Addis Ababa Nat'l Dialogue Participants Praise Inclusiveness of Forum

Addis Ababa, May 29/2024 (ENA) Representatives from the diverse segments of the society in Addis Ababa have commended the inclusiveness and participatory nature of the national dialogue that began in the capital city today.

The representatives from 119 woredas are in attendance of the ongoing agenda gathering consultation. 

They are drawn from various segments of society including political parties, religious institutions, civic societies, government bodies as well as representatives from various institutions and associations. 

Apostle Barnabas Thomas form the Ethiopian Council of Gospel Believers Churches Association told ENA that the development of countries and societies as well as the realization of change is facilitated through dialogue.

"God desires collective effort towards common goals," he said, emphasizing that communicating with each other and solving problems together and thinking about the country are very important.

He noted that Ethiopians must enhance their engagement and openly share genuine sentiments to fulfill the objectives of the National Dialogue Commission.

Meseret Nuriye from one of the youth associations said dialogue resolves every issue and empowers the youth. They should therefore intensify their engagement in the process.

She added that the country would become safe for both the youth and the society if peace prevails.

Tizita Bekele from a women association stated that today's forum is inclusive.


"The work we begin today is dedicated to healing Ethiopia's future," she said, stating that our unity today will forge a stronger and united Ethiopia.

Yesuf Indiris from the business community said he is greatly honored and excited to take part in the historic dialogue that has advanced to this stage.


According to him, there is no limit to what Ethiopians can achieve together if they come together in the spirit of dialogue and cooperation.

In his opening remarks, Chief Commissioner Professor Mesfin Araya said Ethiopia is set to address its age-old contradictions through participatory, inclusive and open-minded dialogue.


He stressed that any disagreement could be settled through amicable and constructive dialogue instead of trying to impose one’s ideas through violence.

Recall that Ethiopia established a National Dialogue Commission to rectify and resolve age-old challenges facing the country and reach consensus on major issues through dialogue.


Ethiopian News Agency