Ethiopia Has No Intention of Harming Somalia in Any Way: PM Abiy

Addis Ababa, February 6/2024(ENA)-Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed stressed today that Ethiopia has no intention of harming Somalia.

Responding to queries raised by member of House of People's Representatives, the premier said after Somalia, Ethiopia is the second home to Somalis.


“The people of Ethiopia and Somalia are bound by blood. Many Ethiopians have died for the peace of Somalia. (And) no country has paid as much as Ethiopia for the peace of Somalia,” PM Abiy underscored.

This is because the peace of Somalia is the peace of Ethiopia, he added.

Therfore, Ethiopia has no intention of destabilizing Somalia and transgressing the sovereignty of Somalia.  

According to him, the friendship between the two countries is so profound that Ethiopia does not wish any harm to come upon Somalia.

And Ethiopia has never invaded a country in its history.

In spite of this, some quarters are trying to incite conflict between the two nations, which should not happen, the PM underlined. 

“Our quest is access to sea based on mutual benefit. This is useful not only for Ethiopia but also for regional cooperation.” 

Moreover, “Somalis are our brothers, and we will grow together.”

The premier pointed out it is far more useful about mutual benefit, rather than conflict.

He recalled that Ethiopia has recently trained Somali military recruits at the Hurso training center, and this shows that we do not have any intention to get into conflict with Somalia.

Explaining the diplomacy of Ethiopia, Prime Minister Abiy said the country's diplomacy is centered around its national interest.

Based on its national interest, the government gives priority to relations with neighboring countries, he added.

Ethiopia has already been working to protect its national interest in cooperation with  neighboring and other countries. 

Besides, Ethiopia has close friends in both western and eastern countries, the PM said, adding that the country will continue to strengthen its relations in this regard.


Ethiopian News Agency