Nation Experimenting New Avenue to Solve Problems Through Dialogue, Says Professor Ahmed

Addis Ababa, May 29/2024 (ENA) Ethiopia is experimenting with a “new avenue to solve its problem through dialogue, discussion, and accommodating each other,” Professor Ahmed Zekaria told the Ethiopian News Agency.

The professor, who is a participant of the dialogue chapter in Addis Ababa that opened today, said the forum is a new chapter in the country.

According to him, Ethiopia is experimenting with a “new avenue to solve its problem through dialogue, discussion, and accommodating each other.”

The country is big and diverse with enormous experiences, starting from the origins of mankind up until now, he added.

“We have lots of experiences. It's about concocting up our medicine through our experiences. So within communities, we have lots of wisdom that we are going to share and solve our major problems for better development, progress, and peace,” Professor Ahmed underlined.

The National Dialogue Commission has done its level best in this  vast country with diverse realities, the participant said.

The last two years were about structuring the system and how to go about it, he stated. “Now, I think they are in a better position to launch the real dialogue, the real chunk of the problem-solving process.”

Professor Ahmed expressed his hope that Ethiopia would be in a better position, at least, to discuss soberly and to identify its problems by next year. 

“Not only identifying problems, but also recommending medicine for our problems.”

The professor expressed his belief that this experiment is not only for Ethiopia, but it may also help the continent at large.

Different countries were experimenting with dialogues, he elaborated, adding that, “We have gotten enough experience -- success and failure --- over the last 50-60 years. We are now in a better position to achieve better results.”

The eleven-person National Dialogue Commission is entrusted with promoting an all-inclusive consultations and reconciliation process that will mend rift, foster agreement on important national matters, and assist the nation in resolving its intricate difficulties.   

Since its establishment, it has been conducting various activities, including identification of participants.   

In the dialogue chapter in Addis Ababa today representatives from 119 woredas are in attendance of the ongoing agenda gathering consultation.

The sessions in Addis Ababa will take place up until June 4, 2024.


Ethiopian News Agency