Africa Needs Deeper Linkages to Become Champion in Trade, Investment in Global Market: State Minister of Trade

Addis Ababa  May 6/2023 (ENA)Africa needs deeper linkages employing its opportunity to champion in trade and investment of the global market, Trade and Regional Integration State Minister Endalew Mekonen said. 

Addressing the Africa trade and investment summit held in Addis Ababa today, State Minister of Trade and Regional Integration Endalew Mekonen said “Africa can be an opportunity of champion related to trade and investment in a global market.”


He added it is important that Africa goes to deeper and deeper particularly into continental market linkage among African countries such as AfCFTA.  

Similarly, CEO of Investment Center of Africa, Abdinasir Turky said Africa is the land of opportunities where creating conducive environment is crucial to unlock such opportunities, he pointed out. 


 For the CEO, the summit is pivotal to exchange information, and discussing on trade and investment opportunities in African countries as whole.   

Strong business environment partnership is also instrumental to realize the continent's economic ambitions, he noted. 


State Minister of Industry Hassan Mohammed for his part mentioned the reform agenda which has been key in easing doing business in Ethiopia. 

'Let Ethiopia Produce' movement is also one of the recent initiatives which is being undertaken by the government to promote the ample investment opportunities in the country, he indicated. 

Invest in Ethiopia's manufacturing, mining, agriculture and other emerging sectors and opportunities and economic challenges shaping Africa's future were among the points of discussion at the one-day summit.  


Ethiopian News Agency