Ethiopian Inaugurates Modern E-commerce Cargo Service Center


Addis Ababa February 29/2024 (ENA)  Ethiopian Airlines Group has inaugurated a modern e-commerce cargo service center built at a cost of 55 million USD today.  

Speaking on the occasion, Ethiopian Group CEO Mesfin Tasew said the airline has continued  implementing modern practices to maintain its international competitiveness.

Following the decreasing trend of normal cargo service and the growing trend of the digital marketing globally, e-commerce cargo service is expanding, he added.

Therefore, the airline is carrying out many activities.

Among them is this third e-commerce cargo service center built with 55 million USD at Bole International Airport, he noted.  

The e-commerce cargo service center will enable to transport goods bought through electronic trading system to different countries of the world through Addis Ababa, CEO Mesfin said, adding that it will also enable to further strengthen the marketing connection.   

The cargo center will not only provide the normal services but also play a key role in facilitating the global new market strategy, he elaborated.     

The e-commerce center has huge benefit not only to Ethiopia but also to facilitate the continental economy and the free trade zone. 

Highlighting that the airline collects from 30-35 percent of its total revenue from cargo services, Mesfin said activities are being carried out to boost the steadily growing income.

Out of the total 6.1 billion USD revenue the airline secured last Ethiopian fiscal year, about 2 billion USD was from cargo and logistics service, it was learned.

Transport and Logistics Minister Alemu Sime, Innovation and Technology Minister Belete Molla, Finance State Minister Semereta Sewasew, ambassadors and representatives of the diplomatic community, among others, attended the inauguration program. 











Ethiopian News Agency