Adwa Victory Made Ethiopia Become Icon of Aspiration, Independence for Africa: Prof Adi


Addis Ababa, March 1 /2024 (ENA) Ethiopia became a symbol of African aspiration and independence as a result of the Battle of Adwa, Professor of the History of Africa and the African Diaspora in the UK, Hakim Adi said.
In an exclusive interview with ENA, Professor recalled that the Battle of Adwa did not only defeat the Italian Army, but also secure Ethiopia's independence.
“Ethiopia became the only independent African country and the only African country to defend this independence through military might or overpowering the European army,” he elaborated.

Moreover, the professor added that it became extremely important for the whole of Africa and for Africans around the world, because the black people around the world  looked to Ethiopia, as it showed them that Europeans could be defeated and were not superior.
The people in Ethiopia were so organized to defend the European power, as a result of which “Ethiopia became a symbol of African independence in the Battle of Adwa,” the professor recalled.
Moreover, he illustrated that Ethiopia became an independent symbol, particularly for the Pan-African movement, that is to say the movement of people of Africans and people of African descent all around the world, struggling for African independence and for the rights of Africans all over the world. 
He said “It is an extremely important battle. And you find that organizations in other parts of the world took the name Ethiopia, even in this country (Britain), in Britain, we had an Ethiopian progressive association that was formed just a few years later. People look to Ethiopia as a symbol of inspiration and a symbol of independence for all Africans,”  Professor Adi pointed out.

He added that the Victory of Adwa demonstrated that if people are united that all kinds of things are possible.
“Adwa is one of those examples that show the importance of unity;  there are other problems because the big powers that are all contending in Africa try to disunite the continent,  try and put one country against another, try to create disruptions within countries, ” Professor Adi elaborated.
The Victory of Adwa has proved that the unity of a country and its people greatly contribute to the unity of our continent, the professor underlined.
“We need that unity at the country level, which will enable a stronger unity at continental level and otherwise shows the value of that unity. If you could unite a country, then there are many things that you can achieve.”
The Battle of Adwa, which took place on March the first 1896, epitomizes successful resistance against colonialism and it was the most unprecedented battle in the history of Africa in the 19th century.

The battle took place during what historians have called the scramble for Africa, that is to say the contention between all the big European powers to carve out and divide the African continent.  That scramble led to the division of Africa among the big powers.

The victory of Adwa victory is a living hard won battle made by Africans that spearheaded the struggle of Africans and black people throughout the world for freedom and independence.

Ethiopian News Agency