Ethiopia's Indigenous Knowledge Plays Huge Role in Governance, Scientific Discoveries: American Prof.

Addis Ababa, April 16/2024 (ENA) Indigenous knowledge plays huge role in the development of both in modernizing governance and scientific discoveries, California University Anthropology Professor Donald L. Donham said.  

An on-going three-day workshop on culture and history opened at Jinka University yesterday.

California University Anthropologist Professor Donham noted that Ethiopia has remarkable wealth of indigenous knowledge and cultures.

The professor with over five decades of research activities across, Africa, including Ethiopia, has published books on sociological and political issues.

According to him, most of his research and study years have been dedicated to Ethiopia, and believes that the country is endowed with beautiful landscapes and diverse cultures.


The paper presented by Professor Donham, "Ethiopia's Foundation and Indigenous Knowledge for Conflict Resolution," emphasizes the role of multi-culture and multiple identity for the emergence of the new Ethiopia.

He explored the critical role indigenous knowledge from various cultures plays in shaping modern governance and scientific discoveries in Ethiopia.

The professor also underscored the power of traditional conflict resolution methods embedded within indigenous knowledge to foster solidarity and promote lasting peace.

Professor Donham finally called on universities and research institutions to actively develop and integrate these valuable systems into modern governance practices and Ethiopia's scientific advancements. 


Jinka University Academic Vice President, Elias Alemu, said the aim of the workshop is to  foster collaboration between historians and social scientists. 

He envisions that the gathering would serve as a catalyst for universities and research institutes, both within and beyond Ethiopia's borders, to work together in research endeavors.


Hawasa University Social Anthropology lecturer, Hana Getachew, on her part stressed the importance of the workshop in fostering a global exchange of knowledge and experience. 

She emphasizes the need for social scientists to transcend disciplinary boundaries, urging researchers to delve into diverse cultures and unearth the wealth of crucial, yet often forgotten, values embedded within them.




Ethiopian News Agency