Ethio-Chinese Relationship Developing to Strategic Level: DPM & Foreign Minister Demeke
Jun 3, 2023 285
Addis Ababa June 03/2023 (ENA) The relationship between Ethiopia and China is currently developing to a strategic level, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen told China Global Television Network (CGTN). Recall that the deputy prime minister and foreign minister recently visited China. In an interview with CGTN, the deputy prime minister and foreign minister said that the purpose of his visit here was to keep the momentum to address different outstanding issues for a strong engagement between the countries.   According to him, the comprehensive and multilateral cooperation between Ethiopia and China is a role model and a good showcase for many emerging economies in Africa and beyond. “When we talk about partnership with China, it means comprehensive, strategic and cooperative, which is a very holistic bilateral mechanism. And this approach is also a good foundation for multilateral roles across the globe,” he underlined. Demeke noted that Ethiopia and China have been experiencing a win-win principle and the existing bilateral relations are very dependable and friendly. Apart from being in the African Continental Free Trade Area agreement and having cooperation in many spheres, Ethiopia is also in the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). For him, the Belt and Road Initiative is crucial to expedite the collectivity process, the economic connectivity, the economic integration mechanisms, and the like. Ethiopia is very keen and committed to be connected through this Belt and Road Initiative mechanism, Demeke pointed out. He further stated that some practical new emerging infrastructure development cooperation programs between Ethiopia and China, like the railway project from Addis Ababa to Djibouti and other regional projects, “are very important to implement the broad Belt and Road Initiative that would be a good infrastructure and a good connectivity model to enhance economic cooperation and to diversify engagement within this initiative framework.” Asked about the evergrowing China-Africa partnership, he said that Africa is a rising continent with huge potential and “the strong relation between China and Africa means it is a practical demonstration and practical south-south cooperation between developing economies.” The deputy prime minister and foreign minister believes that the Chinese-African partnership really gives another opportunity to influence the whole globe on cooperation mechanisms. Partnerships like Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) and BRI and other mechanisms are instrumental in strengthening the collective engagement in the political dialogue, economic cooperation and the like. Demeke finally emphasized the need to see a peaceful and prosperous society that focuses on development, improved governance, and democracy in Africa.
IGAD Calls on Media Outlets to Play Actively in Ensuring Peace, Security of Horn Region
Jun 1, 2023 692
Addis Ababa June 1/2023(ENA):-Ensuring the peace and safety of Horn of Africa calls for participation of multilateral actors; and the mass media should play active role in this regard, according to the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD). IGAD has urged the media to have proper understanding of the complex nature of the peace and security threats in the region and focus on activities that would foster the image and national interest of the country.   Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia along with IGAD jointly organized a two-day training program to local journalists and foreign correspondents in Bishofstu. The training focused on strengthening the capacity of the mass media on covering cross-border threats of peace and security, it was indicated. Speaking on the occasion, Security Sector Program Director with IGAD, Commander Abebe Muluneh said that the East African region is vulnerable to cross-border crimes and security threats. Therefore, the director said the mass media should have proper understanding of security and safety threats, as well as cross-border crime in the region. And ensuring the peace and safety of the horn calls for participation of multilateral actors and the mass media should play active role in this regard, he stressed. Thus, the mass media should create positive effects in the efforts to address security threats by discharging their responsibilities not only during the time of conflict but also in the post-conflict and peace building process. Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Meles Alem said on his part that maintaining our national interest is not only the duty of diplomats but also of journalists. Accordingly, the spokesperson urged journalists to fulfill their responsibilities especially in producing accurate information and providing it to the public. African Affairs Deputy Director General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Jamaladdin Mohamed said that the training would help journalists to expand their understanding in the areas peace and security of the region. The training would enable journalists to enhance their knowledge and skills, particularly in providing accurate and fair reporting on conflict and peace issues responsibly and with utmost care. Further, it contributes to the role journalists play as part of strengthening the capacity of IGAD member countries in their efforts of addressing transboundary security threats.
Prosperity Party Carried Out Activities that Enhance Nation-State Building: Party Vice President
May 31, 2023 658
Addis Ababa May 31/2023 (ENA) The Prosperity Party has carried out major activities that enhance nation-state building following the direction given by the strong and legitimate leadership of the party, Vice President Adem Farah said. The party will continue strengthening and building the leadership of the party so that the political, social, economic and diplomatic activities started can continue successfully, he added. In the statement he gave to ENA at the conclusion of the two-day PP Executive Committee meeting, the leadership conducted in-depth discussion on various issues. Accordingly, the executive committee has set directions in political, social, economic and diplomatic activities. With regard to the political sector, the vice president said that the efforts exerted to solve fundamental national issues through the National Dialogue Commission in a democratic manner were successful. He added that the Prosperity Party will play its role as a party for the holding of an inclusive dialogue to reach national consensus. The party has created a spirit of cooperation to establish a democratic system in Ethiopia by involving competing political parties which differ from it in ideology and policy in the government structure, he noted, adding that the effort would continue unabated. In order to create a lasting peace in Ethiopia, the vice president stated that commendable results have been gained in terms of building free and independent security, intelligence and democratic institutions for the benefit of the people. The executive committee has also positively evaluated the efforts to establish lasting peace through combining modern and traditional methods of conflict resolution with those who were engaged in armed struggle. Extremist bodies, which intend to meet group and individual needs by force in Ethiopia, are threatening our multinational unity, Adem said, adding that respecting the freedom of others is essential to exercise own freedom. The executive committee has also set a direction stressing the importance ensuring the rule of law and constitutionalism, maintaining complete peace, and strengthening justice and security institutions. Speaking about the economic sector, the vice president explained that the executive committee reviewed that an inclusive economy is being built in terms of ensuring fair development during the last 10 months. He mentioned the results registered in the productivity of wheat production with a view to maintaining the multi-sector economic system where impressive results are recorded in wheat productivity. In “Let’s Ethiopia Produce,” a national campaign that intends to solve the problems of the industrial sector, encouraging results have been achieved through increasing productivity and creating market linkages, he noted. Adem also indicated the ‘ Dine for the Nation’ and other projects, were able to stimulate the tourism sector and create 2.4 million jobs in nine months; and this achievement will continue to be strengthened. The Party executive committee has also set direction to take strong measures to reduce the role of non-value-added actors in the producers-consumers chain, preventing contrabandists with a view to stabilizing inflation. He stated that in realizing inclusive prosperity and developing social system, encouraging results have been achieved in education, health, youth and women empowerment. Stating that mutual benefits and productive diplomatic activities have registered results, priority has been given to neighboring countries in creating economic integration and boosting people-to-people relations, he noted this will be continued in a strengthening manner. In preserving our sovereignty and territorial integrity, we were able to overcome the pressure of some elements following the war in the northern part of the country, he said. As the principle of African solution to African problems has recorded results, it will be strengthened. In the future, we will pursue balanced and inclusive diplomatic works to maintain our interests, he said adding we will continue to overcome the pressure and expand our allies. To maintain the successful accomplishments of the ongoing political, social, economic and diplomatic activities, Prosperity Party will continue filtering, strengthening and building the leadership, he said.                                              
AU Expanded Mechanism Discusses Implementation of Continental Roadmap for Resolution of Conflict in Sudan 
May 31, 2023 611
Addis Ababa May 31/2023 (ENA)The Third Meeting of the Expanded Mechanism on the Sudan Crisis discussed today the implementation of the African Union Roadmap for the Resolution of the Conflict in Sudan. During the opening session, African Union Commission Conflict Management Directorate, Political Affairs, Peace and Security Director Sarjoh Bah said the AU has been working on a number of issues since the last meeting on 2nd May, 2023. It has convened two meetings on the trilateral mechanism in order to agree on the way forward, and also held a meeting of all humanitarian organizations working in Sudan to discuss how to cooperate, he added. “This third meeting of the expanded mechanism is the first engagement we are undertaking following the PSC summit level meeting that took place on Saturday, to share the outcome of the meeting and to discuss the way forward,” the director stated. Bah further stated that AU is embarking on a tour of regional capitals to express concerns about the crisis in Sudan, and the potential impact on the neighboring states and the continent as a whole if the fighting is not arrested immediately and an inclusive political process is allowed to start. At the last meeting, it was agreed that the AU would consult to put in place a Core Group that would guide the work of the international community in addressing the Sudan crisis. The director said that the AU is now ready to convene the Core Group in the coming week. “While doing that, we need to start planning and preparing for the inclusive negotiations on a political process, one which would address both the immediate and long-term causes of the Sudanese crisis.” While disagreements over the reform of the security sector did provide the immediate trigger for the conflict, Sudan and the Sudanese need to address the systemic grievances that date back decades. The African Union is working to support such an inclusive political process, which would allow for the full representation of the voices of all sectors of Sudanese civil society and political parties, Bah elaborated. Deputy Head of Office UNOAU and Director of Political Affairs, Gérald Mitchell said the UN fully endorses the demand that the Sudanese warring parties in this conflict resume a political process that will yield a democratic outcome in line with the democratic aspirations of the Sudanese people without delay. Building on the work we have done in the trilateral mechanism, Mitchell pointed out that “the United Nations remains committed to working closely with the African Union and regard as we pursue a permanent ceasefire, facilitation of humanitarian access, and providing support to the Sudanese actors in preparing the ground to the right moment to return to civilian democratic rule.” IGAD Permanent Representative to the African Union, Maureen Achieng said the authority is steadfastly committed to fostering peace in Sudan and the broader region. “We are by now well aware of the ongoing efforts by IGAD Member States, the African Union, and the international community at large to address the situation in Sudan and bring the warring parties to the negotiating table.”
Int'l Community behind National Dialogue in Ethiopia: UNDP Resident Representative 
May 31, 2023 837
Addis Ababa May 31/2023(ENA):- The international community is behind the national dialogue in Ethiopia and places much importance in the process that brings and consolidates peace in the country, UNDP Resident Representative Turhan Saleh told ENA. The representative said that the international community, which is behind this process, is supporting the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission (ENDC) to build its capacity to undertake the dialogue successfully. In an exclusive interview with ENA, Saleh noted that the commission is incredibly important because it would enable to find peaceful means of resolving differences of important national issues in the country. According to him, the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission has a significant role for the development of political culture in instilling the spirit of negotiation and compromise. The dialogue will provide a forum for allowing the participants to find common ground that provides something and benefits Ethiopia, he added. The United Nations Development Programme, on behalf of the UNDP, is coordinating all development assistance to the National Dialogue Commission. UNDP Resident Representative Saleh revealed that 35 million USD support is expected for projects related to the dialogue commission in 3 years. The first country, Japan, recently provided 3 million USD assistance through UNDP to the process and other countries will come to forward soon, he said. The representative stressed that this shows how much importance the international community places on the national dialogue process to bring and consolidate peace in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission was established by the House of People’s Representatives in February 2022 with a three-year mandate to lead an independent, inclusive, and transparent national dialogue across the country.
Deputy PM & FM’s Visit To China Further Strengthens Multilateral Ties Between Two countries: MoFA
May 31, 2023 716
Addis Ababa May 31/2023(ENA):- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Demeke Mekonnon’s official working visit to China further strengthens the friendship and cooperation between Ethiopia and China, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) said. In a bi-weekly press briefing he gave to local and Addis Ababa based media on diplomatic activities and engagements of Ethiopia, Ambassador Meles Alem said that DPM & Foreign Minister Demeke's visit to China was successful. Ambassador Meles said the five-day diplomatic tour demonstrated the fast growing Ethiopia-China ties, especially in the areas of investment, trade, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and technology transfer. The inauguration of a newly inaugurated Ethiopian Embassy in Beijing is indicative of this trajectory, he added. The visit was indicative that China is Ethiopia's most important ally and that they have reached an agreement to bolster friendship in the fields of politics and diplomacy, he said. “I would like to say that the visit of the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Demeke Mekonnen has enhanced the relationship between Ethiopia and China, and brought the friendship and cooperation to a higher level,” he said. During this visit, Demeke had extensive discussions with Vice President of China, the Foreign Minister, the administrations of Guangdong Province and the Mayor of Guangzhou and various investors.” He added that the two countries reached better understanding on cooperation on international and the Horn of Africa issues. During his stay in China, Demeke held discussions with senior officials of the Chinese government and investors, which further strengthens the historical relationship between the two countries that lasted for more than 50 years. “The relationship between Ethiopia and China is 52 years old. Because we wanted to have a representative and embassy chancellery that fits this relationship, a newly built Ethiopian Embassy and Chancellery was inaugurated in China," Meles said. The visits and diplomatic activity which lasted for five days gave an opportunity to further strengthen the friendship of the two countries that lasted for more than 50 years,” the ambassador added. The ambassador said successful discussion was held with 300 Chinese companies on potential investment opportunities in Ethiopia.
AU Commission to Convene Meeting on Sudan Crisis 
May 30, 2023 412
Addis Ababa May 30/2023(ENA):- African Union Commission Chairperson, Moussa Faki Mahamat, will convene the Third Meeting of the Expanded Mechanism on the Sudan Crisis at the African Union headquarters tomorrow.   According to a press release of AU, the aim of the meeting is to discuss the next steps regarding the situation in Sudan, including the implementation of the African Union Roadmap for the Resolution of the Conflict in Sudan (the AU Roadmap), in close collaboration with the Sudanese stakeholders. The meeting is expected to bring together representatives from the Trilateral Mechanism (the AU, IGAD and UN), the League of Arab States (LAS), the European Union (EU), the permanent members (P5) of the UN Security Council (UNSC), the African members of the UNSC (A3), Sudan’s neighboring countries, the countries designated by IGAD to engage the belligerents, Chair of the African Union, the Quad, the Troika, Germany and Qatar. In the coming days, the AU Commission Chairperson will dispatch emissaries to the states neighboring Sudan as part of his efforts to strengthen the search for a common approach to finding a sustainable solution to the multi-layered crisis in Sudan, it was learned. The African Union has strongly condemned the ongoing brutal and unjustified conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces, which has resulted in indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians, wanton destruction of infrastructure, an unprecedented dire humanitarian situation, and gross violations of International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law. The Union has also stressed that there can be no military solution to the conflict and demanded the resumption of the political transition process culminating in the conduct of elections towards a democratic, civilian-led government. Recall that the African Union has also firmly rejected all forms of external interference in Sudan. The Expanded Mechanism on the Sudan Crisis was established at the Ministerial Special Session on Sudan, convened by the AU Commission Chairperson, Moussa Faki Mahamat, on 20th, April 2023, to coordinate and harmonize regional, continental and international efforts in support of a peaceful resolution of the conflict to end the suffering of the Sudanese people.
ENDF is Political Bias Free Nat’l Army Serving Ethiopia: Commander of Commando, Airborne Forces
May 28, 2023 766
Addis Ababa May 28/2023(ENA):- Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) Commander of Commando and Air Force command Lt. Gen. Shuma Abdeta said the national defense force is a political-bias-free army serving the people and the country.   Residents of Koye Feche Subcity in Sheger City Administration of the Oromia region held a rally in support of the national defense force. Residents, Aba Gedas, mothers, religious fathers and other sections of the society participated in the rally. The demonstrators who marched to the streets chanted and showed placards with different messages said the national army is a symbol of our Ethiopianess and stop tarnishing its image to satisfy lust for power. ENDF’s Commando and Air force Commander, Lt. Gen. Shuma Abdeta, who was the guest of honor on the occasion, said the national defense force is a political bias free and heroic army serving the people and the country. Stating that our forefathers maintained Ethiopia with strong foundation by their heavy sacrifices, the commander affirmed that the current army is ready to make sacrifices for the honor of the country. Therefore, Shuma stressed that the national defense force will not tolerate those who challenge the existence of the country and the people in any way. Sheger City Administration Mayor, Teshome Adugna said the aim of the rally is to give recognition for the sacrifices being paid by the army in order to create a strong country and to show that we are always by its side.   He also emphasized that the army deserves great respect for the sacrifices it makes to create a strong country. “Religious extremism, political extremism, and identity extremism are obstacles to peace and development. Therefore, it is to express our respect and solidarity for the army, which sacrifices for the country and the people, by showing that we will fight against extremists together.” Among the participants of the support rally, Ifa Dady told ENA that apart from thanking to “our army, we have gone to the public to confirm that we are always by its side.” Meanwhile, ENDF’s Commando and Air force Command Comander, Lt. Gen. Shuma has received a gift from the Sheger City Administration for ENDF.      
Residents of Gedeo, Wolayita, & South Omo Zones Undertake Public Rallies Expressing Support for Nat'l Defense Force  
May 28, 2023 765
Addis Ababa May 28/2023 (ENA) Residents of Gedeo, Wolayita, and South Omo zones in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region (SNNPR) of Ethiopia have undertaken public demonstrations expressing their solidarity with the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) today. Accordingly. demonstrators in Dilla town of the Gedeo Zone are chanting various slogans that support the national defense force and against extremists. Demonstrators during the public rally said: "Stop tarnishing the name of the army that saved us sacrificing its life. It’s impossible to satisfy the desire for power by sowing suspicion and hatred among the people. Extremists are political merchants; they don’t represent any ethnic group,” the demonstrators chanted. Youth, women, government leadership and various sections of the society have participated in the rally. "We will strengthen national brotherhood by fighting against extremism," they chanted. At the same time, a peaceful public demonstration opposing extremism and supporting the national defense forces was held in the Wolayita zone. The participants are chanting different slogans in the peaceful demonstration condemning extremism and supporting the national defense force. “Extremists are political merchants and not representatives of any nation," the demonstrators said. “Our army will build our unity, extremists will be ashamed. It (ENDF) died to save our lives.” A large number of residents and various sections of society from 23 rural district and city government structures in the zone are marching to the multi-purpose stadium of Sodo City. Ethiopians reside in various parts of the country have held similar demonstrations in support of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces today.  
Deputy Head of South Command Stresses Tarnishing Image of National Defense Force Must Stop
May 28, 2023 625
Addis Ababa May 28/2023(ENA):- Deputy Head for South Command at the Ethiopian National Defense Force, Major General Admasu Alemu has stressed that tarnishing the image of the National Defense Force, which is the national pillar of the country, must stop. The Deputy Commander made the remark in his message he delivered at a demonstration held in Adama City to support the Ethiopian National Defense Force today.   The residents from Adama city and 11 districts of East Showa Zone have participated at the rally expressing their support to the Ethiopian National Defense Force and denouncing the attempts to tarnish its image. The demonstrators have demanded that extremists who are engaged in debilitating the unity and solidarity of the people to be accountable in the court of law. During the occasion, Deputy Head for South Command at the Ethiopian National Defense Force, Major General Admasu Alemu said the Defense Force of Ethiopia is a shield and stronghold of the people of Ethiopia which is free from any political bias. “We equally respect all Nations, nationalities and people of Ethiopia without any differences. We (National Defense Force) are the ultimate stronghold of Ethiopia who are serving the country with pride.” Hence, Major General Admasu stressed that tarnishing the image of the National Defense Force, which is the icon of nation’s sovereignty, must stop. “The demonstrations held today to support the national defense force today will serve us as an additional capacity and moral to effectively discharge our mission,” he said expressing the army’s gratitude to the people of Ethiopia. Mayor of Adama City, Hailu Jelde said the people of the city have expressed their continued support to the national defense force.    
AU Calls on Sudanese Warring Parties to Resolve Conflict Through Dialogue
May 27, 2023 631
Addis Ababa May 27/2023 (ENA)The current Chairperson of the African Union(AU) and President of the Union of Comoros, Azali Assoumani, called on Sudanese warring parties to resolve the current conflicts in Sudan through dialogue and reach a ceasefire agreement. In an exclusive interview with Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) President Assoumani said that the African Union is doing whatever is necessary to resolve the problem of Sudan and move towards peace and expressed his hope that Sudanese parties would reach ceasefire agreement to settle the widespread conflict in Sudan. “We are currently discussing on how the AU can resolve this problem, because the African problem needs African solution, together with other bilateral or multilateral partners who want to help us. In any case, to have peace, we need to unite," the chairperson said. The issue is serious because Sudan is a big country that has at least seven bordering countries, he said, adding the problem is not only the problem of Sudan and the neighboring countries but to the whole of Africa. “Security issues do indeed unite us. For example, we can't close our eyes to what's happening in Europe today, because the consequences are here too, so security is something that must unite us.”   The chairman of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat, on his part told ENA that the conflict in Sudan is unfortunate and the military solution is not sustainable, adding the AU is working hard for the parties on both sides to return to negotiations. “When we talk about Sudan, unfortunately at the same time, we're in an extremely difficult situation, and we're currently fighting to put an end to it and to get the parties back to the negotiating table, because a problem like this has no military solution.” Expressing his deep concern about the situation, the chairman urged the warring parties to quickly adopt a peaceful solution and an inclusive dialogue to resolve their differences and firmly reject any external interference that could complicate the situation in Sudan. “The Sudanese need to agree on a process that will enable them to define the transition and conduct elections so that they can choose who will run the country.” Citing as example the Pretoria peace agreement, Musa Faki also appreciated the strong leadership and the courage for realization of the peace agreement that has been shown by the federal government of Ethiopia under the leadership of Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. “I'd like to thank my Ethiopian brothers, the government and the TPLF for listening to the voice of reason to make peace. Because Ethiopia is one of the countries certain of this continent and therefore we are happy with this achievement because it will open better prospects for peace for people of Ethiopia.”   President Azali Assoumani also noted that he had discussed the issue of Sudan with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and expressed his belief that the ceasefire agreement mediated by Saudi Arabia and the United States would be successful. The president has also thanked and congratulated Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and all Ethiopian leaders for their achievements in implementing the Pretoria peace agreement for lasting peace in Ethiopia. He added Africa must seek African solutions to African problems, drawing an example from the Pretoria peace agreement signed between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF. “I would like to congratulate Prime Minister Abiy for the effort he has made to deal with the problems here, and now he has found unity and peace, which is a good example for other countries, and it's a good lesson that we have found, so we must do the same for other places where there are problems, such as in the Sahel.” African leaders should encourage and learn from Ethiopia, when we have problems, we should adopt this experience and try to seek African solutions to African problems, AU Chairperson and President of the Union of Comoros underlined.  
Arab League Stand on GERD Sows Suspicion, Discord between Ethiopians, Egyptians: Water Expert
May 27, 2023 844
Addis Ababa May 27/2023 (ENA) The Arab League position on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) creates suspicion and difference between the fraternal people of Ethiopia and Egypt, Water Administration Consultant Fekahmed Negash said. He further noted that Ethiopia must thwart the false propaganda being disseminated from other directions too by explaining the facts about the dam to the international community. Ten years have elapsed since Ethiopia commenced the construction of GERD after carrying out a study based on the principle of mutual benefits of the riparian countries. GERD is a flagship project which demonstrates that Ethiopia has the aim of developing together with the upstream and downstream countries without causing significant harm to the riparian countries, sticking to the principle of fair and reasonable water utilization.   However, those who do not want to Ethiopia to develop by using its natural resources seek to impose on it the colonial agreements the country did not sign. In this regard, scholars note this unbalanced and erroneous approach of these bodies stems from the desire of preventing Ethiopia from developing its natural resources and confine the country in poverty. The consultant told ENA that it is preferable that a third party stops interfering in differences that arise in relation to trans-boundary rivers. Although there are third parties who want to resolve differences around trans-boundary water use peacefully, most try to protect their own interests, the expert elaborated. He pointed out that parties, including the Arab League, which are trying to intervene in affairs related to the GERD, create differences instead of promoting mutual sustainable benefits of the basin countries. Fekahmed stated that the riparian countries have, therefore, no better option than to resolve their differences by themselves. It is only the people and government of Ethiopia that determine the rational and fair use of the Abay River, the expert stressed, adding that the government has shown its desire to develop together by establishing the principle of shared water use of the basin countries. According to him, the Egyptian people should reject the decisions of the Arab League regarding the GERD as they create differences and suspicion between the brotherly people of Ethiopia and Egypt. He revealed that the Arab League has formed 'Arab Water Council' that names many water bodies as Arab water and promotes the unacceptable approach that "no one can use the waters, except them". In keeping with this unacceptable and unjust approach, it has categorized the Euphrates and Tigris rivers in Turkiye and the tributes of Wabi Shebele and Genale Dawa in Ethiopia as Arab waters, the expert explained. Fekahmed added that the dam Ethiopia has been building on Abay River is reasonable and the construction is consistent with the sovereign rights of the country and international water law.    
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