Ethiopia's Participation in BRICS Forums in Russia Bears Diplomatic Achievements

Addis Ababa June 20 /2024 (ENA)  Ethiopia's active participation in the BRICS meeting Forums held in Russia and the corresponding bilateral discussions with member countries have yielded significant diplomatic achievements for the country, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

During the weekly briefing today, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Nebyu Tedla pointed out major diplomatic activities, with a particular focus on its effective participation in the recent BRICS meetings.

A high-level Ethiopian delegation led by Foreign Minister Taye Atske Selassie participated at the BRICS Foreign Ministers' Forum. 

Prior to the event, the Governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia and Ethiopia’s Sherpa to the BRICS Mamo Esmelalem Mihretu took part in the meeting of Sherpas and Sous sherpas of member countries.

On the occasion, Taye emphasized key measures undertaken by the Government of Ethiopia aimed at enhancing the role of Ethiopia within BRICS and called for an increased constructive role of the BRICS member countries on pressing international issues.

He also stressed the need for reforming the United Nations, international financial and security institutions taking into consideration of the interests of developing countries.

The joint statement issued by the BRICS Foreign Ministers included Ethiopia's perspectives, advocating for seamless integration of Ethiopia and other new members into BRICS and the New Development Bank.

The statement also called for Security Council reforms and changes in international financial institutions to reflect current economic realities.

The BRICS Dialogue with Emerging Markets and Developing Countries, attended by the Foreign Ministers of BRICS members and non-BRICS developing countries emphasized strengthening partnerships for common development and peace.

Foreign minister Taye also held separate bilateral engagements with the Foreign Ministers of eight BRICS and invited developing countries, including China, Brazil, South Africa, and Russia, securing political support for Ethiopia’s membership in the New Development Bank.

The spokesperson noted that Ethiopia’s engagement in the BRICS meetings reaffirmed its timely membership in the organization. 

Nebyu also highlighted major bilateral engagements and economic diplomacy events over the past two weeks, including FM Taye's discussions with the President of the 78th General Assembly of the United Nations to strengthen support for peace and development in Ethiopia.

Moreover, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Mesganu Arga reached a consensus with Finland’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Development to bolster bilateral economic cooperation and agreed to hold political consultations soon.

Additionally, consultations with the Ambassadors of France, Austria, and Greece led to common understanding to enhance political consultation platforms. 

Discussions with Alison Blackburne, the UK Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea, focused on increasing joint efforts for regional peace and stability.


Ethiopian News Agency