Africans Urged to Invest Among themselves, Explore Investment Opportunities in Continent


Addis Ababa, November 27/2023(ENA)-The Embassy of Angola in Ethiopia has organized lecture on the "Foreign Investment Opportunities in Angola in connection with commemorative of 48th independence of Angola.

Speaking at the occasion, Angola’s Ambassador Miguel César Domingos Bembe said this is good opportunity to promote the efforts and commitment of Angola government in relation to the process of economic diversification and attract foreign direct investment. 

Angola is a country blessed with numerous potentialities in its strategic location, enterprising and resilient young, maritime and mineral resources, among other he added. 

To explore and take advantage of its internal potential, Angola wants to count on the participation of foreign investment, in order to attract not only capital and technology to our country, he said, adding but also to contribute to job creation, growth and economic diversification, as well as the improvement of the quality of life of our population. 

To this end, the Angolan Government has been intensifying its commitment to energy infrastructure and trade support, the construction and rehabilitation of roads, railways, airports and orts that aim to accelerate inter and  intra regional, continental, international connection. 

Representative of the Angolan Private Investment and Export Promotion Agency Dr. Bruno Baptista briefed the participants about investment opportunity in Angola. 

The participants stressed need for Africans to invest among themselves and by exploring investment opportunities in the continent. 

Ethiopian Dr. Dawit Abrha, Partner of the Grace Medical Center, in Luanda Angola briefed about investment opportunity health sector in Angola. 
Ethiopia and Angola have built multilevel ties since the beginning of the liberation struggle for Angola’s independence.

Ethiopian News Agency