Public Engagement to Transform Addis  to a Cleaner, Greener Capital

By Henok Tadele Haile 

As the vibrant heart of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa holds a unique significance, not just for its residents, but also for the international community that calls this city home. 

Recognizing its importance as the political capital of Africa and a hub for influential global organizations, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has embarked on a transformative journey to elevate Addis Ababa's status and enhance the quality of life for all who inhabit this dynamic metropolis.

Over the past few years, the city has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, with the creation of world-class parks, museums, and other amenities that have bolstered Ethiopia's tourism sector and made Addis Ababa an increasingly attractive destination for visitors. 

From the breathtaking Unity Park to the captivating Entoto Park and Friendship Park, these new landmarks have not only added to the city's allure, but have also served to improve the living conditions of its residents.

Now, Prime Minister Abiy has set his sights on an equally ambitious goal: revolutionizing the city's public sanitation infrastructure. Launching the "Clean Streets and Healthy Livelihood" campaign, the Prime Minister has called upon all Ethiopians to join hands in building cities that prioritize cleanliness and inclusivity, recognizing the critical importance of collective effort in achieving this vision. One of the objectives of the PM’s initiative is to build  modern public toilets in the identified corridors to enhancing accessibility and fostering cleanliness within  urban landscape. This initiative also strives to elevate hygiene standards across our city and nation by promoting a culture of dignified toilet usage and raising awareness about cleanliness. 

At the heart of this initiative is the construction of modern, hygienic, and accessible public restroom facilities across Addis Ababa's urban areas. For decades, the city has grappled with a lack of standardized public sanitation services, leading many residents to resort to unsanitary alternatives. The Prime Minister's plan aims to address this pressing issue, not only improving public health and reducing the spread of waterborne diseases, but also creating employment opportunities and fostering a sense of dignity for those in need.

To ensure the sustainability and success of this project, the government has launched a digital telethon, seeking both cash and in-kind contributions from the general public, individual donors, and institutions. This telethon, scheduled for a ten-hour period on Sunday, May 12th, 2024, has been aptly named "Clean Streets - Healthy Lives," underscoring the interconnectedness of urban cleanliness and the well-being of the community. The plan is to raise 50 million Birr in a 10hr period digital telethon challenge.  

As Prime Minister Abiy has eloquently stated, "We are colorful when we come together for a collective cause." Indeed, the resounding success of this telethon will not only showcase the power of unity and mutual concern, but also serve as a testament to the Ethiopian people's unwavering commitment to creating cities that cater to the needs of all. 

The campaign is a great opportunity to engage all  Ethiopians including the diaspora and members of the international community based in Addis Ababa as well as  friends of Ethiopia, and others have the chance to contribute individually or in groups to this magnificent objective which aims at enhancing public sanitation services.  

Through this ambitious initiative, Prime Minister Abiy's vision for a cleaner, greener, and more inclusive Addis Ababa is taking shape. By harnessing the collective efforts of the government, the private sector, and the public, the city is poised to become a model of sustainable urban development, setting a precedent for cities across Ethiopia and the African continent. 

As we rally behind this cause, we bear witness to the transformative power of community-driven change, paving the way for a brighter, more prosperous future for Addis Ababa and its people.


Ethiopian News Agency