AUC Announces Commencement of Election Process for Its Senior Leadership 

Addis Ababa, May 29/2024 (ENA) The election process of the African Union Commission Senior Leadership has kicked off with the call for interested candidates to submit to their member states, the African Union announced. 

The elections will take place in February 2025 during the African Union Summit, AU said in a statement. 

All the eight Senior leadership positions of the AU Commission are open for candidates’ submissions guided by the regional allocation of the portfolios. 

The positions include that of the Chairperson, the Deputy Chairperson, and 6 Commissioner posts.

The February 2025 election process will be based on the principle of inter-regional rotation that dictates.

A Panel of Eminent Africans, composed of five personalities, one per region, were appointed in February 2024 to oversee the pre-selection of candidatures for the eight positions. 

The Panel of Eminent Africans have since developed the job profiles and competency requirements for the leadership posts. 

This includes generic leadership skills and competencies as well as expert and thematic skills for each portfolio. 

The assessment process for all candidates is based on the skills and competencies identified for each senior leadership position.

The African Union election process is guided by principles that ensure there is equitable regional representation, gender parity, attracting and retaining Africa’s top talent, accountable and effective leadership and management, and transparent and merit-based selection.



Ethiopian News Agency