Ethiopia Launches Integrated Water Resource Management Projects


Addis Ababa, March 1 /2024 (ENA)  Basin Management Support for Resilient Inclusive Growth and Harmonized Transformation for the national integrated water resource management program of Ethiopia (BRIGHT) and Basin Scale Resilience Initiative for Ethiopia projects launched today.

The Projects launched with the support of Italy, the European Union and the government of Netherlands in collaboration with Ethiopia’s ministry of Water Energy and other pertinent stakeholders.

With a budget of 75 million euro, the integrated water resource management projects which are expected to be completed within the coming five years, will seek to improve resilience and reduce the vulnerability of populations to drought and climate change in Ethiopia.

Addressing the launching program, Head of Development and Cooperation at the Embassy of Italy, Alessandro Faraoni said the integrated water resource management is crucial for the sustainable development of the society and the environment. 

Stating the significance of water resource management, he said the projects which are launched today will play pivotal role to unlock Ethiopia's Water resources.

The Ambassador of Netherlands to Ethiopia, Henk Jan Bakker said the launching of the integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) projects is a great step for the country to improve the water resource management. 

EU Ambassador to Ethiopia, Roland Kobia on his part said that EU and its member states care to strengthen the capacity of vulnerable communities and local authorities to manage their natural resources, to develop their economies in agriculture and industry.

Similarly, Minister of Water and Energy Habtamu Itefa said that the projects are pivotal for ensuring water efficiency, equity, and are foundation for integrated water resource management. 

The Minister affirmed the commitment of the ministry to provide the necessary support for the realization of the projects in collaboration with all pertinent stakeholders. 

Those projects are part of the national integrated water resource management program being implemented under the auspices of ministry of Water and Energy, it was indicated. 

The Basins of Abbay, Awash, Wabi-shebele, Rift valley lakes, Danakil, Omo-Gibe and Tekeze will benefit from this integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) program, it was learned.

Ethiopian News Agency