Deputy PM Highlights Importance of E-commerce to Expedite Digital Ethiopia Strategy, Enhance Competitiveness

Addis Ababa, April 29/2024 (ENA) Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh highlighted the importance of implementing a digital strategy across all sectors, emphasizing the necessity of an e-commerce for creating a modern and technology-driven business system in Ethiopia. 

A National E-commerce Strategy validation workshop was held in Addis Ababa today in the presence of government officials, private sector and stakeholders. 

Speaking at the occasion, Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh said the e-commerce strategy aims to facilitate the transition of digital Ethiopia in addition to enhancing  competitiveness. 


He elaborated that one of the primary focuses of the homegrown economic reform is information technology, and the government is dedicated to fostering sustainable development through the Digital Ethiopia 2025 initiative. 

The objectives of the draft national E-commerce strategy include bolstering economic growth, enhancing international competitiveness, and seizing new opportunities for advancement, Temesgen highlighted.

Ethiopia has implemented enabling legal framework by opening business sectors that were closed to foreign companies, engaging in the African Free Trade Zone and other competitive and sustainable foreign and domestic trades.

In this regard, E-Commerce strategy is crucial as it is mandatory to create a modern and technology-driven business system, the deputy PM further explained that the growth of the E-Commerce market is expected to enhance and accelerate the government's digital transformation efforts.

He pointed out that the preparation of the national E-Commerce strategy will help to create job opportunities using digital technology, increase foreign exchange and ensure national and sustainable development.

The preparation and implementation of E-Commerce strategy will create favorable conditions for using the power of technology to successfully carry out our national development programs, continuously grow our economy and improve  competitiveness at the international level.

Minister of Trade and Regional Integration, Gebremeskel Chala stated that E-Commerce will facilitate domestic trade and encourage entrepreneurs everywhere by allowing business establishments to communicate with users online without time and space restrictions.


Modernization of domestic transactions by using E-Commerce, facilitation of export trade and creation of a strong E-Commerce logistics system are the main objectives of the strategy.

The validation workshop was attended by senior government officials, including Deputy Prime Minister  Temesgen Tiruneh, Trade and Regional Integration  Minister Gebresemres Chala and Innovation and Technology Minister Belete Mola and various stakeholders.  


Ethiopian News Agency