Ethiopia to Launch Third Earth Observation Satellite in Two Years


Addis Ababa ,November 2/2023(ENA)- Ethiopia is preparing to launch its third earth observation satellite named ETRSS-02 in two years, according to the Space Science and Geospatial Institute.

Recall that the previous satellites that have been launched into space have successfully completed their mission in the service period.

Space Science and Geospatial Institute Director-General, Abdisa Yilma said that the government has conducted a financial and economic feasibility study regarding the launch of the third satellite.

The study would take into consideration the experience from previous satellites and use the data to clearly define other missions, he added.

Abdisa stated that the information about the satellite bid has been entered into the government's electronic procurement system, and an international auction will be issued in the coming months.

Ethiopia launched the first ETRSS-01 earth observation satellite from China's satellite launch site in December 2019, and its second earth observation satellite in 2020.

The two satellites have completed their service period and achieved their mission, the director-general stated.

The data obtained from the satellites have been used as inputs for agriculture, tourism, land management, natural resources, disaster risk reduction, and other activities.

Moreover, institutions are using the information they obtained for their various works, including research.

A multi-satellite data reception and control station, which can receive high-quality data from satellites, was put into operation last Ethiopian year.





Ethiopian News Agency