Former Sierra Leone FM Says Adwa Victory Symbol of  Freedom, End of Colonial Domination


Addis Ababa, March 1 /2024 (ENA) Adwa Victory is a symbol of freedom, independence, resistance, and the end of colonial domination celebrated by all black people across the world, Former Sierra Leonean Foreign Minister Professor David John Francis said.

United Ethiopians forces in the Battle of Adwa 128 years ago made a landmark history by triumphing over Italian colonial powers. 

The Victory of Adwa is celebrated on the 2nd of March annually not only by Ethiopians, but also by black people worldwide.

 In an exclusive interview with ENA, the former foreign minister and Executive Board Chairperson of the Global Black Center said that the effect of Adwa Victory is far-reaching and were significant in promoting the freedom of black.

The inaugural of Global Black Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to preserve and promote the global black history, heritage and education and also serves as Pan-African Leadership Center is well deserved, he stated, adding “this is about making Ethiopia, the city of Pan Africanism in the 21st century.”

The day is also observed as a day of freedom and independence with a commitment to reinforce the spirit of Pan-Africanism.  

“The Adwa Victory means it is a symbolism of freedom in Africa, is a symbolism of independence in Africa and it is the symbolism of the end of colonial domination. So today, as we meet in Addis, and as we commemorate the Adwa holiday, on the 2 of March, will welcome and commemorate for all Africans within the continent and also outside of the continent. The day of freedom, the day of independence, but it is also about reinforcing the message of Pan-Africanism as promoted by the African Union,” Francis elaborated.

He commended the role of the African Union (AU) and the leadership of the AUC Chairperson in supporting the initiative of the government of Ethiopia to promote mobilization of black people across the continent towards a united destiny. 

The aspiration of realizing United States of Africa is not just a mere idea rather a concrete project, he pointed out, and hastened to say “the problems and challenges faced by the continent must push the continent for a United States of Africa.”

The Former Foreign Minister also underscored “this is our future. This is the new Africa we are talking about. A new Africa that is confident, dynamic, and assertive. We want to promote ourselves on the global stage.”

The Africa of yesterday is gone, Professor Francis said, and emphasized “Adwa and the African Union today, and the global Black Heritage is a representation of the new Africa that we are talking about.” 

“The Adwa victory is the symbolism of freedom, is the symbolism of resistance, the symbolism of independence. So today, as we reinvigorate the Pan-Africanism; … what Adwa has taught us is to give us the inspiration, the courage and resilience to move for the United States of Africa,” Professor Francis noted.

Ethiopian News Agency