Regional Consultative Forum Convening on Red Sea Security Dynamics In Addis

Addis Ababa, May 30/2024 (ENA) The second-round regional consultative form on the Red Sea security dynamics is underway in Addis Ababa with the objective to fostering dialogue and cooperation.  

The forum is hosted by the Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA) under the theme: “Regional Consultative Forum on Red Sea Security Dynamics: The Need for Dialogue and Cooperation at a Time of Global Geopolitical Shifts.”

The forum, that has brought geopolitical experts from the East African region and the Middle East as well as diplomats, is deliberating on the Red Sea maritime security situation particularly, war and unprecedented challenges in the region.

In his keynote address to the forum, the Executive Director of Institute of Foreign Affairs, Jafar Bedru said that the Red Sea is an integral part of Ethiopia’s history. The Red Sea is an important global commercial route which is associated with a continuous security dynamics, the executive director noted.

With this challenging phenomenon, Jafar revealed that Ethiopia is seeking dialogue and cooperation in order to ensure durable peace and development across the Red Sea region.

“Ethiopia is the largest country in this Red Sea region. And our contribution in this part of the region is extremely important,” he underlined.

Noting that Ethiopia is important player in the Red Sea region and the need to reverse its historical role, he mentioned the Memorandum of Understanding the country signed with Somaliland.

In this regard, the executive director affirmed that Ethiopia will reinforce its cooperation with countries across the Red Sea region and institutions.   

The First Annual Regional Consultative Forum was held last year under the Them Red Sea Security Dynamics:  The need for Regional Cooperation in a time of Entanglement.”  

Ethiopian News Agency