Green Legacy Initiative Common Asset to Bequeath to Future Generations: PM Abiy

Addis Ababa June 8/2023(ENA):- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that the Green Legacy Initiative is our common asset to bequeath to future generations with synergetic capacity. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched today the second phase of the Green Legacy Initiative in Afar region under the theme: “Let’s plant the future today.”


Regional administrators, ministers and other senior government officials attended the launching ceremony.

According to the premier, planting trees is being in harmony with nature beyond the benefits as food, beauty and mitigating the effects of climate change.

“If we have to leave something good for the next generation, one of the easiest things is to plant our future today. If we have trees for our children in every field and mountain, they will serve as food, medicine and also deter the looming danger of climate change that is threatening the world.”

He disclosed that 25 billion tree seedlings will be planted in the second phase of the Green Legacy Initiative program.

Combined with the 25 billion seedlings planted in the last four years, this will make Ethiopia the first country to create forests by planting 50 billion saplings, Abiy elaborated.

He also stated that in this year's Green Legacy program, priority will be given to quality rather than quantity.

The PM further stated that under the program, special attention will be given to indigenous seedlings that can withstand the challenges of climate change and have superior uses for food and medicine.

Combined forestry is also part of Ethiopia's efforts to become self-sufficient in food, he  said, adding that indigenous trees and edible fruit trees like apple will be planted.

In the second phase of the Green Legacy Program, 60 percent of seedlings of combined plantations, 35 percent of forest seedlings, and 5 percent of seedlings for urban beauty will be planted.

Noting that the program will continue until next September 2023, he called on all Ethiopians to leave their footprint and plant their future today.

Ministry of Agriculture has announced that 7.4 billion tree seedlings have been prepared for planting this year. 


Ethiopian News Agency