Highlights of Prime Minister Abiy's Response to the House of Peoples’ Representatives



In his response to the queries raised by the members of the House of Peoples' Representatives (HPR) during  its 4th regular session held yesterday, Prime Minister Abiy dwelt upon, among others, major challenges facing the country, achievements made in the macroeconomic sphere and Ethiopia’s legitimate and genuine quest for sea outlets based on win-win approach.
MPs raised issues pertaining to peace and stability in the country, agricultural development, inaugurated and ongoing national development projects, diplomatic issues, matters related to accession of ports, civil service reforms, education and public health.

                                       On local Issues

Currently, the major reasons for the challenges facing Ethiopia emanate from emotionally charged sentiments and conspiracy-oriented narrations, the premier remarked. 
Prime Minister Abiy noted that by pulling our ideas together like the tributary rivers of the Nile, the narrative to be built should be in a manner conducive to peace, development and prosperity of mankind. He pointed out that coming out of extremist ideas and accommodate a balanced thought is what Ethiopia is expecting and needs from every citizen at this particular moment.
Recalling the situation in Amhara region, the premier said the state of emergency declared on Amhara region has brought about relative peace and order. The intention of the illegal armed groups to dismantle the regional government has been thwarted, the premier said.
By virtue of a millennial history, socio-cultural and economic interaction, the people of Ethiopia were and are multi-national. A country cannot be built by a single narration, the premier underlined, adding that it is necessary to work together for a common cause by listening and respecting each other.
To this end, the government focuses on critical and inclusive agendas of national significance and would never resort to fomenting divisive views.
The country is seeking a grand narrative which is built for decades to replace polarized views with multi-national unity.
                                On National Dialogue 

Everyone should support the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission for the benefits of citizens and the country, Prime Minister Abiy underscored.
As there are difference of opinions and disagreements among various opinion leaders and segments of society on some fundamental national issues, it is necessary to alleviate and resolve the differences and disagreements through a broad based inclusive public dialogue and reach national consensus.  
We have to help the commission which has been working with great diligence in every way we can, the premier said.
                            On Macroeconomic Achievements

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed stated that Ethiopia has doubled its GDP over the past five years from around 84 billion USD to about 164 billion USD by following multi-sectoral economic approach. Stabilizing the macroeconomy was one of the targets of the Homegrown Economic Reform Agenda
Amid many man-made and natural challenges in Ethiopia and in other parts of the world including conflicts, COVID-19, pressure of fluctuation of the international trade system, the nation has managed to double its GDP for the first time in history, the prime minister affirmed. 

He recalled that Ethiopia’s GDP was about 84 billion USD by the time he came to power, adding that the country’s GDP has now reached about 164 billion USD.   

The per capita income has also reached 1549 USD from 882 USD five years ago which registers double growth.

Ethiopia is one of the few countries in Africa and around the world that are registering fast economic growth.  

The industry sector registered 6.9 percent growth last Ethiopian budget year following the growth of the electric sector, recording the highest growth by more than 12 percent. 

The construction and manufacturing sectors also registered 7.1 percent and 7 percent respectively during the stated period. 

Manufacturing is one of the critical sectors for the nation, Prime Minister Abiy stressed and added total production capacity of factories were around 47 percent, but now it reaches 55 percent increasing by 8 percent due to the activities launched by Ethiopia Tamirt Movement. 

                        On Ethiopia’s Legitimate Right for Sea Outlets 

Ethiopia will continue raising the issue of getting access to sea and alternative port through win-win approach, the premier underscored.
With a population of about 47 million and low economic growth 30 years ago, Ethiopia had two ports, he recalled  

The premier thanked the government and people of Djibouti for contributing to the growth and development of Ethiopia by allowing the country to use their port over the past years, adding "we have no concern and fear from Djibouti government and people, but we need the neighboring countries, including Djibouti, to understand our concern."

According to him, it is important to find an alternative port as Ethiopia's economy and population are growing at a high rate.

“Ethiopia didn't ask an inappropriate question that is out of the law. Ethiopia has no desire to fire a shot at neighboring countries. But, we are saying let us discuss this in terms of the law and business.”

Ethiopia believes that the issue of port should be resolved immediately and without delay, Prime Minister Abiy said.  

Neighboring countries and governments of other countries should understand that we have submitted a request to get access to sea by sharing Ethiopian Airlines, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam or other organizations, and that we are committed to common development.

As Ethiopia needs peace, prosperity, and development, it is ready to discuss about the issue of port with all friends who believe in this agenda. 

Ethiopian News Agency