PM Abiy Urges Nation to Respect Virtues of Adwa Victory


Addis Ababa March 1/2024 (ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed highlighted the importance of utilizing the key values of Adwa victory for nation-building in his message on the 128th Adwa Victory Day. 

In his message the premier expressed concern that despite the passage of 128 years since the historic victory, these values have not been fully embraced. 

According to him, the first value is national unity, exemplified by the united front displayed during the Adwa campaign and subsequent celebrations. 

The sacrifice of personal interests for the greater national cause, demonstrated by individuals who set aside their differences and collaborated for the country's survival was the second value, mentioned by the Prime Minister. 

Recognition that war comes at a price, as evidenced by the sacrifices made by Ethiopian soldiers who fought and lost their lives, is also important, he said. 

The fourth value, he said, is the virtue of patience, which was exemplified by the endurance of Ethiopians and preparation during the three-year Italian aggression. 

This year's Adwa Victory Day holds special significance as it coincides with the inauguration of a memorial facility dedicated to preserving the history and values of Adwa, the Premier said, adding this momentous occasion adds to the importance and reverence of this year's festival. 

‘‘Today, we commemorated the event in a truly magnificent manner, but our focus remains on the future. Tomorrow, we will work diligently to construct an Ethiopia that embodies the strength and resilience of the Adwa Mountains, drawing inspiration from the values of Adwa victory. Achieving this vision necessitates the collective skill, maturity, and cooperation of each and every one of us.’’


Ethiopian News Agency