Amhara Region Bracing to Safeguard Over 469,000 Residents From Flood

Addis Ababa, May 30/2024 (ENA) In a proactive measure to mitigate the impact of potential floods during the upcoming rainy season, the Amhara Regional Disaster Prevention and Food Security Coordinating Commission is undertaking comprehensive preparations to protect over 469,000 residents in the region.

Director of early warning and response of the commission, Birhanu Zewdu provided a detailed account of the ongoing efforts. 

"Flood prevention works are being carried out by identifying areas historically prone to flooding during the winter months," he stated.

The Ethiopian Meteorological Authority has forecasted heavy rainfall in the coming months, further underscoring the urgency of these preparatory measures. A budget of over 100 million Ethiopian Birr has been allocated to fund the flood mitigation initiatives, since last March.

The flood prevention activities are being implemented in the South Gondar Zone, particularly in the Dera, Limo Kemkem, and Fogera districts, as well as in the Central Gondar Zone around Gondar and the West and East Dembiya districts, along with the West and East Amhara areas.

Birhanu emphasised that 22 urban administrations and districts have been identified as highly vulnerable to flooding based on the comprehensive assessment. "The preparatory work will enable us to protect more than 469,000 residents who live in these at-risk areas and rely on social services," he explained.

The flood mitigation efforts are projected to safeguard 15,000 houses and 218,000 domestic animals from the devastating impact of floods. 

The interventions include several flood preventive structures including the construction of flood diversion dams, as well as other structures. 

Birhanu underscored the importance of community engagement, stating, "The community should not only assist in the existing flood protection works but also ensure their sustainability by handling them. 


Ethiopian News Agency