African Nations Should Revisit Policies, Strategies to Expedite Digital Transformation


Addis Ababa February 17/2024 (ENA)  The Chief Executive Officer of Ethio Telecom Frehiwot Tamiru stressed the need for African countries to revisit their policies and strategies with a view to creating suitable environment to expedite digital transformation in the continent.

Ethiopia has organized a high-level side event at the 37th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the Heads of State and Government of the African Union to highlight the critical role of digital innovations in promoting inclusive and sustainable development in Africa.


President Sahile-Work Zewde delivered opening remarks at the event, which was held at the Adwa Science Museum under the theme, "Harnessing Digitization for Africa's Transformation."

President Sahle-Work Zewde said that accelerating digital transformation is crucial to ensure inclusive and sustainable development in Africa. 

Speeding up digitalization is convenient for dealing with pressures and providing quick solutions for problems, she noted, adding that the expansion of digitalization will play a significant role in creating the prosperous Africa we want in 2063.

She mentioned Ethiopia's digital transformation in various sectors, including finance, telecommunications, and artificial intelligence, and advocated for a continental transformation in accordance with Agenda 2063.

The event drew together stakeholders and leaders from various African countries and financial sectors.


In her presentation at the discussion forum, Ethio telecom CEO said African countries should have a policy which is attractive and  flexible to encourage new ideas,, innovators, investors that can adequately support the ecosystem. 

She stressed the need to ensuring technology inclusiveness in order to build better future in a sustainable manner. 

The CEO said currently there are 1.4 billion mobile telephone subscribers that is expected to reach 1.7 billion by the year 2030. 

“Africa holds the largest mobile market in terms of registered account and transaction volume.. Today we have around 781 million registered mobile money accounts. We need to leverage these mobile user bases to promote trade integration and enhance Africa’s digital transformation:”

The CEO has also emphasized the possibility of building Africa’s digital economy by using the mobile money users’ base that we have today.  


Professor Landry Signé, a senior fellow in the Global Economy and Development Program and the Africa Growth Initiative at the Brookings Institution, said for his part that digital transformation help Africa become a global  powerhouse in terms of economic growth, job creation and poverty reduction as well as enhancing financial, healthcare and education services. 

He underlined the importance of investing more in primery and secondary education in order to build critical thinking, digital skills, STEM skills in order to help bring economic development. 

Ethiopian News Agency