Reduction in Rainfall Expected Across Greater Horn of Africa in Coming Week


 Addis Ababa, November 28/2023 (ENA) Relative to the past few weeks, a reduction in rainfall is expected across the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) over the coming week, IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Center disclosed. 

Heavy rainfall is however expected over a few areas in northern Somalia, south-western Kenya into northern to central Tanzania, it added. 

The center said warmer than average temperature forecasted in most parts across the region. 

Heavy rainfall (greater than 200mm) is expected in isolated regions of Burundi and Tanzania.

Moderate rainfall (50-200mm) expected over western and southern Uganda, isolated areas in southern South Sudan, parts of northern and southern Somalia, isolated areas in western and eastern Ethiopia, south-western Kenya and most parts of Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania.

According to the center, light rainfall (less than 50 mm) expected in parts of central to southern South Sudan, southern Ethiopia and most parts of Kenya and Somalia.

Dry conditions expected over Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, and northern parts of Ethiopia, South Sudan and Kenya.   

Moderate to high temperatures (20-32℃) expected over most parts of southern to north-eastern Sudan, South Sudan, central to northern Uganda, northern and eastern Kenya, Tanzania, Djibouti and most parts of Somalia.

Mild temperature conditions (less than 20℃) expected over parts of north-western Sudan, northern to central Ethiopia, central to western Kenya, northern Somalia and western regions of Rwanda and Burundi, the center added. 


Ethiopian News Agency