Yirgalem Industrial Park Benefits Local Community, Enhances Export Earnings, & Import Substitution

Addis Ababa  March 10/2024 (ENA)Yirgalem Integrated Agro-Industrial Park, located in Ethiopia's Sidama Region, stated that it has been creating economic benefits for the local community by strengthening their participation in the supply chain. 

The Park,  which covers 294.5 hectares, concentrates on processing organic dairy, avocado, and coffee for export, is also playing a pivotal role in the national economy by exporting its products abroad and enhancing import substitution.

The Park's Chief Executive Officer, Hailu Yetera said more than 16,000 citizens have been able to benefit from the park by engaging in the supply chain.   

The park is assisting youngsters in the area in preparing seedlings of various plants, including avocado, in order to enable them to supply the seedlings for local farmers, he added.  

Hailu further stated that efforts are also underway to enhance the benefits of the local community around the park by designing development projects, citing activities being carried out in the production of honey and other agricultural products as well as the construction of schools, health facility and the supply of potable water.

Indicating that the park was officially inaugurated three years ago, the CEO revealed that the park has secured 15.5 million USD from the export trade of edible oil extracted from the pulp of avocados during the stated period.    

Yirgalem Integrated Agro-Industrial Park has also enabled the nation to save close to 14 million USD through value added products of milk and other agricultural outputs to domestic market, the CEO pointed out.  

There are 3 Rural Transformation Centers (RTCs) situated within a 100-kilometer radius of the park at Bensa Daye, Aletawondo and Morocho.

The RTCs are rural development initiatives of the Government of Ethiopia that not only facilitate inclusive rural development, but also serve as a linkage to Yirgalem Integrated Agro-Industrial Park in terms of raw material supply.

For most farmers, the RTCs are the main point of contact with commercial agricultural value chains, according to the park. 

In addition to the Industrial parks of manufacturing sector, the government of Ethiopia has given a great deal of attention to the development of Integrated Agro-Industrial Parks with a view to accelerating rural transformation and bring agricultural transformation in the country.  





Ethiopian News Agency