Chief of Staff Urges New Generation to Preserve Unity, Solidarity Demonstrated at Battle of Adwa


Addis Ababa March 2/2024 (ENA) chief of Staff Field Marshal Birhanu Jula has urged the new generation to preserve the unity and solidarity their forefathers had demonstrated at the Battle of Adwa which led to the resounding victory.

Today Ethiopians are celebrating the 128th anniversary of the decisive victory that thwarted the  Italian campaign to expand its colonial empire. 

In his remark, Field Marshal Birhanu stressed the need for this generation to maintain the unity and solidarity shown by their forefathers in various ways.

The Victory of Adwa spread the light of hope for freedom and liberation to all Africans under colonization, he noted.

It encouraged the black people to pursue their struggle for freedom, Field Marshal Birhanu added.


According to him, Ethiopia has been a prominent advocate for freedom of black people and remains a staunch supporter of Pan-Africanism.

For Chief of Staff Field Marshal Birhanu, the 128th anniversary of the Victory of Adwa is unique as it is being celebrated on the verge of inaugurating the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and the inauguration of the Adwa Victory Memorial Museum.

The stunning victory has for many years been denied a memorial it deserves, he pointed out.

Speaking about the present-day Ethiopian National Defense Force, the Chief of Staff noted that it has been maintaining the peace and security of its neighbors through selfless sacrifice.

And when Ethiopia’s peaceful pursuit of seeking access to sea succeeds, it will significantly enhance the country’s contribution towards ensuring the peace and security of the region.


Ethiopian News Agency