Ethiopia's Cooperation with Neighbors Very Important, Needs to be Developed: Angolan Ambassador

Addis Ababa,November 23/2023(ENA)-Ethiopia's cooperation with neighboring countries is very important and needs to be developed, Angola’s Ambassador Miguel César Domingos Bembe said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the ambassador explained that it's not possible for a country to have everything in it.

As you know, God distributed the resources and we must be happy and proud with what we have and what we don't have; and we must cooperate with others.

That's why cooperation between the government and the people of Ethiopia and the neighboring countries is very important, he stressed.

In this respect, “I see with good eyes how the Government of Ethiopia is working with the other governments to make sure that Ethiopia also benefits.”

In its effort to nurture cooperation with neighboring countries, Ethiopia shares electric power with some of its neighbors, namely Djibouti, Kenya and Sudan. And this can lead to a mutually beneficial interdependence among countries of the Horn and even have spillover effect that can lead cooperation in other areas.

Moreover, Ethiopia’s 10-Year development plan, enhancing the existing bilateral cooperation with neighboring countries, and ensuring sustainable peace across the region are among the priorities. 

Ambassador Bembe noted that the cooperation development we are seeing here in the regional area of Ethiopia cannot wait.

The cooperation may not of course go as quickly as we want, because we must deal with people and this can take time, he added.

According to him, Angola is doing the same thing in terms of cooperation with its neighbors.

“In the region, we have very good cooperation with Zambia, Namibia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo. I am talking about our direct neighbors, but we have many things to do.” 

President João Lourenço is continuing to intensify his commitment to energy, trade, and infrastructures as well as construction and rehabilitation of roads, railways and seaport with the view to improving the movement of people and goods.

Ethiopian News Agency