Views of Diplomats on Significance of Victory of Adwa


Addis Ababa March 2/2024 (ENA) Diplomats, who attended the 128th Commemoration of Victory of Adwa at the newly unveiled Adwa memorial museum today, have noted the symbolic event's enduring significance in proving that black people can be independent and maintain their national sovereignty. 

Speaking to ENA, Armenia Ambassador Sahak Sargsyan noted that “the Ethiopian people are very proud of this victory which was also a victory for the African continent, all African nations.”

He also shared the lesser-known contribution of Armenians in the fight against the colonizers.

Armenians had taken part in the fight against the occupiers, the ambassador stated, adding that  "it was a small contribution by Armenians, the Ethiopian-Armenians as well to this victory.” 

Zambia Political and Administration Counselor, Nowa Sibonjo emphasized the victory's role as a symbol of unity for the African continent.

“The Adwa victory is a big landmark for the African continent. It also exemplifies the unity,” he said. 

The counselor stressed the importance of learning from the past and emphasized the need for continued African unity to overcome contemporary challenges.

“So we need to start looking at the unity. Our Pan-Africanism is not just a thing of now or of yesterday. This is something for the future. We can build ourselves if we get more united.”  

Bangladesh Defense Attache, Brigadier General Shariful Islam commended Ethiopia's unique position as a nation that remained uncolonized.

“Adwa victory is a very important event in the history of Ethiopia. This was the day when  Ethiopians stood against the colonial power, and they proved their efficiency. They could stand alone as an independent nation, and they were never subjugated by the colonial powers." 

According to Brigadier General Islam, the victory is a testament to the bravery and sacrifice of Ethiopians and a significant event in the history of black people worldwide.

“Adwa victory is not only for the Ethiopian people, but also a victory for the black people because the black people can remain sovereign throughout like Ethiopia. Ethiopia was one of the unique examples in the world that remained sovereign throughout history because of the bravery and the sacrifice of your forefathers and foremothers. So, I have all the respect for them.” 

Today, Ethiopians across the nation commemorated the 128th anniversary of Victory of Adwa with the central celebration taking place at the newly unveiled Adwa Victory Memorial Museum in the heart of the capital city. 

Ethiopian News Agency