 47 founding members. It is a non-profitable organization constitute of members from Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Science and technology, and the related field of professionals as well as individual , and institutional members interested in the above fields.            
Smart Communication Rooms Built with 798,000 USD in Five Federal Institutions Become Operational
May 11, 2023 947
Addis Ababa May 11/2023 (ENA)Five smart communication service rooms built by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology at a cost of 798,000 USD in five federal government institutions have become operational today. Innovation and Technology State Minister Huria Ali, Education State Minister Samuel Kifle and other officials of federal institutions inaugurated the smart communication rooms. The Smart communication rooms were developed for ministers of Innovation and Technology, Education and Finance as well as Ethiopian Communication Authority and the National Identity Office.   The construction of the smart communication service rooms will enable the employees of the federal institutions to hold work meetings, take training and share ideas from anywhere. Innovation and Technology State Minister Huria Ali mentioned that the construction of such smart communication rooms has a significant role in reducing the cost of the government and the institutions can establish fast communication with various institutions. The smart communication rooms will be built for a total of 20 institutions in 11 regions and two city administrations as well as seven federal institutions. Education State Minister, Samuel Kifle said the use of smart communication rooms will save working hours of the government, help to monitor the progress of the works carried out by the institutions and to discuss with the employees. The government has been digitizing services in all institutions.            
Innovation Africa Digital Summit to be Held in Addis Ababa
May 9, 2023 1633
Addis Ababa May 9/2023(ENA):-The International African Innovation Digital Conference will be held in Addis Ababa in mid-June, according to Ministry of Innovation and Technology. The Summit, organized by Ethiopia's Ministry of Innovation and Technology in collaboration with Extensia Limited, will be held on June 14 and 15, 2023 in Addis Ababa. Innovation and Technology Minister, Belete Mola, has received the leaders of Extensia Limited in his office and discussed on the issue. Ethiopia holds the African Innovation Digital Summit every year. Preparations are being made to successfully hold the conference this year too. Topics related to digital economy will be discussed and many related platforms will also be held on the sideline of the summit, according to the minister. This conference will not only contribute to the success of the Digital Ethiopia 2025 strategy, but it will also enable investors and intellectuals across the globe to meet, work together, share experiences and exchange ideas, he said. The conference will also contribute to the development of the tourism sector in Ethiopia by promoting the attractions to visitors, Belete added. The conference will provide good opportunity to show the guests coming from abroad to see how Ethiopia is the home of the origin of humanity, the hospitality of our people, the history and our cultural values, he said. At the conference there will be a panel discussion on digital Ethiopia, policies and digital maps as well as about Ethiopia's journey on digital economy, digital education and creativity, innovations, trade and investment models. The topic of the panel also includes access to digital technology all over Ethiopia, especially in rural communities, expansion of infrastructure and broadband services, digital investment and wealth creation. More than 300 ministers from different African and European countries, leaders, industry owners, enterprises that have created jobs and wealth in the fields of digitalization and innovation, and technology companies and professionals are expected to attend the summit. The event will give an opportunity for companies and investors who are internationally experienced in the field of technology and telecommunication to come to our country and contribute, the minister stated.
CBE, Golden Coffee Roastery Launch Cash Go Money Transfer App
Apr 8, 2023 5458
Addis Ababa April 8/2023 (ENA) Commercial Bank of Ethiopia(CBE) and Golden Coffee Roastery have launched Cash Go money transfer app, enabling the Ethiopian diaspora to use easy and efficient money transfer. President of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Abie Sano and CEO & Owner of Golden Coffee Roastery, Teodros Sheferaw signed the agreement on Friday. The agreement allows Ethiopian diaspora who live, among others, in Canada, Israel, the USA, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates to use Cash go application that enables direct bank account settlement to the bank accounts of their relatives and friends in Ethiopia without the need to pass through swift. Abie Sano briefed journalists that the app will significantly make money transfer by the Ethiopian diaspora easy and efficient. By using their Visa and Mastercard, the diaspora community can easily send money to Ethiopia directly to their friends and relatives bank accounts, he added. Abie further said that as the mobile app allows the diaspora to transfer from 5 to 1,000 USD in a single transfer. The Cash Go app is proven to be simple, secure and efficient, Abie said, adding customers in Ethiopia can receive the money sent through the app immediately at any of CBE's 1850 branches. CBE is providing convenient and efficient services to its customers using digital applications, he said, noting that the bank has transacted over 2.1 trillion Birr over the last nine months of the current fiscal year. Speaking on his part, Golden Coffee Roastery ,CEO & Owner, Teodros Sheferaw, said the mobile application is locally developed by Ethiopians.   He further stated that the app is capable of serving customers in many local languages. Such digital foreign exchange transfer helps to alleviate the bank's foreign exchange shortages, he noted.  
Russia Can Support Ethiopia to Elevate Industry, Grow Specialists Faster: Cosmonaut Sergey Kud-Sverchkov
Mar 31, 2023 5960
Addis Ababa March 31/2023(ENA) The Russian Cosmonaut Sergey Kud-Sverchkov shared today his experiences to Ethiopian students at the Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU), further pointing out that Russia can help Ethiopia to raise the industry faster. Briefing the media after his presentation to students, the cosmonaut said Russia can provide some special services like geo-observation data for Ethiopia as it has already entered cooperation agreement in nuclear sciences with the university and will probably have cooperation in space engineering program.   Such kind of engineering is the basis for developing any country, he noted, adding that engineering specialists are those who can improve the whole industry. “It does not matter if it is rocket science or nuclear science. If you need to develop, you have to pay attention to these areas of education.” The astronaut advised that the Ethiopian government itself and the university could decide what the priorities for the country are, and we as partners can provide services for the country. “We should first of all look at the needs. If we need to improve our rocket science, we pay attention to it and we grow specialists in this area.” For Kud-Sverchkov, it is up to the government to decide what kind of specialists and scientists it needs. But obviously every country needs their own scientists to develop in their own way. “Our task is to be partners in development. Probably it is really hard and expensive to create industry from the very beginning. As Russia, we can help raise the industry faster and grow specialists faster to catch up with the world.” AASTU President, Dereje Engida said that sharing such experiences is pivotal to prepare Ethiopia for the future and prepare the young generation.   The university has 8 centers of excellence which have been designated to work on special areas such as mining extraction and exploration, sustainable energy, biotechnology and bio-process, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Space Science and Geospatial Institute (SSGI) Director General, Abdisa Yilma said “following the footsteps of Yuri Gagarin, and with the spirit of a great people like you (Sergey Kud-Sverchkov), we (Ethiopians) hope that brilliant and courageous astronauts will emerge in the near future.” The cosmonaut Sergey Kud-Sverchkov had spent 185 days in orbit in 2020-2021, working as a flight engineer alongside his Russian and American colleagues. Russia is a pioneer country in space exploration. It has contributed a lot to humanity by developing space technologies and skills that enable human beings to make the first steps in space.      
Ethiopia, Sudan Sign MoU to Cooperate on Telecom & Digital Transformation
Mar 16, 2023 4913
Addis Ababa March 16/2023 (ENA) Ethiopia's Ministry of Innovation and Technology and Sudan’s Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Transformation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today to cooperate on telecommunication and digital transformation sectors. Innovation and Technology Minister Belete Mola and Sudanese Minister of Telecommunication and Digital Transformation, Adel Hassan Mohamed Hussein signed the MoU in Addis Ababa. The implementation of the agreement is expected to improve people to people relations, experience sharing and cooperation on security issues between the two countries.   Innovation and Technology Minister Belete Mola said at the occasion that his ministry is committed to implement the MoU aimed at cooperating on telecommunication and digital transformation. “I was looking at the MoU,” Belete said, further pointing out, “There is strategy wise, policy wise, there is a lot that we are supposed to work together with our parallel Sudanese ministry and all other institutions around the ministry.” “We will be very much happy to make sure that the articles put in the MoU will be put into effect so to the benefit of our two sisterly countries and we will remain committed and again we are happy to have this relationship with our sister country Sudan.” The two big countries with huge potential have been playing star role in socio-political-economic affairs of the region and have to work and achieve more together not only for the benefit of the countries but also for the security and development of the region, he added. Sudanese Minister of Telecommunication and Digital Transformation, Adel Hassan Mohamed Hussein expressed readiness to start a new era of collaboration with Ethiopia. “We are so pleased to have this meeting today, to meet you and your team. Ethiopia is a sister country and we are looking forward to start a new era of collaboration. Yes, we are so close in the past, but we will be closer in the future.” The signing of the MoU by the Sudanese and Ethiopian ministries for cooperation in ICT and digital transformation is to tap into the unlimited opportunities in the field of telecom and digital transformation. “It gives me great pleasure and honor to meet you today your Excellency and witness a signing of the MoU between the government of Sudan and Ethiopia for cooperation in ICT and digital transformation.” Noting the unlimited opportunities in this field, the minister stressed the need for real cooperation and coordination. “We are looking forward to get the most benefit from this collaboration in exchanging knowledge, experience, technology, and even developing co-projects for the people of both countries.” The Sudanese minister has invited his counterpart to visit Sudan to reflect on the MoU together and incorporate it into a daily work and he accepted the invitation.      
E-Government Strategy and Enterprise Architecture for Ethiopia Launched
Mar 16, 2023 4646
Addis Ababa March 16/2023 (ENA) Ministry of Innovation and Technology and the Delegation of the European Union to Ethiopia launched a five-year e-Government Strategy and Enterprise Architecture for Ethiopia today. Innovation and Technology Minister Belete Molla said implementing the project will improve government services delivery, facilitate digital economy, and foster socio-economic development. “ I am sufficiently informed that the ultimate goal of this project is to enable the Government of Ethiopia to be more efficient, result oriented, and to provide citizen-centered, secure and integrated e-governance services.”   According to him, the implementation of this project will go a long way to strengthen Ethiopia in the global digital economy by facilitating digital transformation for rapid, inclusive socio-economic wellbeing of our citizens. A policy framework articulated under the Digital Ethiopia 2025 Strategy is enabling utilization of digital technologies across the sectors of the economy to improve the services, Belete noted.   EU Delegation to Ethiopia Economy and Infrastructure Team Leader, Sanne Willems said the Union funded the project that will be implemented by the ministry. This is part of “a large project of 10-million-Euros to support the business environment and investment climate, including e-governance services,” she added. The team leader pointed out that effective implementation of the project will enable the government to improve services delivery in an inclusive and transparent way. The project also aligns with to the SDG-16 target and contributes to the strengthening of peace and justice institutions. Willems stated that the EU and Ethiopia have been cooperating on various areas for over four decades.
Int'l Atomic Energy Agency Expresses Keenness to Enhance Cooperation with Africa in Civilian Nuclear Technology
Mar 13, 2023 1046
Addis Ababa March 13/2023 (ENA) The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has expressed its interest to enhance cooperation with Africa in civilian nuclear technology, Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation, Hua Liu said. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), representatives of nearly 40 African countries including the African Regional Cooperative Agreement for Research, Development and Training Related to Nuclear Science and Technology (AFRA), are participating in the 2023 annual National Liaison Officers meeting here in Addis Ababa. The annual meeting being held under the theme, "Paradigm Shift," is aimed at enhancing the technical collaboration between African countries and IAEA. The 5-day meeting is expected to emphasize the significance of embracing change and innovation to achieve sustainable development goals through nuclear science and technology, it was learned. Speaking at the event, Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation, IAEA, Hua Liu said the meeting aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the technical cooperation programme in Africa. Significant progress has been made in the region in recent years, he said , adding it is essential that Africa continue its efforts to develop and implement a programme of maximum benefit to the countries Socio-economic development. According to him, IAEA has launched a number of key initiatives such as Rays of Hope, NUTEC Plastics, and the Zoonotic Disease Integrated Action (ZODIAC), which are of particular importance to the African region. The agency will continue to provide support for the new comer countries in nuclear energy, especially in small modular reactor through interregional projects, he vowed. The programmes that his agency launched is also contributing to global efforts to address climate change. Growing number of African member states are focusing their attention on nuclear power, research reactors and irradiation technology, he said, adding his agency encourage Africa to take advantage of the support that the Agency offers in these areas. "IAEA also launched a program aimed at encouraging the next generation of women nuclear professionals by offering scholarships for their master degrees in nuclear topics’, he said. Speaking at the event, Ethiopian Minister of Innovation and Technology, Dr. Belete Molla, said as a founding member of the IAEA, since its establishment in 1957, my country through the years has enhanced its collaboration with the Agency.   He further stated that Ethiopia is highly committed and strongly supportive to the mandates of the Agency towards nonproliferation, nuclear safety and promoting peaceful applications of Nuclear Science and Technology for sustainable development. "We have a strong commitment of my government in collaborating and promoting technical cooperation with the Agency in key socio-economic sectors such as agriculture and food security, human health, water resource management, environment, manufacturing industry and power generation and in advancing Nuclear Science and Technology for sustainable development." Ethiopia is committed for advancing Nuclear Science and Technology for development including exploring the potential of nuclear power for electricity generation, he said. According to him, substantive measures are underway to establish the Center for Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST) through establishing an institute to sustainably manage the sector. "We are investing in research and development, constructing the necessary infrastructure, and developing policies and programs to support innovative businesses and entrepreneurs in all sectors," he added. This meeting will provide a vital platform for exchanging ideas and best practices, fostering new collaborations, and building partnerships, the minister stated. By working together, we can achieve sustainable development goals, leveraging the power of nuclear science and technology to create a more sustainable future for all, he noted. Speaking on his behalf, Director for the Division for Africa of the Department of Technical Cooperation, Professor Shaukat Abdulrazak, said our gathering here will help us find ways to share information and means, which help us produce documents and results based management.   The meeting will also help us address together some of the bottlenecks, he added. Technical cooperation program is a shared responsibility, that IAEA play role, he added. The National Liaison Officers and AFRA National Coordinators meeting will remain in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia will remain open until 17 of March and expected to adopt concrete measures and actions to further improve the planning and formulation of the next Technical Cooperation cycle for 2024-2025.
Ethio-telecom Sells over 39,000 SIM Cards to Residents of Shire City
Mar 4, 2023 1184
March 4/2023 Shire City Ethio-telecom Sales Center in Tigray region disclosed that it has sold over 39,000 SIM cards in the last two months alone, and collected close to two million Birr revenue from various services. Following the peace agreement, the Government of Ethiopia has been actively engaged in reconstruction and restoration of basic services in areas severely affected by the war. Accordingly, essential services like air travel, telecom, banking, electricity have been restored in the city. Shire City Ethio-Telecom Sales Center Coordinator, Andom Belay told ENA that the center has been providing services for customers, following the peace agreement. The staff of the center are working hard to meet the demand of needs of the high number of customers, he said. The coordinator stated that the center sold over 39,000 SIM cards to customers in the last two months. Moreover, the center is also providing other services, including change of SIM card, tele Birr services, 3-G Internet and broadband data sales. Thus, close to two million Birr revenue was secured from SIM card sales and other additional services, Andom added. Similarly, transportation service has been restored from Shire City to the regional capital Mekelle and other towns in the region.   Passengers and drivers told ENA that the difficulty they faced during the conflict in the region has been resolved as they can travel in the region.   Following the peace deal, provisions of service in the different sectors have returned to normalcy.        
Africa Urged to Bridge Technological Gap, Step up Dialogue around Innovation
Feb 28, 2023 1420
Addis Ababa (ENA) February 28/2023 Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) urged Africa to bridge its technological gaps by initiating a conversation between countries in the priority areas of intervention and strengthening scientific and technological research. The remark was made on Monday at the fifth African Science, Technology, and Innovation Forum High-level policy dialogue on emerging energy technologies along with a panel of African and UN experts.  The participants called for a deep overhaul of Africa’s approach to energy issues to break the vicious cycle of outdated technologies, respond more efficiently to electricity needs and speed up economic development.  UNESCO Regional Director and Representative for Southern Africa, Lidia Brito said to increase Africa’s energy production capacity, policy makers will have to act at multiple levels.   The director stressed the need for policy makers to ensure their countries have enough know-how for the use of renewables; set up special mechanisms to attract investments in renewable energies and create capacity for research.   They will also need to take the social context into account as energy poverty means that some communities do not have the energy to start projects in the first place, Brito said.   ECA Senior Environmental Affairs Officer, Linus Mofor urged Africa to bridge its technological gaps by initiating a conversation between countries in the priority areas of intervention and strengthening scientific and technological research.  ECA Director for Technology, Climate Change and Natural Resources Management, Jean Paul Adam said “We also need to consider how we finance innovation: while we need to challenge African governments to invest themselves.”  According to the director, energy access can increase incomes by up to 39 percent.   Held in Niamey over the past two days ahead of the 9th African Forum on Sustainable Development, the Fifth African Science, Technology and Innovation Forum was jointly organized by ECA, UNESCO, the African Union Commission and the Department of Science and Innovation of South Africa.   Discussions aimed to consider how science, technology and innovation can support African efforts to achieve an inclusive and green recovery from multiple crises and the integrated and full implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Agenda 2063.
Research, Dev’t Key to Africa’s Industrialization & Economic Diversification: ECA
Feb 27, 2023 1413
Addis Ababa February 27/2023 /ENA/ Investing in research and development by African countries will deliver sustainable industrialization and economic diversification on the continent, says Antonio Pedro, Acting Executive Secretary Economic Commission for Africa (ECA). This will enable the continent harness technology for a green, inclusive and resilient Africa, it was indicated. Pedro was speaking at the opening of the Fifth African Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Forum 2023, a side event ahead of upcoming 9th Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (ARFSD) in Niemey, Niger, according to ECA. The theme of this year’s Forum is “Accelerating development and diffusion of emerging technologies”. “To build on the innovative spirit, we need to strengthen the enabling environment through informed policies, increase investment in the research and development, and harness the support of the private sector more effectively,” noted the ECA acting executive secretary. He added that Africa should be at the forefront of a green transformation to accelerate growth, diversify economies and deliver on the SDGs and Agenda 2063. “One key opportunity for us lies in the renewable energy market. The value in this market in 2020 was estimated at 881.7 billion USD and is projected to reach 1,977.6 billion USD by 2030.” He said that ECA and its partners have completed the STI Policy Design and Implementation Guide, which countries can use irrespective of the policy implementation cycle. Director of the UNESCO Regional Office for West Africa Dimitri Sanga said for his part that to have open science in Africa, there is need to promote open access to publications and to scientific data, have transparency of peer review, and the participatory science. “UNESCO has developed the recommendation on open science. This recommendation was adopted by Member States in 2021 and we are currently working with Member States for its implementation,” he said. “I am optimistic about the results of our work, which should contribute fully to enable Africa to be a resilient, green and prosperous continent.” Similarly, African Union Commissioner for Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Mohamed Belhocine, said that digital skills, science and technology are important to build digital transformation in Africa. Accordingly, the results of the two-day STI side event will feed into the work of the African Regional Forum on Sustainable Development that will begin on 28 February to 2 March in Niamey, Niger.
Ethio Telecom Launches Innovation Program to Benefit 250 Tech Startups
Feb 6, 2023 1561
Addis Ababa February 6/2023 /ENA/ Ethio telecom launched Ethiotel Innovation Program that will benefit 250 technology startups. Launching the program, Ethio Telecom CEO Frehiwot Tamru said that the program will have paramount national significance in empowering and supporting solution oriented technologies. This is unique and golden opportunity for startups, she said, and added that it will also accelerate the country’s aspiration of realizing digital Ethiopia. According to the CEO, network coverage, digital literacy, device availability and affordability, relevant local contents, usage affordability and consumer readiness are among the key enablers. The program will have three phases; focusing on 100 startups that leverage cloud and financial service capability, expanding to 150 startups working on digital content and solutions, and establishing Ethio telecom TechHub research and development center. Mentioning that the innovation program will contribute a lot to national economy and job creation, Frehiwot stressed the need of collaboration among pertinent stakeholders for the program to bear the desired fruit. Huawei Deputy CEO, Michael Liu said on his part that Ethiopian users will enjoy digital infrastructure to accelerate digital economy. He added that the program will support the digital transformation of Ethiopia while boosting digital eco-environment. Liu noted that the innovation program will give all companies a chance to embrace digital era. Digital economy is a long journey which requires rich ecosystem environment, the Deputy CEO said, adding “with the innovation program we will give good chance for all ethiopian startups commit to participate in digital Ethiopia development.” Ethio telecom launched the innovation program in collaboration with Huawei.
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