Japanese Embassy Donates Skateboards to Ethiopian Girls Skaters

Addis Ababa, November 26/2023  (ENA) Ethiopian Girls Skaters could meet the Japanese skateboarding in the international skateboarding competitions, including the Olympic games and nurture their friendship through sports, Japanese Ambassador to Ethiopia Ito Takako said. 

Japanese Embassy in Addis Ababa has today donated skateboards to Ethiopian Girl Skaters through UNICEF.

Skateboarding is a sport often associated with boys. But in the heart of Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, courageous girls took it upon themselves to break the stereotype and established a girls-only skateboarding group called Ethiopian Girls Skaters (EGS).  

The EGS’s primary focus is to create a supportive community for underprivileged girls, according to information obtained from UNICEF in Ethiopia. 


The donation of the skateboards provided by the Japanese Embassy to the group is to encourage the girls and promote the sport in Ethiopia, it was indicated.  

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Ito Takako said Japan believes in the vital importance of supporting gender equality and empowering of women including girls, pledging to actively continue the implementation of various initiatives in this regard. 

She expressed her hope that Ethiopian Girls Skater will continue to enjoy skateboarding to  achieve their goals and make skateboarding more accessible to girls in Ethiopia.

"It would  be wonderful;  in the future,  the Ethiopian Girls Skaters could meet the  Japanese skateboarding from Kasama  in the International skateboarding  competitions,  including the Olympic games ,or these Ethiopia girls could  visit Kasama, and nurture their friendship through sports.’’ She added. 

Special advisor of social protection at the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs, Debebe Barud Dera on his part said if we continue supporting girls, they can be role model to many other girls  who can also transform  their lives  through sports.

“Together, let us create an enabling environment where girls rights are protected by creating an environment that foster self- development and resilience so that they can feel encouraged to pursue their dreams,’’ the adviser stated. 

UNICEF Representative to Ethiopia, Aboubacar Kampo for his part announced plan to build a new skaters park in Addis Ababa with a view to promote the sport and empower girls.   


Ethiopian News Agency