Ethiopian Airlines Inaugurates Renovated, Expanded Domestic Passenger Terminal

Addis Ababa May 18/2024 (ENA)  The Ethiopian Airlines Group has inaugurated its renovated and expanded Domestic Passenger Terminal today.

During the occasion, Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO, Mesfin Tassew said the airline has spent 50 million USD for the renovation and expansion of the terminal, which increases its capacity by more than 100 percent.


Beyond increasing its capacity, the goal of Ethiopian Airlines is to provide an international level of services to our domestic passengers, he said. 

This focus on passenger experience aligns with the airline's broader vision of solidifying Ethiopia's position as a global tourism destination.

So, he added that it  is our dream and vision to continue expanding our domestic air transport service for the benefit of Ethiopians and tourists who are coming to Ethiopia to visit the exciting destinations of the country.


"The renovation and expansion of the terminal was intended to cope up with the growing demand of domestic transport service. Ethiopian Airlines has a strong commitment to continue enhancing the development and expansion of domestic air transport, which is vital for both the social and economic development of the country. As you know, we are investing a lot to construct new airport runways at this time, we are constructing five and we're also upgrading terminal facilities in other domestic airports, " the CEO elaborated.

Tourism Minister Nasisie Chali said that the inauguration of the renovated and expanded domestic passenger terminal is crucial for Ethiopia's image building and tourism. 

Any such development efforts by Ethiopian Airlines have direct bearing on tourism sector of the country, she said.

Ethiopian Transport and Logistics State Minister, Bareo Hassen on his part said Ethiopian Airlines is playing key role in the transport and logistics sector.

The renovation and expansion of the terminal will increase its services and competition, he added.


Ethiopian News Agency