Oromia's Summer Irrigation Initiative Yields Over 68.6 Million Quintals of Wheat

Addis Ababa, April 17/2024 (ENA) The Oromia Region's successful Summer Irrigation Wheat Cultivation Initiative has resulted in a remarkable harvest of over 68.6 million quintals, as confirmed by the Regional Agriculture Bureau.

Head of Oromia Agriculture Bureau, Getu Gemchu, accompanied by government officials, visited the fields of Agarfa district farmers in the Bale zone. These farmers have adopted underground water irrigation techniques to cultivate summer wheat.

During the visit, Getu emphasized the regional government's commitment to supporting farmers in exploring various water alternatives for agricultural development.

Driven by a focus on food security and market development, the region has witnessed the cultivation of more than 2.8 million hectares of summer irrigated wheat.

To date, a staggering 68.6 million quintals of crops have been harvested from 1.9 million hectares of land. 

Getu expressed determination to achieve the targeted production of 105 million quintals through further harvesting, taking into account the ecological conditions of the area.

One of the participating farmers from Agarfa district, Hussain Ahmed, highlighted the significant improvement in their agricultural endeavors. 

Previously hindered by water scarcity, they have now found success in wheat cultivation by utilizing local water sources in addition to rain water.

Another farmer, Seyoum Gossa, shared his experience, stating that through learning irrigation techniques for summer wheat cultivation, they have achieved an impressive yield of up to 45 quintals per hectare. 

He credited the government's provision of long-term loans, which enabled the expansion of water pumping engine infrastructure, as a catalyst for their progress.

The government of Ethiopia has been carrying out nationwide agricultural development initiative focusing on wheat and other key crops with the objective to ensuring food self-sufficiency, import substitution and enhance export trade. 

Ethiopian News Agency