BEPA To Launch Footwear Production Capacity Building Project In Ethiopia with 10 mln USD

Addis Ababa June 10/2023 (ENA) Footwear Industrial Promotion Center with the Busan Economic Promotion Agency (BEPA) announced it will  launch footwear production capacity building project in Ethiopia with 10 million US dollar provided by South Korea Official Development Assistance (ODA). 

Ethiopian Ambassador to South korea, Dessie Dalkie, attended the footwear production capacity building project kickoff and MOU signing ceremony organized by Busan metropolitan city and BEPA footwear Industrial Promotion Center in Busan, South korea, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


During the event, the BEPA footwear industrial promotion center has announced its intention to launch capacity building project in Ethiopia. 

The project, which will be financed with 10 million US dollar grant from the korea ODA, aims to enhance the footwear manufacturing sector in Ethiopia.

The capacity building project, which starts in 2023 and last until 2027, will provide the necessary assistance and training to workers, local footwear producers and officials to enhance competitiveness of leather and leather products industry. 

During the occasion, Ambassador Dessie extended his gratitude to Busan metropolitan city and BEPA footwear Industrial Promotion Center for organizing the event.


He recalled the longstanding historical relationship between Ethiopia and South Korea.

Moreover, he emphasized the significance of this relationship and its potential to be strengthened through economic exchange and political relations. 

The project is critical to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of local footwear industries in Ethiopia, the ambassador underlined.

He also stressed comparative advantages in Ethiopia due to its youth work force and inputs, making the country an attractive destination for foreign investment particularly for leather and leather products industry.

Finally, the Ethiopian Embassy in Korea and the BEPA Footwear Industrial Promotion Center signed MOU to strengthen cooperation and friendly relations between the Republic of Korea and Ethiopia.




Ethiopian News Agency