Ethiopian University, Secondary School Students Chinese Language Proficiency Competition Held
Jun 3, 2023 186
Addis Ababa June 03/2023 (ENA) A Chinese proficiency competition for Ethiopian university and secondary school students with the view to enhancing cultural relationship between the two countries has taken place here in Addis Ababa today. Some 16 university and 6 secondary school students participated in the final round competition. The talent show included singing Chinese songs, Chinese dancing, poetry recitation, cross talk, tongue twisters, Huangmei Opera, and martial arts performance. Special prizes, first to third prizes, and excellence awards were given to the twenty two contestants. The winners in the university and the secondary school group categories will go to China to participate in the finals, it was learned. Speaking on the occasion, Chinese Ambassador Zhao Zhiyuan said that he is very confident that those Chinese learners in Ethiopia and Amharic learners in China will become ambassadors of friendship in the near future. "I am very confident that those Chinese learners in Ethiopia and Amharic learners in China will become Sino-Ethiopia ambassadors of friendship in the near future, contributing to the consolidation of the bridge of brotherly relationship between our two countries, to the building of the bridge of a community with a shared future for our two people." He added that the competition is an important platform to promote exchanges and friendship between Chinese and foreign students, and an important bridge to promote people-to-people exchanges between China and other countries and jointly build a community with a shared future for mankind. Since the first round competition in 2002, more than 1.4 million non-native Chinese language learners from more than 150 countries have participated in the Chinese proficiency competitions, Ambassador Zhiyuan stated. Representing the Internationalization and Scholarship Desk of the Ministry of Education, Terefe Belay said that the two countries have a long-standing relationship. According to him, strengthening cultural ties between the peoples of the countries will further consolidate the cultural relationship. 'The relationship between Ethiopia and China is long standing. It has been around for long. Both countries have great cultural and ancient heritages. Therefore, in order to strengthen the brotherly relationship between the two countries, it will make them more effective if people learn each other’s culture, languages through academic exchange.'  
Consultation Underway to Gather Inputs for Draft Proclamation on IDPs
Jun 3, 2023 305
Addis Ababa June 03/2023 (ENA) A consultation forum is being held in Adama city to gather inputs for draft proclamation on protection and support of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). The consultation was organized by the Ministry of Peace, the Ministry of Justice, International Organization for Migration (IOM) and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Representatives of human rights institutions, civil associations, higher education institutions and other pertinent stakeholders are attending the forum, it was indicated. During the occasion, State Minister of Peace, Seyoum Mesfin said that a large number of citizens, including mothers and children, have been displaced by man-made and natural disasters in the past years. There was no legal framework to provide complete support to IDPs in Ethiopia, he elaborated. To this end, he stated the draft protection and support proclamation for IDPs, which is in the process of preparation, will help to provide them with humanitarian aid, protection of rights, and render other support. According to international experience, governments have limited capacity to fully assist IDPs, so, they engage local and international aid organizations, the state minister said. Moreover, he elaborated that the preparation of draft proclamation is underway to overcome multiple challenges facing citizens, which resulted from internal displacement, due to man-made and natural calamities legally and in coordinated manner. According to the draft proclamation, a national IDP protection and support council will be established, which will be accountable to the prime minister. The Council will be headed by the deputy prime minister and will consist of various federal and regional government bodies, religious institutions, as well as other relevant entities, it was indicated.    
Ethiopia Receives Over 110,000 Refugees from Sudan, Somalia this Yr Alone: RRS
Jun 2, 2023 970
Addis Ababa June 2/2023(ENA):-Refugees and Returnees Service (RRS) disclosed that Ethiopia has received more than 110,000 refugees this year alone from neighboring Sudan and Somalia. The service added that the construction of new refugee shelters has been started in Matema, Amhara region and Kumruq, Benshangul-Gumuz region, to provide complete services for those refugees. Ethiopia is one of the largest refugee host countries worldwide, it was indicated. Moreover, the country has provided protection to refugees and asylum seekers from some 26 countries, predominantly from neighboring countries such as Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, and Somalia and among many others. This history goes back to thousands of years when Ethiopia has had a well-known history in providing protection and hosting refugees since the seventh century by receiving the followers of the Prophet Muhammad. In an exclusive interview with ENA, Deputy Director General of RRS, Mulualem Desta said that Ethiopia is known for providing protection to refugees who enter its territory. As home to Africa’s largest refugee population, Ethiopia hosts more than one million refugees who have fled from various countries, the deputy director general indicated. This year alone, Ethiopia has received more than 110,000 refugees from Somalia and Sudan displaced by conflict, he said, adding the country is providing the necessary humanitarian support in accordance with international principles. “From Somaliland in the lower Dolo Ado region and following the current conflict in Sudan, we are hosting more than 110,000 refugees who have fled to Ethiopia in order to seek protection. Including the newcomers, it means that we are hosting over one million refugees. As a country, our door is open and we are receiving refugees who come to get protection from Ethiopia.” According to Mulualem, following the ongoing conflict in Sudan, particular activities are being intensified in coordination with the stakeholders in Metama, Amhara region, Kumruq area, Benshangul-Gumuz region as well as Gambella region. He explained of the total 30 refugees who have arrived in Metema town, we are hosting 6, 483 foreign refugees who have applied for asylum and protection. The director further stated that activities have been started to build shelters on 57 hectares of land in Matema to provide complete services to refugees. Due to the conflict in Somaliland, a new shelter has been built on the 400 hectares of land provided by the Somali region in Boa district of Dolo Zone which has thus far hosted more than 20,000 refugees. He added that the international community, including the United Nations aid organizations has made good contribution in supporting refugees. However, the assistance is not quite adequate and has not been as expected, he pointed out. Therefore, he called on international donors to maximize and strengthen their support to the refugees. He also mentioned that Ethiopia does not only provide protection to refugees but also implements sustainable life improvement projects centered on refugees and host communities by enacting a progressive law. For instance, he mentioned that in coordination with partners, successful development works have been carried out to ensure sustainable development benefits for refugees in the Somali region of Dolo Ado zone. The deputy director general finally stated to strengthen such activities in order to alleviate the impact of refugees on the environment and on the receiving communities.
EU Awards Full Masters Scholarship to 53 Ethiopian Students
Jun 1, 2023 435
  Addis Ababa June 1/2023(ENA): The European Union (EU) has awarded a full Masters Scholarship to 53 Ethiopian students for the academic year 2023-2024, according to the Delegation of the EU to Ethiopia. The students will spend two years in prestigious European Universities in 12 European countries to pursue their Master Degrees in various fields, it added. In a press release it sent to ENA, the EU Delegation stated that the Erasmus+ Scholarships are exclusively awarded to students coming from both EU and non-EU countries that have been selected to attend one of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Programmes at Masters or Doctorate level. Ethiopia is one of the top beneficiary countries of the Erasmus programme, it was learned. Since 2004, Ethiopia has been one of the top five performing countries in the world and top in Africa, both in terms of student selection and applications for the Erasmus Scholarship programme, according to the presser. Since 2010, the European Union has awarded the Erasmus Mundes Scholarship to more than 500 Ethiopian students. The EU Delegation Head in Ethiopia, Ambassador Roland Kobia said “the Erasmus+ European scholarships highly contributes to the country’s human development effort in higher education” The program offers a lifetime opportunity for young Ethiopian students to pursue their studies at the highest level, to learn more about European cultures, languages, academic systems and, not least, people at some of the best universities in Europe. Apart from improving the student's expertise, the scholarships are also meant to enrich the student’s life experiences, help create mutual understanding and openness between people and cultures, the ambassador noted. “We hope that these scholarships will help these students to excel and that they will return to Ethiopia with enhanced skills and knowledge useful for the country and themselves, as well as with fond memories of Europe.” The Erasmus+ Scholarship programme is a valuable opportunity for Ethiopia as it supports the country’s endeavor of the development of higher learning to address its need of more experts of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and humanities.
RRS, Somali Region, UN Refugee Agency Sign MOU to Strengthen Local Integration of Refugees in the Region
Jun 1, 2023 562
Addis Ababa June 1/2023 (ENA) The Ethiopian government’s Refugees and Returnees Service (RRS), the Somali region and the UN Refugee Agency signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen inclusion and local integration of refugees in Kebribeyah Refugee Camp of Somali region. In its press release sent to ENA, Refugees and Returnees Service said the MoU is vital to support the efforts of integration of refugees in Kebribeyah Refugee Camp of the Somali region. Over 16,000 refugees from Somalia have been living or were born in Kebribeyah for the past 30 years, according to the press release. It added that the MOU would serve as a roadmap for refugees' inclusion and local integration in Kebribeyah and surrounding refugee camps. “The signed MoU, the first of its kind in Ethiopia, defines a roadmap for refugees’ inclusion and local integration in Kebribeyah and surrounding refugee camps. It provides a framework to transforming Kebribeyah refugee camp into a part of the Kebribeyah town, requiring further strengthening of services such as sustainable public services, water systems, housing, energy and environment, livelihood and infrastructure development.” Director General of Refugees and Returnees Service, Tesfahun Gobezay said at the occasion: “The Memorandum of Understanding lays a cornerstone of a bold move to ensure refugees’ self-reliance and inclusive services.” It contributes to the implementation of the pledges made by the Government of Ethiopia during the Global Refugee Forum 2019, the director general recalled. Somali Region’s Vice President Ibrahim Ousman Farah said on his part the MoU with Refugees and Returnees Service and UN Refugee Agency was a sign of a good collaboration. He added the implementation of the MoU will formalize Kebribeyah residents, refugees and hosts as one community. The MoU builds on the boundless hospitality of the communities in the Somali region and the continuous support of donors and partners; and can be transformative, UN Refugee Agency Representative in Ethiopia, Mamadou Dian Balde highlighted. Balde also reaffirmed the long-standing partnership between Refugees and Returnees Service, the Somali region and the UN Refugee Agency. The signing of the MoU would enhance cooperation between the three stakeholders by bringing together global and regional expertise and combining it with local knowledge and leadership in harnessing innovative capabilities and solutions for refugees and host communities, it was learned.  
Gov’t, Development Partners Made Significant Investments In Social Protection, But Requires More Investments: Samson
May 30, 2023 528
Addis Ababa May 30/2023(ENA):- The government of Ethiopia and its development partners have made large investments in social protection sector, which requires more investment, according to Director of Research at Economic Policy Research Institute, Michael Samson. Samson has 37 years of experience working in social protection, and specializes in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating social protection strategies, systems, and programmes, with a particular emphasis on food security and nutrition. Talking to ENA, he stated that the government of Ethiopia and its development partners have made large investment in the social protection sector. He stated that social protection means many things, but at the core of which, is investment in food security, and nutrition.” “It’s become one of the most important initiatives for inclusive growth in the country. But it requires more investment. It's necessary that everybody who requires social protection have this investment and for that to happen it's important for the government to see how vital this is for the country's future economic growth and development,” according to expert. Partners like the WFP, UNICEF and the World Bank have made significant investments with the government of Ethiopia to ensure food security and nutrition. Moreover, he elaborated that the implementation of a comprehensive green economy policy and strategy is vital to realize the social protection system. On other hand, Samson illustrated that nutrition is not just about having enough food. It is about having access to: safe water, sanitation, education and health, along with food security; all of which are important to improve nutritional outcomes. These nutritional outcomes then derive what economists call cognitive capital, the ability to work effectively in a knowledge economy, he indicated. He stressed that green economy is a smart economy, and this needs investment in nutrition and food security to drive the cognitive capital and enable everybody in Ethiopia to achieve this prosperity. “A green initiative and a climate change mitigation strategy involves a complex interaction of investments. You need to invest in a new energy policy, a new industrial policy, really an entirely new development policy which creates enormous opportunities for the country to achieve greater prosperity,” he elaborated. Recall a high-level national social protection conference was held last week under the theme “Social Protection for Nation Building in Ethiopia” with the objective to expand and improve social protection programs in the country. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Demeke Mekonnen, African Union Commission, Deputy Commissioner, Monique Nsanzabaganwa and other high government officials, representatives of various partners and other pertinent stakeholders attended the conference. The conference aimed at generating ideas and have a common understanding among stakeholders about the expansion and improvement of social protection programs and systems through collaboration among the government, non-governmental actors, private sectors and development partners.  
Workshop on Enhancing Capacity of IGAD Regional Criminal Justice System Opens
May 25, 2023 896
Addis Ababa May 25/2023 (ENA) A three-day IGAD workshop on enhancing the capacity of regional criminal justice system in preventing and countering violent extremism opened in Shashemene today.   Opening the workshop, Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Executive Secretary Workneh Gebeyehu said the authority is working for the prevalence of lasting peace and democracy in the region by making East African countries work together. Intergovernmental Authority on Development Executive Secretary, Workneh Gebeyehu, said on the occasion that the purpose of the workshop is to share experiences and bridge the gap in implementing criminal justice system among member countries and building capacity. This will enable the member countries to work closely in fighting terrorism, especially cross- border crimes, and in creating a zone not suitable for criminals, the executive secretary added. As criminal justice system is related to civil liberties, focusing on the system will have a positive impact on building democratic system in the member countries, he stressed. According to him, IGAD is working to support countries in East Africa in security, development of regional trade links, prevention of cross-border crimes, climate change, cross-border activities of citizens, and other key issues. "It is great to see investigators, prosecutors and judges sit together to share experiences to enrich the criminal justice system. A strong independent criminal justice system is the pillar of any democracy," IGAD Executive Secretary Workneh further noted. Judges, prosecutors and police investigators from eight member countries are attending the workshop.              
Moscow Schools to Launch Amharic Class for Children Coming September
May 25, 2023 1014
Addis Ababa May 25/2023(ENA): Moscow Schools in Russia will start to teach Amharic for Children Starting from the coming September, 2023, according to The Sputnik International News Agency. The Sputnik International News Agency and Radio held a roundtable discussion on Russia-Africa: Prospects for Economic Cooperation. During the round table discussion, it was announced that teaching African languages in Moscow schools starts in September, 2023. Speaking about fostering expert and analytical personnel’s competencies in Russian-African cooperation, Director of the Institute of Asian and African Studies, Alexei Maslov announced that “for the first time, at least four Moscow schools will teach Swahili and Amharic for children starting September 2023 as part of the new special program.” Maslov added: “We are also exploring the possibility of Moscow schoolchildren studying Yoruba. An abrupt turn to Africa requires a completely different type of specialists who could work directly with the economy and would realize that Africa is not just one big continent, but in fact, a patchwork of diverse national, religious and linguistic traditions”. Executive Director at the Institute for Global Dialogue Philani Mthembu stressed the role of bilateral projects in agriculture and food. Mthembu also went on as saying: “I think it will be important for Russia and Africa to consider not only the possibilities for trade in minerals and resources located on the African continent, but also potential mechanisms for attracting Russian investment, as well as the creation of joint ventures.” Tunde Ajileye from SBM Intelligence underscored that, historically, Russia was one of the countries where the African elite went to earn degrees. And now Russia and Africa need to resume educational exchanges, he added. According to the expert, it is also important to intensify cooperation in agriculture, energy and investment. The discussion was part of a series of educational and expert events, “New Horizons of Cooperation between Russia and the Countries of the Middle East and Africa,” organized with the support of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund and the Center for Assistance to Humanitarian and Educational Programs.
AU Chair Urges for Resisting All Forms of Instrumentalisation among States, Sharing Strong Conviction
May 25, 2023 713
Addis Ababa May 25/2023(ENA):-The African Union Commission (AUC) Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat has called for resisting all forms of Instrumentalisation among all member states and share a strong conviction to see a united African continent. The 60th Anniversary celebration of OAU-AU is being observed at the headquarter of the African Union in Addis Ababa under the theme “Our Africa, Our Future.” In his keynote address to the celebration, Chairperson of the AUC said that the African Union is observing its 60th Anniversary while many of its states are in crisis. Those African states are prey to deadly internal conflicts, fueled by the unbridled quest for supreme power, with the corollary of significant loss of human life, the chairperson indicated. “Beyond their political and social fragmentation, the significant elements of their natural heritage are destroyed, sometimes bloody pain when this tragic picture is compounded by other negative factors such as democratic declines, unconstitutional changes of government, violent extremists, uncontrolled spread and, the harmful effects of climate change among the reasons.” Therefore, he believed that there are good reasons to pledge to celebrate the 60th anniversary that would help to build the Africa we want in the light of mediation in solidarity with our brothers and sisters. There is indeed a need for reflection to courageously identify the root causes, he noted. Mentioning the success of the OAU in its independence struggle and victory against apartheid, Mahamat spoke on the shadows of the continent which has been still facing. “Despite the difficulties of all kinds, Africa remains characterized by its great capacity for resilience. It was able despite the alarmist forecasts at the time to hold firm in the face of the onset of COVID-19 pandemic,” he pointed out. Nevertheless, better still exceeds the opportunity of COVID-19 mess for June 2023 to rethink its health strategy, in a concerted action by the heads of state and government of Africa, the chairperson noted. He added that Africa is also witnessing significant economic progress and growing international role. However, he stated that the classic factors of fragility, excruciating debt servicing, the fall in the price of raw materials have been added to the consequences of intensification of the hegemonic struggle between the big powers. In this international context of confrontation of geopolitical interests, the renewal of each side threatens to transform Africa into a new strategic battleground, thereby recreating a new version of the Cold War, the chairperson underscored. “That is very detrimental to the effectiveness of multilateralism on which global peace and security depends. This zero sum game where the gains of others would translate into losses for Africa.” Therefore, Mahamat has called on the African countries to stand together in order to thwart any unwarranted pressure. “We must resist all forms of instrumentalisation among the states taken individually and collectively by sharing the strong conviction that our future remains and will depend on the patient and muscle building of our unity.”
EOTC Announces Establishment of Peace Committee
May 24, 2023 574
Addis Ababa May 24/2023(ENA):- The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC) has announced today the establishment of a Peace Committee that jointly works with both local and international institutions to bring lasting peace to the country. Speaking to journalists at the conclusion of the EOTC Holy Synod Summit held from May 9- 24, His Holiness Abune Mathias, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, disclosed that the committee will also have recognition by the government. For all our people who have been harmed throughout the country due to the current crisis, the Holy Synod has decided that humanitarian support, consolation and visitation programs be made, the patriarch said. In this regard, the Holy Synod has decided to provide twenty million Birr emergency humanitarian aid to compatriots in Tigray region to alleviate the grave problems they are facing because of the war, His Holiness Abune Mathias stated. Furthermore, the church made a peace call to end unnecessary conflicts, displacement and migration of citizens observed in the country so that citizens can live together in equality, peace and love. The Holy Synod has set up an election committee to ordain nine episcopate in Oromia and the Southern regions, it was learned. It is to be recalled that the EOTC leaders, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and elders held a joint consultation to resolve the dispute between the fathers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. The disagreement was resolved through dialogue.    
AU’s 4th Meeting on Youth, Culture & Sports Concluded by Adopting Strategies to Strengthen Sectors 
May 24, 2023 365
Addis Ababa May 23/2023 (ENA) The African Union (AU) 4th specialized technical committee meeting on youth, culture and sports has concluded its deliberation today by adopting laws and strategies with a view to tapping the benefits of sports, youth and culture sectors to the development of the continent. The Experts' Meeting of the 4th Specialized Technical Committee Meeting on Youth, Culture and Sports (STC-YCS4) was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 22 to 24 May 2023. The theme of the meeting was "AU at 60: Unlocking and Scaling Innovation for AfCFTA Implementation through Youth, Culture and Sports". The meeting in its conclusion adopted various laws and strategies with a view to tapping the benefits of sports, youth and culture sectors to the development of the continent. It also stressed need to fund youth programs according to priorities; that member states should take ownership of the sports industry by strengthening sports infrastructure, developing sports management and investing in sports. The meeting has also pointed out that the development of sports, arts education and entrepreneurship vital to facilitate athletes to use their full potential as well as promoting sports for regional and village sports and culture. The importance of ratifying the African Youth Charter and increasing its awareness has also been indicated during the meeting as 16 African countries have not yet ratified the Charter. It was also emphasized that increasing the activity of the African diaspora is vital to enhance their contribution in the development the continent among others.  
Ethiopia Expresses Commitment to Work with Partners to Ensure Social Protection of Citizens 
May 23, 2023 544
Addis Ababa May 23/2023 (ENA) The government of Ethiopia is committed to work closely with partners to ensure social protection system for vulnerable citizens in areas affected by conflict and drought, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Demeke Mekonnen said. A two-day high-level national social protection conference kicked off today under the theme “Social Protection for Nation Building in Ethiopia." The conference is organized by the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs in collaboration with the World Bank with the objective to expand and improve social protection programs in Ethiopia as well as enhance awareness about its role to ensuring sustainable development, social cohesion and nation building. During the opening of the conference, Demeke said Ethiopia has faced many man-made and natural disasters that demand a sustainable effort to ensure the social protection of vulnerable citizens to such challenges. Ethiopia has been implementing a social protection system for citizens, who are vulnerable to challenges including conflict and drought, Demeke indicated. Moreover, he mentioned that the government has been intensifying efforts to protect the welfare and wellbeing of the citizens. He said social protection is an anchor that binds the government and the people in addition to its role to addressing social and economic crises, stressing the need to invest on vulnerable citizens. According to Demeke, despite the challenges we face as a country, efforts will continue to be strengthened to ensure sustainable development and increase community-wide benefits. Demeke assured that government is committed to work closely with partners to ensure social protection system for vulnerable citizens in areas affected by conflict and drought. AU Deputy Commissioner, Monique Nsanzabaganwa said on her part that Ethiopia adopted the African Union social agenda 2063 during the heads of state and government summit in January 2020 held here in Addis Ababa. The agenda recognizes the essence of social development, inclusion and leaving no one behind to realize their aspirations, the goals and priorities of the African Union agenda 2063 towards transforming the current socio economic pathway over the continent. The African Union's social agenda 2063 is expected to assist member states of the African Union to develop policy instruments that will ensure introduction of human and social development for all citizens of Africa, she elaborated. "We need partnerships and support in the implementation of this African Union social agenda 2063 as well as the ratification of the protocol for it to come into force," she added. The ratification of the protocol will ensure that the rights and welfare of all citizens are included in the development of Ethiopia as we march toward 2063. World Bank Country Director in Ethiopia, Ousmane Dione said the government of Ethiopia has initiated and is implementing different flagship programs in collaboration with development partners, including the World Bank. UNICEF Country Representative, Aboubacar Kampo has also applauded the government of Ethiopia for its dedication to providing a social protection system to protect the poor and vulnerable.      
Social Protection System Vital to Help Ensure Peace, National Unity in Ethiopia: World Bank   
May 23, 2023 482
  Addis Ababa May 23/2023 (ENA) The implementation of social protection programs in Ethiopia plays vital role to sustaining peace and stability as well as consolidating national unity in the country, World Bank Country Director in Ethiopia, Ousmane Dione said. The Country Director made the remark today during the opening of the two-day high-level national social protection conference organized in Addis Ababa under the theme "Social Protection for National Building in Ethiopia." Speaking at the conference, Dione said that the role of social protection in building resilience and social cohesion is of significance for Ethiopia. According to him, social protection can contribute to sustaining peace and stability and consolidating national unity, which is utmost important for Ethiopia to stand with the task we have for post conflict rehabilitation and reconstruction ahead of us. Noting social protection should be a priority for nation building he said, adding as it establishes a direct connection between individual and governments to enhancing social contracts. Moreover, he elaborated that social protection can contribute to peace-building in post conflict societies by strengthening social cohesion, defusing tension and grievances, and helping prevent social unrest and conflicts. He described that studies that have examined the relationship between social transfer and civil unrest have shown how redistributive social protection transfer, represent an effective cost efficient method in reducing civil unrest and maintaining stability. Social Protection is a vehicle to respond to additional vulnerabilities and poverty created by conflict, stressing conflicts have resulted in significant socio economic challenges to millions of Ethiopians. “This means that the number of people that require Social Protection Services has gone up significantly in recent years, with some adaptation, existing social protection schemes have the potential to address conflict and risk vulnerability, food insecurity and loss of livelihoods,” he added. Hence he said ”it is important to build back better by investing in adaptive and resilient social protection system first to fit post conflict setting.” The government of Ethiopia has initiated and is implementing different flagship programs in collaboration with development partners, including the World Bank. UNICEF Country Representative, Aboubacar Kampo on his part applauded the government of Ethiopia for its dedication to providing a social protection system to protect the poor and vulnerable. Social protections through innovative approaches and partnerships, not only plays key role in addressing vulnerabilities, it also can empower communities and individuals to invest in local solutions, he stated. The representative encouraged all to continue strengthening all elements of the social protection systems to enable job creation, productivity and overall growth and development. He reaffirmed that UNICEF is committed to supporting the government to help boost communities economically and the nations at large. The two day conference aims at enhancing awareness about the role of social protection in contributing to sustainable development, social cohesion and nation building.
First Ever Ethiopian Gender Asset Gap Survey Report Issued
May 19, 2023 990
Addis Ababa May 19/2023(ENA):- Even if Ethiopia adopted several global, regional and national initiatives that advocate for women's property rights, lack of appropriate data has made monitoring the effectiveness of these laws and policies in promoting women's property rights difficult, according to the Ethiopian Statistics Service. This was pointed out in the first ever Ethiopian Gender Asset Gap Survey report released today. The main objective of the survey was to analyze the gender gap in asset ownership and wealth, and intra household dynamics, Ethiopian Statistics Service Director General, Beker Shale, said. According to the survey, about 84 percent of women and 86 percent of men own dwellings, which is consistent with the fact that Ethiopia is an agrarian economy. Also, 69 percent of women and 73.1 percent of men own agricultural land, while 75.3 percent of women and 76.2 percent of men own livestock. The largest men-women gap in asset ownership among the principal assets was observed for financial assets, which was 32 percentage points, followed by other real estate at 8 percent. However, the share of women financial asset owners of total financial asset owners is as low as 34 percent when compared to 66 percent share of men owners, the survey indicated. It further indicated that women's decision-making role in family management, finance, rural and urban land and house ownership and other issues is improving. The survey conducted last year was initiated and implemented by the Ethiopian Statistics Service with financial and technical support from UN Women, the World Bank and the Government of Ethiopia.
EU Ready to Support Ethiopia in Rehabilitation, Recovery Endeavors
May 19, 2023 1119
Addis Ababa May 19/2023(ENA):- The European Union (EU) is ready to re-engage Ethiopia more strongly in supporting its rehabilitation, reconstruction, and recovery endeavors, Ambassador Roland Kobia said. In an exclusive interview with ENA, the EU Delegation Head to Ethiopia stated that the diplomatic normalization has come after the peace accord signed in Pretoria, South Africa, to terminate the war in the northern part of the country. “The war is now over, and congratulations to Ethiopia for having managed to overcome this very difficult moment,” he said. According to Kobia, the longstanding relationship with Ethiopia, as one of a few countries which the EU has a strategic engagement with, had gone through difficult times following the conflict. “Now the EU is ready to re-engage more strongly with Ethiopia in terms of supporting the rehabilitation, reconstruction, and recovery of the country after all the destruction that has taken place during the war. And in this new period, we really want to partner with all our member states or our friends to support Ethiopia to overcome this difficult moment.” The head pointed out that Ethiopia has been notably adopting a comprehensive package of reforms that are needed in the country on macro economy, taxes, revenue, and containing inflation, among others. “Ethiopia has embarked on a nationally owned reform of the economy,” the ambassador noted. Kobia believes that all these reforms are needed for EU’s support and will help Ethiopia to recover from its dire economic situation. Accordingly, Kobia stressed There is a need to have more efficient assistance to the recovery of Ethiopia from the European Union and other international partners, he stressed. Ethiopia is negotiating with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank in order to have the recovery package by presenting a number of economic reforms, he stated, adding that this is something the EU is supporting and we want Ethiopia to be able to convince the international financial institutions that would help to access those recovery packages as quickly as possible. “The reason for this is that we as international partners will be able to help Ethiopia much better if there is an IMF plan. The second example I can take on the reforms that are needed is having a conducive environment for businesses, not only foreign businesses, but also for Ethiopian businesses.” Moreover, the head said that it is very crucial for the recovery of the economy that a conducive framework, a good environment for foreign direct investment and for local investments is created. Ambassador Kobia also revealed that European companies are ready to come more massively to invest in Ethiopia since the war is over. “We very much believe that European companies are ready to come more massively to invest in Ethiopia. So our commitment is that the European companies are ready to come and invest in Ethiopia. Those who are here may increase their investment and others engage in Ethiopia. But for that, we really need to work together on a number of issues.”  
Anticipatory Action Vital To Reduce Humanitarian Impacts in the IGAD region
May 17, 2023 1717
Addis Ababa May 17/2023 (ENA) Anticipatory Action approach is vital to predict hazards, prevent or reduce acute humanitarian impacts in the IGAD region, IGAD Disaster Risk Management Program Manager, Dr. Ahmed Amdihun said. IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Center (ICPAC), in collaboration with key partners have organized a joint multi-stakeholder Anticipatory Action workshop which aims to establishing a regional guiding framework for implementation of Anticipatory Action in the IGAD region. The workshop is underway under the theme ‘Better Together-Lessons Learned and Charting the way forward for Early Warning and Anticipatory Early Actions', it was learned. According to Ahmed, Anticipatory Action (AA) approach is a fundamental shift in how we in the IGAD region tackle disasters, requiring a more proactive approach as opposed to a traditional reactive approach to disasters. During the three-day workshop, stakeholders are expected to discuss on various issues, including appreciating the progress and challenges in advancing early warning response at the regional and national level, he said. Efforts will be made to have a common understanding of Anticipatory Action, principles, terminology, and implementation framework, he added. The workshop will help share knowledge and experience in the bottlenecks and opportunities relating to AA at national and subnational levels, he elaborated.   According to the Ethiopian Disaster Risk Management Commission, Early Warning and Response Directorate Director, Taye Getachew, the workshop is attended by relevant actors from IGAD member countries. During the workshop, participants will get insights about the current available financing mechanisms for AA and explore potential financing mechanisms, he said. Participants will chart the way-forward for AA in the IGAD region, review and validation of the regional road maps, he elaborated.  
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