Adwa Victory Memorial Beyond A Monument


The inauguration of Adwa Victory Memorial is more than revealing a monument and indeed is celebrating a legacy that goes beyond the bounds of time and place for all black people across the world.

United Ethiopians forces in the Battle of Adwa 127 years ago made a landmark history by triumphing over Italian colonial powers. 

The Adwa Victory Memorial, built at the heart of Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, which will be inaugurated today in the presence of high ranking government officials and invited guests, depicts this  grand event and its significances. 

The Adwa Victory Memorial provides major historical events, pertinent individuals like Emperor Menelik II, Empress Taytu Betul, and generals who spearheaded Ethiopia's victory in the battle.

It depicts significant historical issues like the spirit of pan-Africanism and the global black community's fight for freedom, which were sparked following Adwa's victory.  

This memorial is a vivid representation of a defining moment in history, embodying the enduring spirit and resilience of Ethiopia, Africa, and all who have faced oppression across the globe.

It is crystal clear that Adwa is not merely an Ethiopian treasure; it is a jewel in the crown of African heritage and a beacon of hope for all oppressed peoples worldwide. 

This is due to the fact that Ethiopians did not just defeat a colonial power in 1896 rather they wrote a new chapter in history, fundamentally altering global perceptions about Africans. Besides, the victory shattered the then prevailing perception narrative against Africans as inferior and showcased instead a continent rich in strategy, bravery, and the unwavering pursuit of freedom.

Along the years the echoes of Adwa Victory have resonated through generations, inspiring countless Africans to envisage a future unshackled from the chains of colonialism.

Furthermore, it has been a source of pride and a rallying cry for change, igniting the flames of independence movements across the continent. 

Adwa through the memorial inaugurated today still stands as a living testament to the indomitable spirit of Africa, a reminder that unity and courage can overturn the tides of oppression.

By building the Adwa Victory Memorial, Ethiopians are not only preserving a historical legacy but also reigniting a spirit of change and empowerment. 

It is a call to remember the past struggles and victories, to draw strength from them, and to continue the fight for a world where every person, regardless of race or origin, can live with dignity and opportunity.

To put it in nut shell, the Adwa Victory Memorial is therefore, more than just a structure of stone and metal; it is a symbol of hope, a shrine of courage, and a school of inspiration for generations to come. 


Ethiopian News Agency