EMI Predicts Higher Probability of Rainfall in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, April 5/2024 (ENA) The Ethiopian Meteorology Institute (EMI) has predicted that there will be a higher probability of rainfall in the upcoming April to May 2024, across most parts of the country.

Briefing the media today, EMI Director General Fetene Teshome  emphasized that the upcoming two months might witness substantial rainfall.

Stressing the need for paying due diligence, Fetene highlighted the anticipated heavy rainfall and the potential risk of flooding across various regions of the country.

The Belg which is considered Ethiopia's short rainy season, is expected to experience better rainfall across various regions of the country during April and May, he elaborated.

According to him, these anticipated rainfalls are expected to benefit much of the seasonal rain-dependent regions of Ethiopia.

Fetene also believed that the expected enhanced rainfall is likely to positively impact on Ethiopia’s agriculture, water resources, and overall livelihoods.

However, the director general warned the weather condition would lead   to normal to above-normal rainfall, adding that the EMI cautions about the higher risk of flash floods in vulnerable areas.

These areas, including city administrations and regions of Ethiopia with unprecedented past flooding experience are urged to take necessary preparation.

The Ethiopian Meteorology Institute emphasizes the importance of staying informed about weather forecasts and taking necessary steps to prepare for the anticipated conditions.

Fetene further explained that by staying vigilant and implementing appropriate measures, individuals, communities, and authorities can minimize the potential risks associated with heavy rainfall and flash floods.

On his part, Early Warning Division Deputy Director General Asaminew Teshome shed light on the contributing factors, stating that a combination of the Neutral-IOD (Indian Ocean Dipole) and ENSO-El Nino episode is expected.

These two significant climate phenomena could lead to heavy rainfall and the possibility of flash floods.

He also mentioned some of the areas   that would benefit from these Belg season rainfalls.

As a result, south, south east and north east  parts  of the country dominated under moderately wet to extremely wet weather, he said, thus, the rainfall performance has been  suitable for agriculture and water sectors.

The EMI will continue to monitor the weather patterns closely and provide regular updates to keep the public informed, Asaminew reaffirmed.




Ethiopian News Agency