ENDF: National Pride of the Ethiopian People 



The Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) is marking its 116th Army Day with various events that depict the heroic feats it has accomplished for over a century. Over the course of its glorious history, the ENDF has defended not only the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country but also demonstrated an exemplary anti-colonial struggle that set an example for the decolonization of Africa and all countries and peoples who were languishing under the yoke of the imperialist colonial forces.

The recent history of the country shows that the defense force has repulsed scores of external aggressions and forces that threatened the statehood of the country. This article outlines some of the most unique features of the Ethiopian defense force both at national and international level.

First, the ENDF is a national force of peace which has been engaged in international peace keeping missions under the auspices of UNSC over the last several decades and to date. Suffice it to mention the heroic internationalist stance of the ENDF in Korea, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, and Somalia. In these missions, apart from keeping peace, the Ethiopian missions were actively engaged in supporting communities in the countries by providing livelihood inputs, including supply of relief food and water, construction of schools, clinics and other infrastructure facilities.

The ENDF has now become a center of science and technology specializing on the promotion of the defense capabilities of the nation. Apart from the above mentioned contributions, ENDF has become a pan Africanist force that rendering trainings and organizing the defense forces of several African countries in various areas of the defenses sector.

Among other things, the ENDF has been contributing to the mitigation of natural and man mad calamities which were cause by the effects of climate change in Ethiopia. The defense force contributed to provision of relief food and water supplies to areas affected by drought in the country.

The ENDF has now become an important center of higher education and learning in various areas of military and non-military capacity building programs. This has helped the defense force to effectively carry out mega projects in the country.

Moreover, one of the most important contributions of ENDF is related to the promotion of import substitution in which machineries and other technical goods, heavy duty trucks are now produced in ENDF technological enterprises.

It must also be noted that ENDF has pioneered in the struggle against terrorists that plagued the Horn of Africa. The army foiled repeated intrusions of Al-Shabaab and ISIS terrorists in almost all cases by its own efforts.

As a bulwark of peace and development, the peace and sovereignty of Ethiopia has been maintained despite the challenges. Above all, the ENDF is the guardian of the constitution and rule of law in the country. It will continue to be the sole defender of peace, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

Ethiopian News Agency