Countries Exploring Ethiopia’s Incredible Innovation Ecosystem, Says Startup Awards Africa Co-Founder


Addis Ababa October 28/2023 (ENA)  Ethiopia is an incredible country at the moment where other nations have been exploring its innovation ecosystem, Co-Founder of Global Startup Awards Africa Caitlin Nash said.

Ethiopia’s diversity is conducive for innovation, with the young population which  is incredible asset and untapped resource for positive growth. 

In an Exclusive interview with ENA, Nash, who acknowledged the potential and the ambition of Ethiopia in the startup ecosystem, noted that the time that we spent working with Ethiopians, various professionals and the youth has been completely inspiring. 

She also said that Africa will continue to shift into a leading role across the globe with the demographic shift globally.

Noting the need to build economies in the African way, she said “We need to build our economies not to imitate but to lead as Africans.”     

Nash also pointed out that a nation that is collaborative, cooperative and ambitious serves as a success story for innovation.

Stressing that small businesses have always been the backbone of every national economy, she said innovation is the ability to provide services that are more cost effective and deliver more quickly. 

It is absolutely critical that the startup ecosystem in Ethiopia become a leading agenda for the nation, she further elaborated. 

Ethiopia is an incredible place at the moment in the sense that other nations have been exploring its innovation ecosystem, Nash affirmed. 

Regarding the necessity of innovation investment in Africa, Caitlin Nash underscored for multinationals, saying now is the time to wake up and participate in initiatives like Ethiopia’s startup economy to build it and to prioritize it as a strategic asset for business. 

Recall that the Next Ethiopian Startup (NEST) initiative was launched on 24 October, 2023 in collaboration with the Ministry of Innovation and Technology and Ministry of Labor and Skills.

The objectives of the initiative include building the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and creating competent startups.

NEST is a groundbreaking national startup ecosystem development initiative, it was learned. 


Ethiopian News Agency