Zambia Desirous of Taking Lessons from Ethiopia’s Telecom Sector: Minister of Technology & Science


Addis Ababa, February 18/2024 (ENA)  Zambia is interested to learn from the successful and advanced technologies of Ethiopia, particularly from the telecommunication sector, Zambia's Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Mutati said that his country is keen to draw experiences from Ethiopia’s success stories in the telecommunication sector and replicate it.

“Ethiopia has advanced quite a bit in technology; particularly in the telecommunication infrastructure. It is ahead of us, Zambia. So my key interest coming to Ethiopia is to learn, appreciate, and not reinvent the wheel. What is it that is brand new that Ethiopians move ahead faster than us? So I will be engaging with my colleagues here that we can compare with us,” he elaborated.

African countries need to share experience and knowledge amongst each other, he stated, and stressed that it is key towards ascertaining a united and stronger Africa through partnership and cooperation.

“This should be the way that Africa should work in partnership and collaboration, sharing opportunities, knowledge and experience,” the minister of technology and science noted.

Moreover, he pointed out that Ethiopia and Zambia can also cooperate in the tourism sector where his country is ready to share its experience.

According to him, Zambia’s tourism is booming over the last couple of years due to the measures taken by the government including the removal of visa requirement, upgrading of tourism infrastructure, and expansion of tourist destinations.

Ethiopia has various tourist destinations and by addressing the challenges facing the sector, the country can unleash its potential, the minister added.


Ethiopian News Agency