Hurrah For Ethiopian Athletes



The Ethiopian athletics squad which participated at the 19th World Athletics Championships and registered impressive results was accorded a warm welcome upon arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. A mammoth reception ceremony that was organized at Bole International Airport to welcome the athletes was wonderful indeed. Government officials and members of the sports community and residents of Addis Ababa and families of the athletes accorded a heartwarming welcome to the Ethiopian athletes delegation upon their arrival.  

 The reception was a heroic recognition to renown Ethiopian athletes traditionally known as the Green Flood of Ethiopia for their extraordinary performance on tracks and fields who honored their beloved country once again at the 19th World Athletics Championships, in Budapest, Hungary, from 19 to 27th August, 2023. 


Ethiopia won a gold medal in women’s marathon by Amane Bariso and Gudaf Tsegay in 10,000 meters as well as 4 four silver and 3 bronze medals by the other athletes. 

Ethiopia's athletics squad consisting of 19 women and 16 men fiercely contested in different fields, for instance, in the 800m 1,500m, 3,000m steeplechase, 5,000m, 10,000m, and in grueling marathon.

The nation boasts as one of the highest track records on the world athletics scene, with their names etched in nearly every championship since the starting gun first went off. 

The fact that the athletes snatched medals at the 19th World Athletics Championship is a lot both to the individuals and the country. The unity, integrity, tenacity and incredible team work among all the athletes was remarkable, signaling what united Ethiopia can miraculously achieve in solidarity and mutual love for their country.

The individual and collective responsibility they demonstrated in discharging at the global tournament was exemplary for all athletes and is indeed a continuation of the team spirit their senior predecessors had exhibited and known for on track for many decades. Ethiopian athletes are known for their  team spirit and tactics. 

The team spirit the athletes demonstrated at Budapest certainly sets an example for all sectors and actors in the socio-economic spheres. Such a spirit of unity and team work needs to be replicated in all spheres of public life including in ensuring durable peace, mutual respect and working towards the common goal of prosperity.


Such global tournaments add greater leverage and elevate the image of the country among members of the international community. It must be reckoned that the role the athletes played ignites inspirations within fellow Ethiopians that Ethiopia can register impressive results not only in sports but also in other spheres despite challenges. 

Athletics tournaments of such level do not only promote Ethiopia but also the African continent which is a major sources of world class athletes. The 19th World Athletics Championship has clearly indicated the level on which the global athletics competition has grown and Ethiopian athletics squad has made greater achievements. 

Of course, the athletics squad and the entire delegation can draw a lot of lessons that could help them become more effective in subsequent tournaments by rectifying errors that were made in the competition. 

The remarkable feat specially registered by our young women athletes and the team spirit they demonstrated at the tournament shows the extent to which women can excel not only in sports but also in other fields of socio-economic developments the country aims to register.  

The duty of developing and further elevating the Ethiopian Athletics must not be left only to the Athletics Federation but to all stakeholders, and the private sector and the entire public. Of course, the Athletics Federation must reinvigorate the performance of Ethiopian athletics. Given the strength and tenacity of Ethiopian young athletes, the federation should not be complacent with the victories registered in this tournament, but tirelessly endeavor for more gains in more fields. To this end, sustaining the track victories, for instance, the 5000mts and 10,000mts for both women and men which Ethiopian has championed must be the prime duty of the federation. In this regard, the federation must convene appropriate forums with veteran and young athletes, the private sector, stakeholders, sports fans and the public to pave the way for yet another round of shining victories of Ethiopian athletics.


Ethiopian News Agency