Ethiopia Strives for Self-Reliance Against Disasters 

Addis Ababa June 24 /2024 (ENA) Ethiopian Disaster Risk Management Commissioner, Shiferaw Teklemariam, stated that effort is well underway to create a strong national posture capable of self-reliance in the face of man-made and natural disasters by eliminating dependency.

Examples mentioned include achievements in the agricultural sector with summer irrigation wheat, industrial sectors and ‘Bounty of the Basket’ (Ye Lemat Tirufat), a national development program which focuses on nutritional opulence.  

In his presentation, Ambassador Shiferaw Teklemariam, Commissioner of the Ethiopian Disaster Risk Management Commission, said that to overcome the dependency mindset, food security must be ensured at the family level.

The Commissioner explained that work needs to be done to eliminate dependency by increasing production and productivity. He stated that dependency denies freedom, harms the economy, and promotes a mindset of guardianship.

To overcome this, he indicated that the country needs to focus on changing mindsets and taking action, emphasizing that coordinated efforts in all sectors are crucial.

The Commissioner highlighted that Ethiopia has many favorable conditions to help it tackle dependency, citing government and public commitment, best practices, and potential resources as examples.

He pointed out that preparedness and hard work in all sectors are necessary to achieve the national goal of overcoming dependency.

The Commissioner stated that the government has implemented a new disaster risk management policy to create a strong national posture capable of self-reliance in the face of man-made and natural disasters.

He explained that institutions must work with determination to achieve this Grand National vision.

In particular, he called for leadership at all levels to act as role models in eliminating mindsets and practices that lead to dependency.

Ambassador Shiferaw emphasized that institutions directly related to disaster risk prevention, including agriculture, water and energy, health, irrigation, and others, have the responsibility to achieve the national plan.

It was also noted that the government, beyond showing political commitment to eliminating dependency, is working to continue rapid development efforts by mobilizing the public.



Ethiopian News Agency