Ethiopia has Right to Peacefully Claim of Access to Sea: PM Abiy


Addis Ababa October 15/2023 (ENA) Given geographical, historical, economic backgrounds, Ethiopia has the right to have access to sea through peaceful means, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said.

In a televised program held with members of the parliament, Prime Minister Abiy said is quite paradoxical for Ethiopia to remain mute for  discussing about Red Sea for port access while other countries have their rights to discuss about the GERD and other transboundary rivers for mutual benefits.

He also said that Ethiopia is surrounded with waters but remain landlocked.

Red Sea and the Nile River are interwoven with Ethiopia, Abiy said, and added that it determines the fate of the country as well as the basis for its development or destruction.

The notion of saying “let us share yours but never ask from ours” is not right, the premier said, and emphasized the need to share resources in a balanced and peaceful manner.

With the growing population, access to the sea is a matter of existence for Ethiopia not a luxury, he said and added that neighboring countries should make deals for mutual benefits.  

Ethiopia’s claim of access to the sea can be discussed including about the options but it cannot be disregarded, the premier underscored, adding that otherwise the country will eventually drift into extreme poverty.

According to Abiy, leaders of the East Africa region should discuss about sustainable peace that transcends into the future.


Ethiopian News Agency