Ethiopia Calls for More Effort to Provide Quality Healthcare in Developing Nations 

Addis Ababa, May 30/2024 (ENA) Ethiopia has called pertinent stakeholder in the international community including the World Health Organization to help enhance the provision of equitable, high-quality healthcare in developing nations in an all-encompassing way. 

Ethiopian delegation led by Minister of Health, Mekdes Daba is participating at the Seventy-seventh World Health Organization Assembly  being held in Geneva, Switzerland under the theme “All for Health, Health for All.”

Ethiopia’s Minister of Health, Mekdes Daba made statement on various health issues at the assembly.

In her speech to the congregation, the minister said that Ethiopia firmly believes that healthcare is a human right of citizens.

The minister explained that access to international health services should not leave anyone behind, emphasizing the need for  quality health services without any differences or borders.

Moreover, she elaborated that the family-centered health service programs in Ethiopia, especially the health extension program, has achieved remarkable results by creating awareness and providing basic health services to citizens in rural and remote areas.

In particular, Mekdes stated that notable outcomes have been attained, in the prevention and controlling of infectious diseases including COVID-19, lowering mortality rates, and enhancing the health of mothers and children.

However, she underlined that “we still need to do more in order to build a strong health system that can withstand health risks and respond quickly when emergencies are encountered.”

While access to health care is a fundamental human right, developing nations like Ethiopia have been facing challenges in providing equitable and high-quality healthcare to their people due to a variety of reasons, including a lack of resources. 

Hence, she called on relevant partners and stakeholders, including the World Health Organization, to provide fair and quality health services in a comprehensive manner to the  developing countries.

The Seventy-seventh World Health Assembly, a series of strategic roundtables discussions are underway. 

Delegates, partner agencies, representatives of civil society and WHO experts have also been discussing current and future priorities for public health issues of global importance.

Ethiopian News Agency