Israeli NGO Signs MoU with AAU — Black Lion Hospital to Provide Children with Lifesaving Medical Care


Addis Ababa, July 24/2023 (ENA) Save a Child’s Heart (SACH), an Israeli-based NGO signed today Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Addis Ababa University(AAU) —Black Lion Hospital to provide lifesaving medical care to children suffering from heart defects. 

The Memorandum of Understanding would help to save dozens of children suffering from heart defects while sharing medical skills and knowledge with the medical team in Ethiopia.

Save a Child’s Heart was founded in 1996 and since then, the NGO has treated more than 850 children from Ethiopia, it was indicated.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Israeli Ambassador to Ethiopia, Aleligne Admasu said that his country will continue to strengthen the ongoing activities with Ethiopia in the sphere of health.


Noting that Ethiopia and Israel have a multifaceted relationship in the areas of social, economic and political fields, the ambassador said the two countries’ long-standing relationship will be further strengthened.

Ambassador Aleligne pointed out that the work of training Ethiopian experts and empowering professionals  has been carried out especially in the health sector.

Mentioning that support is being given to prevent children from dying of heart disease in particular, the ambassador indicated that patients were sent to Israel for treatment.

He also pledged to save the lives of children suffering from heart disease and to bring them back to good health.

Dr. Andualem Deneke, Chief Executive Director at College of Health Sciences, Addis Ababa University recalled that the university has been working with Israeli doctors in the area of heart surgery.


The trilateral Memorandum of Understanding is vital to the experts of the Black Lion Specialized Hospital and will help them to receive better training in cardiology and heart surgery.

With the help of the signed agreement, 20 children with heart defects will be treated in Israel every year, Simon Fisher, Executive Director of Save Children's Heart said..


Executive director added that in addition to the treatment for the children, training will be given to professionals working in the field.


















Ethiopian News Agency