Ministry Plans to Collect 529 Billion Birr Revenue in Current Fiscal Year 


Addis Ababa, July 28/2023 (ENA) Ministry of Revenues disclosed that it plans to collect 529 billion Birr from taxes this Ethiopian fiscal year.  

The ministry had discussion with high tax payers to evaluate its performance of the concluded budget and plan of current fiscal year. 

During the occasion, Revenues Minister Aynalem Nugusie said that 442 billion Birr was collected out of the planned 450 billion Birr for the concluded fiscal year. 

Out of the total revenue earned during the stated period, 176 billion Birr was secured from high tax payers, it was learned. 

According to the minister, several activities have been carried out with a view to fundamentally contribute to the transform of the entire economy.

However, Aynalem pointed out that the revenues secured from tax and other income items have not been sufficient compared to the demands of the country to expedite national development.  

Hence, she said various activities are underway to collect 529 billion Birr revenue from taxes during the current Ethiopian fiscal year.  

The minister finally called on all high tax payers to raise the 226 billion Birr expected from them.  







Ethiopian News Agency