IRENA Hails Ethiopia's Regional Renewable Energy Integration
Apr 21, 2024 458
Addis Ababa, April 21/2024(ENA)-The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Director General appreciated Ethiopia's Regional Renewable Energy Integration. The fourteenth session of the Assembly of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The Ethiopian delegation, led by Minister of Water and Energy Habtamu Etefa and Ethiopian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Omar Hussien, participated at the assembly.   The final day of the Assembly focused on the topics of bankable renewable energy projects, Africa's energy transition, the important roles of geothermal energy and green hydrogen, as well as the policy and skills needed to accelerate the energy transition. Members also continued to convene to push collaboration and cooperation forward towards the tripled renewables target by 2030. During the closing session of IRENA, Minister of Water and Energy Habtamu said, "We have also now prepared private-public partnership models that will increase the confidence of the private sector on actions taken by Ethiopia to increase private sector investment to foster bankability to expand solar, wind, and geothermal projects." He highlighted Ethiopia's energy strategy, which exemplifies the commitment of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to harnessing renewable energy sources. "We are close to achieving our target of 100 percent renewable energy by 2030 to propel our economy forward and achieve energy independence." The Ethiopian government is committed to regional integration by sharing its energy with neighboring countries like Kenya, Djibouti, and others. This strategy is not only used to ensure our economy but also to secure regional peace and security, he concluded.   IRENA director general Raul Alfaro Pelico, Director of Knowledge, Policy, and Finance Center (KPFC) at IRENA, closed the plenary session, reflecting on the need for a new paradigm on bankability and project impact to de-risk investment, increase public-private partnerships, and accelerate collaborative efforts to catalyze a global shift like what the Ethiopian government does. Raul noted that the energy transition is also expected to increase energy sector employment, with renewable energy jobs potentially tripling from the current 13.7 million to 40 million by 2050. Investments in other energy transition-related technologies could result in a substantial increase in job opportunities. Raul also made note of the possible misalignment of future job opportunities owing to developmental and geographical disparities. He called for just transition policies like tax credits, subsidies, grants, and public research and development to ensure that the misalignments do not become barriers to the renewable energy transition. In the session, the participants explore the African Renewable Power Alliance (APRA) and its strategy for boosting renewable energy in Africa through international collaboration.  
Space Science and Geospatial Institute to Share High-Resolution Satellite Data Freely
Apr 17, 2024 1347
Addis Ababa, April 17/2024 (ENA) The Ethiopian Space Science and Geospatial Institute (SSGI) announced that it has made high-resolution satellite data freely available to stakeholders in the country. The data was collected through a collaborative project signed with China's Ministry of Natural Resources in April, 2023. The institute held a national workshop to popularize high-resolution data collected from the Chinese Land Satellite Remote Sensing Application Centre (LASAC) and the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) today.   Space Science and Geospatial Institute Deputy Director-General Bethelhem Nigussie said on the occasion that the 5-year LASAC project has resulted in a detailed satellite imagery covering the entire country. According to her, the institute is now ready to exchange the data with stakeholders for free based on provisional agreements to be reached soon. The data can be used for various purposes, including natural resources, agriculture and livestock, it was learned. In particular, the data will be helpful in managing natural disasters like floods and droughts, which are common in Ethiopia. Challenges such as data accessibility, lack of skilled personnel, and infrastructure limitations were identified during a workshop held by SSGI to discuss using the data. Meanwhile, SSGI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ethiopian Statistical Service to facilitate data and information sharing. Space Science and Geospatial Institute Director-General Abdisa Yilma and Ethiopian Statistical Service Director-General Beker Shale signed the agreement.  
Wingu Africa Achieves Tier III Certification for Data Center
Apr 16, 2024 1774
Addis Ababa, April 16/2024 (ENA) -Wingu Africa Group Limited, a leading data center provider in Ethiopia, has achieved Tier III certification from the Uptime Institute for its facility in the ICT Park, Addis Ababa. Wingu Africa has successfully met the stringent requirements, ensuring the facility's ability to withstand maintenance activities and unexpected failures without impacting critical IT functions, it was learned. Uptime Institute is a Global Digital Infrastructure Authority, headquartered in New York, NY, with main offices in London, São Paulo, Dubai, Riyadh, Singapore, and Taipei. This prestigious certification, awarded by the institute, affirms the data center's adherence to stringent industry standards for concurrent maintainability and fault tolerance. State Minister of Innovation and Technology, Yeshurun Alemayehu, hailed the certification as a remarkable feat for Ethiopia, lauding the certification as a significant milestone in Ethiopia's digital transformation journey. He emphasized the crucial role of data centers in supporting the country's digital transformation and expressed the government's commitment to assisting investors in this sector. This significant achievement further solidifies Wingu Africa's commitment to delivering secure and resilient data infrastructure, while positioning Ethiopia as a dynamic hub for innovation and development, the company announced.   Chief Strategy Officer at Wingu Africa , Nicholas Lodge, on his part expressed his delight in fulfilling all eligibility criteria for Tier III certification. He said the Tier III certification, recognized globally by the Uptime Institute, affirms the data center's adherence to the highest industry standards for concurrent maintainability and fault tolerance. He further said that Wingu Africa's data center in the ICT park, Addis Ababa, successfully met the stringent requirements, ensuring the facility's ability to withstand maintenance activities and unexpected failures without impacting critical IT functions. The rigorous evaluation process conducted by the Uptime Institute encompassed the facility's design, construction, and operational capabilities, he added. Country Director of Wingu Africa , Teshome Worku, expressed that the escalating demand for up-to-date data centers in the finance, banking, and telecom sectors. Teshome emphasized the company's dedication to meeting this demand by establishing a world-class data center with 200 racks and a 2.5-megawatt consumption system. This colocation data center plays a vital role in safeguarding sensitive data within Ethiopia, bolstering the country's data protection laws, he said. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to providing cutting-edge data solutions that empower businesses across the region, promoting Ethiopia's digital transformation journey and fostering innovation and development in East Africa, he said. A Pan-African Data Center operator, built with the total outlay of 50 million US dollars at ICT Park in Addis Ababa, was inaugurated last year.
Ethio telecom Committed to Providing Digital Solutions To Meet Ever-growing Demands: CEO 
Apr 16, 2024 1523
Addis Ababa April 16/2024 (ENA) Ethio telecom launched new feature Telebirr engage that enables customers to transact, socialize, and share via text, picture, QR, Audio or Video in addition to free of internet charges and settle digital payments in addition to the existing multiple functions. During the launching ceremony, Ethio telecom CEO Frehiwot Tamiru said that steadfast efforts are underway to realizing digital Ethiopia 2025. Due attention has been given to ensuring financial inclusion and remarkable achievements have been attained, she stated. "Our company is strongly committed to continuing introducing digital solutions that will meet the ever-growing demands of its valued customers, streamline their business operations and daily routines, enhance their convenience, improve their efficiency and effectiveness and promote a comprehensive digital economy." According to the CEO, Telebirr has, through its over 44 million subscribers, has made over 2 trillion Birr transaction value and 775 million transaction volume in nearly 3 years.   This means Telebirr has been undertaking an average transaction value of 5 billion birr per day, it was learned. Frehiwot added that the new telebirr engage empowers individual and business customers to engage in live chats, share information, and seamlessly request, send, and receive money as well as share bill during conversations. Furthermore, the CEO pointed out that the service introduces a novel feature enabling customers to send individual or group best wish messages along with monetary gifts to be divided among group members equally or criteria based in connection with holidays or social events. Ethio telecom also presented innovative and inclusive developer’s portal that allows organizations who wish to integrate their system with telebirr to perform system testing, she stated. “It enables the organizations to be accessible to over 44 million telebirr’s customers and release their products & services with shorter time to market.”    
Gov’t Committed to Support AI Products to Achieve Excellence in Digital Transformation  
Apr 12, 2024 2394
Addis Ababa, April 12/2024 (ENA) Efforts are being made with a view to achieving excellence in digital transformation in Ethiopia by supporting products of artificial intelligence (AI), Deputy Prime Minister Temesenge Tiruneh remarked. Robot Desta performed a musical performance with the distinguished Jazz musician, Mulatu Astatke last night. The Deputy PM, high ranking government officials, technology innovators and other invited guests were in attendance at the event. On the occasion, Deputy PM Temesgen said Ethiopia is working to accelerate the transformation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology transfer. Temesgen mentioned the importance of AI in tackling the complex challenges facing African nations, including Ethiopia, and said that the government is exerting efforts to accelerate the growth of the sector and other digital alternatives by establishing Digital Transformation Council and taking other crucial measures. Thus, he continued, the country's digital transformation will be intensified through accelerating the development of AI technologies like Robot Desta.Director General of Ethiopia’s Artificial Intelligence Institute, Worku Gachena for his part described the significance of AI in supporting the ongoing digital transformation process in the country citing efforts being made to use AI in the development of agriculture, health, education, industry parks and other economic sectors. The Musical performance was organized by Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute and iCog Labs in partnership with Ethiopian Airlines and Ethio-telecom. Robot Desta has been made to speak Amharic, demonstrates other feelings including happiness. Desta delivered a speech in Amharic at the event. Robot Desta, which is in display at the Science Museum, has been developed by Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute and iCog Labs in collaboration with other institutions.
PM Abiy Visits ‘Startup Ethiopia Exhibition’, Encourages Participants   
Apr 11, 2024 1643
Addis Ababa, April 11/2024 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has visited ‘Startup Ethiopia Exhibition’, a national event that opened at the Science Museum in Addis Ababa last Monday. The exhibition, that depicts the innovative efforts of various Startuppers, is being visited by the public. The exhibition remains open for the coming 17 days for visitors. Startuppers engaged in various fields of development including Information technology, agriculture, health, education, industry and finance have been participating at the exhibition. Premier Abiy has today visited the exhibition and encouraged the participating Startuppers. He said the exhibition showcases the aspirations, ingenuity, and innovation capabilities of participants in the ecosystem recommending the public to visit the exhibition and interact with the exhibitors. The participating Startuppers expressed their joy by the encouraging words of the premier during his visit.   Edom Dawit, representative of Cubic Startup, which engaged in the manufacturing of materials vital for the construction of low cost houses by recycling plastic garbage, appreciated the commitment of government to support startups in Ethiopia.   Abdu Jemal, representative of Ethio-Charge, a Startup making efforts to install vehicle electric charging infrastructure in the country, said Prime Minister Abiy has encouraged them on his visit hailing the policy measures being taken by the government to create conducive environment to Startups. CEO of Enabler, the other Startup, Yidnelkachew Kedir for his part stated that ‘Startup Ethiopia Exhibition’ is a vital opportunity for the various Startups to interact each other, exchange experiences and create business linkages with pertinent companies.  
Ethiopia’s Startups Surge in Competitiveness of Agricultural Productivity
Apr 11, 2024 553
Addis Ababa, April 11/2024 (ENA) Ethiopia’s startups have become vital to drive a competitiveness surge of the country in agricultural production and quality of commodities in the global market, innovators in the sphere told ENA. Innovations which could increase the nation’s value of agricultural products and competitiveness internationally are being displayed at “Startup Ethiopia Exhibition”, which was launched on Monday at the Science Museum. ENA observed Young startuppers who presented innovative works that would maximize income by increasing the value of agricultural products which Ethiopia exports as well as providing organized information to buyers. In recent years, Ethiopia aims to emerge as a beacon of opportunity in the global startup landscape. The holistic approach in this startup ecosystem holds the promise of unleashing entrepreneurial vigor, propelling economic growth, and spurring job creation across the sectors including agriculture in Ethiopia, it was indicated. In this regard, Ethiopia’s large and youthful population is considered as an asset with more investment to empower more young people to have the education, tools, and platform they need to take charge and create opportunities for themselves and the world. Mikiyas Estefanos, One of the young innovators, displayed a technology called ‘tracing coffee’ where the buyer can track the information of coffee production, accounting for the largest share of the export trade in Ethiopia.   Approached by ENA, Mikiyas said this innovative tool allows the buyer to know the whole information of the coffee starting from the producer. For him, the technology will essentially further increase the competitiveness of Ethiopian coffee in the world market. More importantly, buyers will be provided clear information about the uniqueness and quality of Ethiopian coffee with the support of this innovation. Another startupper, Anduamlak Mehariw presented innovative works that can be used to increase the value of export products.   Anduamlak who is also manager of "Green Bean Manufacturing" which manufactures agricultural products processing and farm machines; explained that the technology helps to increase export income and competitiveness, including the value of agricultural products, which covers 60 percent of Ethiopia's export products. He also mentioned that rosemary, turmeric and coffee drying machines are among his innovations. The founder and manager of "B-Farm Tech", Begashaw Mebirate who graduated in the agriculture field, envisages supporting his country’s farms to enable them to use modern equipment. He said lack of agricultural technology that he noticed while working in various institutions, was the starting point for his innovative work. He explained that he has created a technology that connects the farmers with grain threshing tractor owners and tractor operator professionals. Pointing out that this will help him to contribute to the modernization of agriculture, Begashaw acknowledged the government's attention to innovation has given him hope to be successful. The exhibition has been open to the public since 8th April 2024, and will end after 21 days, it was indicated.    
Gov’t Reforms Essential to Further Stimulate Startups Ecosystem: Startuppers
Apr 10, 2024 666
Addis Ababa, April 10/2024 (ENA) -The reform carried out by the government is favorable for startuppers and further stimulate the sector, youths engaging in startups told ENA. ‘Startup Ethiopia Exhibition’ kicked off at the Science Museum in the presence of senior government officials earlier this week.   The exhibition runs from April 4, until April 28, 2024, it was indicated. At the exhibition, youths presented their startups in various sectors including information technology, agriculture, health, education, energy, industry and finance. Meron Sileshi presented her digital application called ‘Lersha', which means ‘for agriculture, at the exhibition. The startup provides a one-stop digital service to smallholder farmers to enable them to access farm inputs, mechanization services, and follow dynamic agro weather condition alerts using technology, she elaborated. For this, Meron stated, the platform combines a mobile application, a call center, and LERSHA agents to facilitate transactions with farmers. As startups are innovative ideas, they will take time for the society to adopt use them, she said, adding that the efforts being underway by the government are essential to promote and further stimulate the ecosystem.   Head of Operations at Noliga Engineering PLC, Kassa Dejene, said that on his part, they developed a turbine that can generate energy from any flowing water and a device that can easily generate energy from wind. Noting that they received financial support from the government during the implementation of this innovative work, he said that the new legal system put in place by the government has created a conducive environment for startups. Founder of Simbona Africa, Hana Berhanu on her part said Simbona Africa is a MedTech company engaged in locally manufacturing medical devices in Ethiopia.   Simbona has five products and works on any customer-based items. These products are UVC light-based sterilization (non-medical) device, a phototherapy device, an infant radiant warmer, Oxygen Concentrator and Neonate and adult vein finder. She mentioned that they were facing financial constraints while doing these jobs; stating that the activities being carried out by the government to address the financial challenges will motivate startuppers. Recall that the “Startup Ethiopia Forum’’ was held in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed at the Adwa Victory Memorial Museum on Thursday, April 4, 2024, where senior government officials, representatives of the private sector, and startuppers attended the forum. The premier noted that “Startup Ethiopia” aims to cultivate an environment conducive to youth entrepreneurship, fostering innovative problem-solving businesses. He also announced several reforms that will create favorable conditions for startups, addressing previous operational bottlenecks.  
Digital Payments Offer Enormous Opportunity for Ethiopia, Says Better Than Cash Alliance Africa Lead
Apr 5, 2024 1271
Addis Ababa, April 5/2024 (ENA) There is enormous economic opportunity for Ethiopia to benefit from digital payments, Better Than Cash Alliance Africa Regional Lead Oswell Kahonde told ENA. Speaking to the Ethiopian News Agency on the sidelines of Ethiopia Digital Payment Conference held today, Kahonde said digital payments really help to bring many people into the formal economy and that's the most important thing. At the moment, Ethiopia has a formal economy with 90 million mobile money accounts, an increase like what we've not seen before, he noted, adding that financial inclusion is also growing in Ethiopia. A few years ago, financial inclusion was around 20 percent in the country, and now we're talking of almost 50 percent, Kahonde added. “What this means is that there's also still another 50 percent of the population that is outside the former banking system.” According to him, digital payments help to fast track and accelerate the inclusion agenda that the government is pursuing. The advantage that Ethiopia has is it's coming right to the end, if you compare it with other countries, Kahonde stated. “There is no country in Africa that has ever experienced such exponential growth in digital payments, adoption or digital wallets adoption, 90 million in the space of four or five years. It's a great number.” The demography of Ethiopia is also very encouraging. Over 60 percent of the population is youth, and when you introduce digital they are more likely to adopt digital instruments and digital channels than older people, he elaborated. So, there is a huge opportunity economically for Ethiopia to benefit from digital payments. Kahonde further said that the United Nations Better Than Cash Alliance has been working with Ethiopia, one of the members, since 2016. “We have been working with the Government of Ethiopia to drive digitalization of payments, which has culminated to this exciting conference that we're having here,” the lead pointed out. National Bank Governor Mamo Mihretu said on his part the numbers of mobile money, and credit card users have reached 90 million and 42 million, respectively, over the past five years.   The digital payment service of cash transactions across the country has also been significantly increasing and seeing more and more growth. According to him, laying foundation for digital payment in terms of strategies and fostering the overall ecosystem has been recognized by the government and National Bank of Ethiopia. For this reason, the National Bank of Ethiopia launched Ethiopia’s first ever National Digital Payment Strategy several years ago in order to provide framework for how responsible digital systems and payments can drive greater economic efficiency, transparency, financial inclusion and sustained inclusive growth. “The coming together of supportive policies, digital infrastructure and ecosystem players has in the past led tremendous explosion of the use of digital payments,” the Governor said. He revealed that the Bank projects to close the financial year at more than six trillion Birr in value transacted through existing financial channels.
Nile Basin Countries Urged to Use Science, Technology for Sustainable Water Management
Apr 1, 2024 1779
Addis Ababa, April 1/2024 (ENA) Nile Basin countries need to recognize the importance of science and technology as key instruments for sustainable water management in the region, Water and Environmental Engineering Professor Esayas Alemayehu said. In an exclusive interview with ENA, the professor noted that science and technology have huge contribution for sustainable water management in the Nile Basin countries. Elaborating his point the professor stated that there are different aspects of water resources, like infinite water resources. "The Basin is bounded by sea and ocean. There is the Mediterranean Sea in the northern part, the Red Sea in the northeast, and the Indian Ocean in the southern part," he said, adding that "we can therefore try to use the infinite water resources, converting them to freshwater resources that will alleviate and make the water peace and we can manage properly." In this aspect, Professor Esayas pointed out that the integral part is science and technology. If we advance desalination, we can easily convert saline water into freshwater. He cited the experience of countries like Libya and Algeria, indicating that Egypt, which has a large coastal line greater than 2500 km, can also easily extract the water from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red sea with simple technology and alleviate the problem. But, he also stressed the need for properly managing water resources as there is huge water loss in the basin. "If we, for example, advance the science technology in distribution system like what Ethiopia is starting to control the loss by looking at the water pressure in the distribution system and detect leakage we can mitigate the huge loss of water in the region." Besides, the professor advises the Nile Basin countries to utilize used water in order to mitigate some of the problems in water crisis. "In Israel, 85 percent of the water supply for agriculture comes from used water. Nile Basin countries can use such an approach to mitigate some of the problems." Yet, Professor Esayas underscored that cooperation is very important even to advance science and technology. According to him, several researchers have established that the science and technology in the Nile Basin countries are not as expected because the demand is very high. Thus, science and technology need to be accelerated to minimize dispute in the region. He stressed that science and technology work as a bridge to bring the different countries together and to show different directions to ensure the use of an unconventional water resource.    
PM Says Nation on Track to Meet Digital Ethiopia 2025 Strategy
Mar 26, 2024 2776
Addis Ababa, March 26/2024 (ENA) Ethiopia is on a good track to realize Digital Ethiopia 2025 Strategy, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said. At a panel discussion, which reviewed the mid-term performance of Digital Ethiopia 2025 Strategy at Adwa Victory Memorial Museum today, the premier stated that the main enablers to achieve Digital Ethiopia 2025 Strategy are on a good track.   According to him, the country had been facing many challenges financially when the Digital Ethiopia 2025 Strategy was launched. The debt to GDP ratio was about 60 percent, there was no enough money to pay salary and carryout the construction of big projects like the GERD which requires 1 billion USD, he elaborated. The bottlenecks at the time called for a different idea and approach because the problems were unique and required homegrown solutions with some general experiences bench-marked, Abiy noted. As a result, the Homegrown Economic Reform and the Digital Ethiopia 2025 Strategy, among others, were formulated. The prime minister pointed out that the enablers for the strategy included reliable energy supply and robust data infrastructure as well as strong cyber-security, which is a backbone of digitization critical to the success of Digital Ethiopia 2025 Strategy. He further revealed that Ethiopia has laid a strong foundation for technological advancement by prioritizing legal frameworks, strategic planning, institutional development, telecom infrastructure expansion, the establishment of AI institutions, and efforts to address energy challenges. By strengthening the foundations and the enablers that are on good track, Ethiopia's digitization will deliver maximum benefit to its citizens, the PM noted. Abiy announced on the occasion that a national council that oversees the implementation and performance of the Digital Ethiopia 2025 Strategy will be established within the coming weeks. The national council will be led by Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh that consists of representatives from the pertinent institutions and the private sector. Innovation and Technology Minister Belete Molla emphasized on his part the strategy's alignment with Ethiopia's national goals, including the Homegrown Economic Reform Agenda, the Ten-Year National Development Plan, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the African Union Continental Digital Transformation Strategy.   “Various works have been done in developing these infrastructures in the past three years,” he pointed out. The minister noted that the strategy focuses on national development goals, job opportunities, generation of foreign currency and innovation.  
Innobiz-K Ethiopia Incubation Center Inaugurated
Mar 22, 2024 2299
Addis Ababa March 22/2024 (ENA) Innobiz-K Ethiopia, the biggest incubation center in the ICT Park inaugurated today with the aim of creating jobs and fostering ICT oriented entrepreneurship. Innobiz-K Ethiopia is an ICT based innovation center jointly managed by Ministry of Innovation and Technology and KOICA in incubating innovators and entrepreneurs to develop their innovative ideas, Addressing the inauguration of the center, Innovation and Technology State Minister Baysa Bedada said the initiative of the incubation center demonstrates the country's unwavering commitment for innovation and technology. Ethiopia recognizes the critical role of science and technology and innovation as a catalyst for long-term development, to cultivate a flourishing ecosystem that fosters research, entrepreneurship and technological advancements, he affirmed. “By integrating science, technology and innovation into its national agenda, Ethiopia seeks to build resilient institutions. The country is also determined to advance the green economy and foster an inclusive society ensuring that every citizen has equitable access to opportunities for growth and prosperity,” Baysa stated. The state minister further noted that innovation centers are pivotal in driving economic growth and prosperity, serving as vibrant hubs for creativity, collaboration and technological advancement. In a rapidly changing world, Ethiopia is committed to unlocking the nation's potential by empowering innovators and entrepreneurs through fostering a culture of creativity, investing in research and building a robust digital economy, he pointed out. Vice president of Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Dong Ho Kim said realizing Innobiz-K Ethiopia Incubation Center is a significant milestone in the effort to support entrepreneurs and ICT development in Ethiopia in general. Through a sustainable and collaborative partnership, the Center will be a game-changer, it was indicated. Moreover, Innobiz-K Ethiopia Incubation Center is expected to serve as a key hub for startups and innovative businesses built to realize a strong national startup ecosystem
Simien Mountains Nat'l Park Introduces GPS Tracking System to Protect Endemic Red Fox
Mar 16, 2024 2395
Addis Ababa, March 16/2024 (ENA) Simien Mountains National Park announced that it has introduced GPS tracking system to monitor and safeguard the endemic Red Fox population in the park. The Red Fox Conservation Program Coordinator at the Park, Getachew Assefa told ENA that this tracker has been deployed in collaboration with the Ethiopian Wildlife Protection Authority and international partner organizations. The system introduced is the Collar GPS tracker wherein GPS-enabled collars are attached to the necks of 8 red foxes with forty family members. The tracker enables to trace movements of the foxes as they search for food and navigate through potential threats, he said. By utilizing the system, we can track the distances covered by the foxes each day in their pursuit of sustenance as well as the dangers they encounter along the way, Getachew elaborated. As a pilot project last year, GPS trackers were employed on two red foxes, leading to the acquisition of crucial information when these animals faced life-threatening situations, including death and severe injuries. The Collar GPS tracker also facilitates the tracking and controlling of illegal poaching activities. According to the program coordinator, the red foxes primarily inhabit mountainous regions above an elevation of three thousand meters. Covering an expansive area of four hundred twelve square kilometers, Simien Mountains National Park is not only the largest national park in Ethiopia but also a UNESCO designated international heritage site. It encompasses the highest portions of the Simien Mountains, including Ras Dashan, the highest peak in Ethiopia. The park serves as a sanctuary for numerous endangered species, including the Ethiopian Wolf and the Walia Ibex, a unique wild goat found nowhere else in the world. Additionally, the Simien Mountains park is home to the Gelada Baboon and the caracal, a remarkable feline species. Over 50 bird species, including the bearded vulture with its impressive 3-meter wingspan, inhabit the park.  
Ethio Telecom Launches Experience Center at Adwa Victory Memorial
Mar 9, 2024 2652
Addis Ababa, March 9/2024 (ENA) Ethio telecom has inaugurated today an Experience Center at the Adwa Victory Memorial Museum. The center features a retrospective of telecom technological development processes, narrates the current level of technological advancement, and predicts emerging technological development trends. It is also organized to showcase the historical development stages of Ethio telecom, displaying telecom gadgets while highlighting the present and future levels of technological excellence. Launching the Experience Center, CEO of Ethio Telecom, Frehiwot Tamiru said the center provides residential and enterprise customers with the opportunity to exhibit, engage with, and experience the latest technologies firsthand. The center will also showcase existing products and services, allowing customers to test new digital technologies, and explore technological breakthroughs, she added. The center also showcases state-of-the-art technology, presenting verticals such as the health care sector, agriculture, and education, a valuable opportunity to modernize their facilities using cutting-edge solutions, it was indicated. This initiative is also designed to establish a streamlined systems capable of reducing costs, minimizing resource wastage, and enhancing overall productivity ultimately paving the way for the digital transformation of our country. It is instrumental to the ongoing efforts aimed at enhancing our country's digital economy, elevating the standard of living for citizens, and driving societal transformation through technological advancements. The center was planned to function as a testing ground for comprehensive solutions with the potential to drive significant advancements and innovation within the industry, among others, smart Home Automation, tele birr financial transactions, immersive visitor experiences, Fintech integration as well as smart agriculture techniques, smart Tourism services and remote patient monitoring. Ethio telecom has been providing telecom services in Ethiopia for 130 years.
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