ICS Working to Commence E-passport Vital to Curb Fake Documents, Enhance Efficiency
Jul 12, 2024 568
Addis Ababa July12/2024 (ENA) Ethiopia’s Immigration and citizenship service (ICS) revealed consolidated efforts to commence E-passport service with a view to curb illegal activities and modernize the country’s passport system. A new Ethiopian E-passport service is expected to offer enhanced security features and improved efficiency for ICS which has been grappling with a backlog of passport applications, it was indicated. In her media briefing today on the performance of her institution in the concluded fiscal year, Immigration and citizenship service Director General Selamawit Dawit said concerted efforts are being intensified to introduce E-passport. According to her, digital design has been finalized in an effort to implement this new passport service in the country. The purpose is to curb fake documents in addition to providing efficient services to customers, Selamwit noted. The commencement of E-passports in the country will also contribute to saving foreign currency expenses to print passports abroad, she added. The Director General also revealed that the residence permit identification card issued to foreign nationals and IDs to Ethiopian origins residing abroad will also be electronic supported.   The Immigration and citizenship service has issued IDs to over 51, 000 members of the Ethiopian diaspora, of whom 65 percent arrived in the country as part of the invitation extended by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the Deputy Director General of ICS, Gosa Demise said for his part. During the year, ICS has also issued permanent and temporary resident permit IDs to over 34,000 foreign citizens. More than 18, 000 foreigners who were living in Ethiopia without legal documents have been deported with penalty.        
Ethiopia's New Digital Strategy Poised to be Transformative for Government’s Digital Future: Innovation Minister  
Jul 11, 2024 895
Addis Ababa, July 11/2024 (ENA) The Digital Government Strategy and Government Enterprise Architecture 2024-2029 is poised to be transformative blue print for the government’s digital future, Innovation and Technology Minister Belete Molla said. Opening the workshop on the final review of the new strategy today, the minister stated that the new draft strategy builds upon the success and lessons of the ongoing strategy. For him, the new digital national e-government strategy is poised to be a transformative blue print for the government’s digital future. The development of the current strategy has prioritized continuous stakeholder involvement and input collection. Hence, the workshop marks the final stage before the strategy is submitted to government’s approval, he said.   “This strategy is not merely a document. It is a vision for a digitally empowered Ethiopia. It incorporates international best practices and adheres to key principles that will guide our digital transformation journey.” The Digital Government Strategy and Enterprise Architecture 2024-2029 is prepared by Ministry of Innovation and Technology, in partnership with DT-Global and with the financial support of the European Union, it was learned. Addressing the workshop, EU Delegation to Ethiopia Cooperation Head Roberto Schiliro stated that digital governance allows the government to provide efficient services.   Noting that it is also an important step to develop a market-led economy based on open communication and transparency, he reiterated that the EU remains steadfast to support Ethiopia achieve its goal in digital transformation, improve business environment and investment climate. The Comprehensive government enterprise architecture of Ethiopia has been developed as part of the new e-government strategy and seeks to ensure that the digital government ecosystem is built on a firm and scientific foundation.  
Workshop Explores AfCFTA Digital Protocol, Impacts on E-Commerce
Jul 3, 2024 2417
Addis Ababa, July 3/2024(ENA)- workshop on exploring the intricacies of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Digital Trade Protocol (AfCFTA Digital Protocol) and its impact on e-commerce in Africa was held in Addis Ababa today. The workshop on Annexes to the Digital Trade Protocol and eCommerce was conducted against the backdrop of the recently adopted AfCFTA Digital Protocol by the 37th African Union Heads of States Summit in February 2024.   In his opening remark, Innovation and Technology State Minister Yishrun Alemayehu emphasized the workshop's crucial role in fostering knowledge exchange, collaboration, and strategic discussions. He added that the ministry is committed to supporting the ICT sector that benefits from the AfCFTA by creating conducive environment. According to him, the workshop was expected to serve as a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration and strategic dialogue. Participants were expected to explore strategies for fostering a thriving online marketplace environment and facilitating seamless cross-border transactions, it was learned. It was also anticipated to go beyond the AfCFTA Digital Protocol by delving into the complexities of domestic and cross-border e-commerce in Africa, Yishrun further emphasized the need for action, urging participants to engage in open dialogue, share expertise, and contribute to this critical effort. By harnessing the power of digital trade, African nations can drive economic prosperity and create a more inclusive future for all.      
Online Consultation Platform to Gather Public Opinion on Draft Bills Inaugurated
Jul 2, 2024 2460
Addis Ababa, July 2/2024(ENA)Online consultation platform, code named E-Consultation, developed to gather public opinion on draft bills inaugurated today. The online platform is prepared by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology in collaboration with Ministry of Justice and EU. The online application would enable the public to post their opinions and recommendations on draft laws and regulation that are issued by various institutions prior to their final approval. State Minister of Innovation and Technology, Yishirun Alemayhu said on the occasion that the online technology will be instrumental to redress grievances that might be voiced by the public and will help to enhance public participation by expressing their opinions on draft laws and regulation online before they are approved. He added that the Ministry of Innovation and Technology is working with stakeholders to ensure equity in the administration of justice by using digital technologies. Justice State Minister Belayehun Yirga said that the E-Consultation will curtail physical presence of the public in their attempts to forward their comments and suggestions as it would enable them provide comment right from where they are. He added that a directive that provides for the participation of the public on drafting laws is prepared to ensure that public opinions and comments are properly incorporated in the process of drafting bills. Representative of the EU, Leul Habte for his part stated that the EU will continue to support Ethiopia’s efforts to increase efficiency on trade. In the meantime, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology and the Ministry of Justice have inked MoU pertaining to their collaboration to ensure the effective utilization of the new technology that has just been developed. State Minister of Innovation and Technology, Yisherun Alemayehu and State Minister of Justice Belayihun Yirga has signed the MoU on behalf of their respective ministries.  
Ethiopia's House Speaker, Azerbaijani Minister and COP-29 President Discuss Climate Action
Jul 1, 2024 2342
Addis Ababa, July 1/2024 (ENA) House of Peoples' Representatives (HPR) Speaker Tagesse Chafo and a high-level delegation from Azerbaijan led by Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Mukhtar Babayev, who is COP-29 President, exchanged ideas on strengthening cooperation and addressing global climate challenges today. The 2024 UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 29) will convene in November 2024 in Baku, Azerbaijan, it was indicated. During the discussion, Ethiopia's Green Legacy Initiative, and COP29 emerged as key points of discussion, in addition to the need to strengthen bilateral and multilateral issues to tackle global challenges. HPR Speaker Tagesse Chafo focused on amplifying efforts to tackle climate change, highlighting the success of Ethiopia's Green Legacy Initiative. He emphasized the need for increased collaboration and experience sharing, alongside ensuring the long-promised 1 billion USD in climate finance is delivered. Tagesse stressed the importance of translating climate conferences' decisions into concrete action, including at the upcoming COP29, which presents an opportunity to accelerate international efforts toward climate action. Ethiopia, the speaker reaffirmed, remains committed to partnering with Azerbaijan and the international community to combat climate change. Tagesse emphasized the importance of knowledge and experience exchange in tackling climate change effectively. The Speaker also underscored the need to strengthen early warning systems to build resilience against climate-induced disasters. Ethiopia expressed its full support to Azerbaijan as it assumes the presidency of COP29. Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Mukhtar Babayev clarified that the purpose of the visit is to understand climate change actions in Ethiopia. He highlighted that Azerbaijan also faces its share of climate challenges, including droughts and floods and expressed his country's interest in learning from Ethiopia's experience in climate change mitigation. The Minister emphasized that it is daunting for countries to tackle climate change effects separately and stressed the importance of regional and global cooperation in tackling the challenge. The speaker also accepted invitation to visit Azerbagian and he accepted it. Following the discussions, both delegations participated in a symbolic tree planting ceremony within the parliament compound, underscoring the shared commitment of Ethiopia and Azerbaijan to environmental protection and combating climate change. The Ethiopian delegation included Planning and Development Minister Fitsum Asefa and Foreign Affairs State Minister Misganu Arga. Representing Azerbaijan were the Ambassador to Ethiopia and representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ecology and Natural Resources. This high-level meeting signifies a renewed commitment from both Ethiopia and Azerbaijan to collaborate on climate action and build a more resilient future for all.
Discussion Held with CNNC on Potential Collaboration in Nuclear Energy in Ethiopia 
Jul 1, 2024 1036
Addis Ababa, July 1/2024 (ENA) In a recent development towards advancing nuclear cooperation for peaceful purposes, Ethiopia's Minister of Innovation and Technology, Belete Molla and delegates from China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) have engaged in discussions on potential collaboration in the nuclear energy sector. The focus of these talks includes exploring ways to enhance infrastructure development for peaceful nuclear programs. During the occasion, the minister explained that Ethiopia has taken a significant step towards harnessing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes by signing an agreement with ROSATOM to construct essential infrastructure. This partnership aims to facilitate the utilization of nuclear energy in various sectors to support the country's developmental goals. Furthermore, delegates from the CNNC have shown interest in expanding their cooperation beyond infrastructure development, delving into areas such as Human Resource Development, creating an enabling environment for those Ethiopian universities that have a curriculum in the areas of nuclear energy, to ensure the sustainable growth and utilization of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. These discussions highlight the importance of international collaboration in promoting nuclear energy for peaceful applications, paving the way for advancements in clean energy solutions and technological innovation, according to the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.      
Youth Digital Engagement Platform Launched in Ethiopia
Jun 13, 2024 3839
Addis Ababa, June 13/2024(ENA)- A digital engagement platform for adolescents and young people, U-Report, was launched in Ethiopia today. The platform that enables the youth to exchange ideas, views, and concerns was launched by Ministry of Women and Social Affairs in partnership with UNICEF. U-Report is free and easy SMS tool for community participation designed to address issues that the population cares about, it was learned. During the launching ceremony, Women and Social Affairs Minister Ergoge Tesfaye said the U-Report in Ethiopia is not just a technological advancement but also a testament to the commitment to empowering young Ethiopians and giving them a voice in the decisions that shape their future. According to her, the launch is a bold step forward in fostering a culture of civic engagement where young citizens are not merely bystanders but also active agents of change. U-Report will provide the opportunity for young people to participate in regular poll surveys, engage with Chatbots, take part in youth activities in their local communities and share their perspectives on a wide range of topics from education and employment to healthcare and social issues, the minister noted. She also stated that the initiative aims to promote critical thinking and constructive discussions among youth while providing them with a youth engagement platform to share their concerns, participate in surveys and Chatbot training and develop their skills while maintaining anonymity. This direct communication platform will not only empower the youth but also provide invaluable insights for policymakers and stakeholders, allowing them to make more informed decisions that better address the needs and aspirations of the next generation, Ergoge stated. "This momentous occasion marks a significant step forward in empowering our nation's young people, who make up nearly 70 percent of our population as Ethiopia is home to one of the youngest demographics in the world." UNICEF representative in Ethiopia, Aboubacar Kampo, said on his part that young people have a great potential to fostering positive development and progress within any society. "By investing in education, skill- building, and creating an enabling environment, UNICEF, along with the government and other partners, can empower young Ethiopians to unlock their full potential and contribute meaningfully to their communities and beyond, " he noted. Globally, U-Report is partnering with more than 35 million U- Reporters in 99 countries worldwide. U-Report is available via numerous social media including Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger having two main functions in collecting adolescent and young opinions via polls communicating information to support their well-being and skills development, it was indicated. The platform is available in different languages in Ethiopia, including Amharic, Oromiffa,Somali, and Tigrinya and young people can become U-Reporters by sending the word JOIN in these languages via the telegram bot ( bot) or the website (  
Global Startup Founders Laud Ethiopia’s Incredibly Encouraging Ecosystem for Startuppers  
Jun 4, 2024 5330
Addis Ababa June 4/2024 (ENA) The Government of Ethiopia is creating an incredibly encouraging ecosystem for Startuppers, Global Startup founders told ENA. Global Startup CEO and Founder Kim Balle, and Global Innovation Initiative Group ( GllG) Co-Founder Jo Griffiths had an exclusive interview with ENA. During the interview, Global Startup CEO and Founder Kim Balle said noted that the Ethiopian government has created a healthy eco-system for start ups. According to him, a lot of entrepreneurs and founders are going down due to the loss of support from national agency and the government globally. Therefore, the support for startuppers like the Government of Ethiopia would enable them to enhance their creativity. Besides, the holding of awarding ceremonies like the one which took place on Monday creates access to investment and knowledge that help to improve skills, have role model and strive to something very important, the CEO elaborated. The startuppers can for their part create a big impact on their families, the country and the globe as well, Balle stated. The founder further elaborated that one of the great challenges globally in the future is to produce food, unless it is supported in updated technologies. In this regard, Ethiopia is the number one in agri start ups. So Ethiopia can contribute new solutions not only for Africa but also for the globe, Balle said. Global Innovation Initiative Group ( GllG) Co-Founder, Jo Griffiths on her part said the Government of Ethiopia is incredibly encouraging startuppers.   Ethiopia's commitment to startup is incredibly encouraging, she underscored, adding that the impact is visible in various activities such as Ethiopia hosting this Start Up Award Program. "We observed significant solutions in coming in agri-tech, financial inclusion, and education, among others, especially from Ethiopia where there is incredible increase in technology in the agriculture sector .'' The Start Up Award Program is organized by Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Ministry of Labor and Skills, and Global Startup Awards.
Ethiopia’s Ambassador Highlights Africa’s Remarkable Surge in Digital Drowth 
Jun 1, 2024 5569
Addis Ababa, June 1/2024 (ENA) Ethiopian Ambassador in India, Demeke Atnafu underscored Africa’s remarkable surge in digital growth, transforming various aspects of its socio-economic landscape. Ambassador Demeke made the remark at the International Conference on Digital Growth in Africa to celebrate Africa Day 2024 at University of Delhi, organized by the Department of African Studies, according to Embassy of Ethiopia in New Delhi. As a Chief Guest, the ambassador delivered speech on the topic with prelude to the important of celebrating African Day with reference to independent movement in Africa. Ambassador Demeke underscored Africa’s remarkable surge in digital growth, transforming various aspects of its socio-economic landscape. From the expansion of mobile connectivity to the proliferation of e-commerce platforms and the emergence of tech startups, digital technologies are reshaping how Africans interact, communicate, and do business. With regard to Ethiopia, Ambassador Demeke highlighted that as a fast-growing economy, digitization is at the core of everything in Ethiopia, such as in agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and services. In 2020 Ethiopia initiated Digital Ethiopia 2025, a strategy that aims to leverage digitally enabled pathways to foster inclusive national prosperity through boosting economic growth, enhancing public services, and fostering social development. Telecommunication reforms, including the liberalization of the telecom sector in 2020, have introduced competition, improved services, and made internet access more accessible and affordable. In his concluding remark, Ambassador Demeke emphasized that through strengthened Africa -India relations, we can create a future where both regions thrive in the digital era.  
Precise, Reliable Geospatial Data System Crucial to Realize Dev’t Goals: Urban, Infrastructure State Minister
May 31, 2024 3316
Addis Ababa, May 31/2024 (ENA) Ensuring precise, reliable and consistent geospatial data system is essential to realize sustainable developmental ambitions in all spheres, Urban and Infrastructure State Minister Wondimu Seta said. A National Geodetic Infrastructure Workshop organized by Space Science and Geospatial Institute (SSGI) was held in Addis Ababa today.   Opening the workshop, the state minister pointed out that reinforcing efforts in building geospatial data system in a more collaborative and integrated manner is instrumental in ensuring precise, reliable and consistent data that realize sustainable developmental ambitions in all spheres. Geospatial data system is the backbone of infrastructural and other developmental activities, he said, adding that it has also huge role in urban development, managing land resources at the national level and to build an integrated land data system, among others. Noting that ensuring smart cities, building huge infrastructure and construction works need precise and reliable data, he said making the data system consistent is critical to realizing prosperous Ethiopia. For Wondimu, the land infrastructure data system has to be consistent across the nation. Therefore, the national workshop is mainly aimed at sharing idea, experiences and laying a foundation to work together toward ensuring integrated data system at national level. Addressing the workshop, Space Science and Geospatial Institute (SSGI) Director General Abdisa Yilma stressed the need for active participation of all pertinent stakeholders both at federal and regional levels in building the geodetic infrastructure.   More specifically, he added that infrastructural and higher educational institutions have huge role to play in building an integrated and up-to-date geodetic infrastructure. Stating the significant role of the participation of the private sector, the director general said that reinforcing the engagement of the private sector and other pertinent stakeholders will be pivotal to join human and financial resources. As part of the private sector participation, SSGI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at enhancing the quality and coverage of aerial images with the private National Airways today.  
Ethiopia's Development Partners Requested to Bolster Partnership on Innovation, Technology Sector 
May 24, 2024 3958
Addis Ababa, May 24/2024 (ENA) State Minister of Innovation and Technology Baysa Bedada stressed the importance of bolstering collaboration with development partners to harness innovation and technology projects for Ethiopia's progress. The ministry has organized Science, Technology, Research, Innovation, Digitization, and Entrepreneurship (STRIDE- Ethiopia) forum with development partners at Science Museum in Addis Ababa today as part of the concluding STRIDE Ethiopia Expo the ministry launched last week. Opening the forum, Innovation and Technology State Minister Baysa Bedada stressed Ethiopia's recent strides in leveraging innovation and technology and the need to bolster partnership for its progress. The state minister stressed the crucial role of partnerships in a rapidly changing world, where collaboration is essential to navigate advancements like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.   “The Ministry of Innovation and Technology is at a pivotal juncture in its journey towards progress. The Collective effort of our esteemed partners, together with the unwavering commitment of the Ethiopian government, has laid a solid foundation for growth and transformation. As we move forward, let us embrace the opportunities presented by innovation and technology, leveraging our diverse expertise and collaborative spirit to drive inclusive and sustainable development that leaves no one behind,” Baysa said. Moreover, the state minister mentioned about the ministry's efforts in fostering an innovation ecosystem through investments in research and development, promoting entrepreneurship, and establishing supportive policies. He emphasized the Ministry's goal of empowering local talent and building a sustainable, needs-based innovation-driven economy. Baysa further underscored the success of joint initiatives with development partners across various sectors like healthcare, agriculture, education, and governance. The State Minister called for leveraging Ethiopia's traditional knowledge and cultural heritage alongside modern technology for inclusive and culturally sensitive development. The state minister concluded by emphasizing the need for continuous learning, experimentation, and embracing disruptive technologies to stay at the forefront of innovation and drive sustainable development. He also expressed government's commitment to collaboration with development partners to leverage collective expertise for inclusive and sustainable progress that benefits all Ethiopians. During a panel discussion held at the forum, representatives from the European Union Delegation in Ethiopia, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), expressed the need to support STRIDE initiative to empower the private sector and government institutions for the Ethiopian peoples' benefit and the country's progress.      
PM Abiy Launches Ethiopian Federal Police's  EFP Citizen Engagement App.  
May 23, 2024 3918
Addis Ababa, May 23/2024 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed officially launched today the Ethiopian Federal Police's EFP Citizen Engagement App. The Ethiopian Federal Police and the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute have jointly developed the platform, which will enable citizens easily give tips on crime. Citizens can use their smartphones to download the application and submit crime information in the form of images, videos, and documents. The premier said on the occasion that the digital technology infrastructure being developed by the Ethiopian Federal Police will enable citizens to actively participate in crime prevention. Today, the Federal Police Commission, in collaboration with the Artificial Intelligence Institute, launched the EFP Citizen Engagement App, abiy said, stating that the initiative is part of the Digital Ethiopia strategy, which aims to deliver essential services to citizens. He said that 500 services are being provided through the digital system across all institutions. To achieve its full potential, the PM noted that all sectoral work must be supported by Digital Ethiopia. “Over the past six years, the Federal Police has transitioned from analogue to digital systems. In our increasingly populated city, active citizen engagement is crucial. Available on the App Store and Play Store, this app enables citizens to actively participate in preventing criminal activities by providing tips via photo, video, voice, documents, or direct calls.” Prime Minister Abiy urged all citizens to be proactive in securing our neighborhoods and cities.    
Gov’t Encourages Strong Private Sector Engagement in Its Effort to Realizing Digital Ethiopia 
May 22, 2024 2448
Addis Ababa, May 22/2024 (ENA) Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh called on the private sector to play a leading role in realizing Ethiopia's digital transformation. A panel discussion focused on Ethiopia's digital economy was held at the Science Museum today in the presence of the deputy prime minister as well as senior government officials and stakeholders in the technology sector. Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen said that since digital Ethiopia is inevitable, the country has embarked on implementing important initiatives that would pave the way for inclusive growth in the global digital economy.Currently, Ethiopia is executing a digital transformation strategy to harness technological driven economic growth and propel the East African nation towards an innovative and sustainable economy. Explaining the reasons why it is necessary to speed up digitization for Ethiopia, Temesgen underscored that digitalization can play a leading role in accelerating the country’s growth. Additionally, the deputy prime minister said digitalization would help to improve the delivery of public services and empower the governance system. It has also become an important tool for citizen engagement, and improved quality of life, he revealed. Mentioning that Ethiopia has the potential to build a digital economy, for instance, Temesgen stated that it is a country with young people who are eager for technological innovation. At the policy level, the deputy premier mentioned that ICT is being reinforced in Ethiopia as one of the five main pillars of the economy in the ten-year development plan. In this regard, he indicated that massive infrastructure activities have been carried out. In Digital Ethiopia 2025, the country is striving for ensuring inclusive development, he noted.Recalling that the government has established a Digital Transformation Council to make it a reality for the sector, Temesgen pointed out that one of its priorities is to strengthen the coordination process by increasing the participation of the private sector. In this regard, the Deputy Prime Minister called on the private sector to play a leading role in attaining Ethiopia's digital transformation.
Deputy PM Stresses Need to Reinforce Efforts to Ensure Cyber Security, Institutional Capacity 
May 18, 2024 3448
Addis Ababa May 18/2024 (ENA)Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh has urged the Information Network Security Administration (INSA) to continue strengthening its activities to enhance the cybersecurity capacity of institutions. Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh visited the institution's various operational units, including the Cyber Talent Development Center, the administration's digital exhibition, and the public key infrastructure. He also observed efforts being made by INSA to ensure the country's cybersecurity. Temesgen commended the activities being carried out by the security administration and stated that it should be further encouraged and reinforced. He noted that INSA is one of the institutions that have undergone its reform, which is efficiently implemented.   He also stated that the efforts in supporting other agencies, such as the Ministry of Revenue and Ethio-Telecom, in building systems towards the realization of Digital Ethiopia 2025, are noteworthy. The deputy prime minister also expressed his encouragement for the institution's assistance in helping key financial institutions build their own cybersecurity capabilities. He also commended the activities being undertaken to develop a cyber-army. He acknowledged the progress made in building the government's secure communication system, urging it to further develop capacity and combat the ever growing cyber-attacks.   Director General of the Information Network Security Administration, Tigist Hamid on her part stated that the administration is working to ensure the national cybersecurity.  
PM Abiy Opens 'STRIDE Ethiopia’ Expo 2024
May 18, 2024 3469
Addis Ababa May 18/2024 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched the ‘STRIDE Ethiopia’ Expo 2024 at ICT Park today. During the occasion, the prime minister said that achieving technology and innovation requires collaboration. “The launch of the ‘Stride Ethiopia’ Expo marks a significant and hopeful beginning for our ICT sector, a promise that was clearly evident during my recent visit to the ICT Park,” he added. Abiy added that this event underscored our commitment to technological innovation and growth, reflecting the potential and ambition that characterize Ethiopia's journey into the digital age. Moreover, he elaborated they have observed innovative projects at ICT Park to modernize the agricultural sector. It is also a great advantage for the country to have world-class data centers that accelerate the construction of smart cities and startups which will provide proper power distribution to the user and reduce wastage, he added. The prime minister pointed out that both government and private institutions should use the data centers to store information and use it properly for the development of the country. He also stressed it is important to recognize the fact that the world is investing most of the resources on technology and innovation. To this end, exerting concerted effort in coordinated manner to benefit from it is essential, the premier said. The government will launch an initiative that will provide trainings to 5 million Ethiopian technology and computer programme developers and to students who have talents in Mathematics and science, the premier pointed out. Minister of Innovation and Technology, Belete Molla said on his part that STRIDE Ethiopia is a big step towards achieving the country's goals in science, technology and innovation. STRIDE Ethiopia, initiated by the ministry, is a pioneer annual event aimed at fostering collaboration and innovation in Science, Technology, Research, Innovation, Digitalization, and Entrepreneurship. The STRIDE Ethiopia Expo brings together stakeholders from startups, ecosystem builders, corporations, government offices, academia, and development partners. It is organized under the theme “Science Unlocks, Technology Connects, Innovation Drives”. The expo will be open for the public at the Science Museum, from 19- 26 May, 2024.  
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