Some 25 Percent of This Year's Tree Planting To Be Carried Out Across Abay Basins: GCS 

Addis Ababa May 27/2024 (ENA)Government Communication Service (GCS) said  the government will make a green Ethiopia a reality by working hard until the green legacy is considered as a culture for Ethiopians. 

The Green Legacy Initiative is a flagship program initiated by Prime Minister Abiy in June 2019. 

Ethiopia has so far planted 32.5 billion tree saplings nationwide as part of its Green Legacy Initiative.  The Initiative is a massive undertaking that aims to plant 50 billion tree seedlings by 2026.   

Government Communication Service said in a statement today that 90 percent of the 32,5 billion saplings have survived.  

When the conservation of natural resources and bio-diversity resources are strengthened and managed in a consistent manner, it gives an opportunity to contribute efforts being carried out to reduce the impact of climate change, it added. 

The Statement stated agricultural experts proved the fact that areas that were previously stripped and suffered from soil erosion are returning to their original appearance and the land is also recovering as a result of the Initiative. 

The initiative is bearing fruits as areas that used to be affected by recurrent drought have started to have rains while disasters of flooding reduced and the nation is able to gain rainfalls suitable for farming activities both in fall and summer seasons. 

The initiative has also been playing roles in terms of job creation, enhancing animal feed, beekeeping, carbon marketing and good neighborliness as well as diplomatic relations with neighboring countries.

Saplings have been prepared at over 132, 000 nurseries and pre-planting arrangements are also being made in all areas to plant 6.3 billion tree saplings during this Ethiopian Fiscal Year. 

According to the statement, some 25 percent of this year's green legacy plantations will be carried out across the Nile basins.

The preparation and planting of saplings is creating a wide range of employment opportunities for many young people and women.

Government Communication Service said types of samplings include fruits and vegetables that generate multiple incomes adding that the saplings are also utilized for mixed forests, city beautification, and reforestation efforts. 


Ethiopian News Agency