Prosperity Party Carried Out Activities that Enhance Nation-State Building: Party Vice President

Addis Ababa May 31/2023 (ENA) The Prosperity Party has carried out major activities that enhance nation-state building following the direction given by the strong and legitimate leadership of the party, Vice President Adem Farah said.

The party will continue strengthening and building the leadership of the party so that the political, social, economic and diplomatic activities started can continue successfully, he added.

In the statement he gave to ENA at the conclusion of the two-day PP Executive Committee meeting, the leadership conducted in-depth discussion on various issues.

Accordingly, the executive committee has set directions in political, social, economic and diplomatic activities.

With regard to the political sector, the vice president said that the efforts exerted to solve fundamental national issues through the National Dialogue Commission in a democratic manner were successful.

 He added that the Prosperity Party will play its role as a party for the holding of an inclusive dialogue to reach national consensus.

The party has created a spirit of cooperation to establish a democratic system in Ethiopia by involving competing political parties which differ from it in ideology and policy in the government structure, he noted, adding that the effort would continue unabated.

In order to create a lasting peace in Ethiopia, the vice president stated that commendable results have been gained in terms of building free and independent security, intelligence and democratic institutions for the benefit of the people.

The executive committee has also positively evaluated the efforts to establish lasting peace through combining modern and traditional methods of conflict resolution with those who were engaged in armed struggle.

Extremist bodies, which intend to meet group and individual needs by force in Ethiopia, are threatening our multinational unity, Adem said, adding that respecting the freedom of others is essential to exercise own freedom.

The executive committee has also set a direction stressing the importance ensuring the rule of law and constitutionalism, maintaining complete peace, and strengthening justice and security institutions.

Speaking about the economic sector, the vice president explained that the executive committee reviewed that an inclusive economy is being built in terms of ensuring fair development during the last 10 months.

He mentioned the results registered in the productivity of wheat production with a view to maintaining the multi-sector economic system where impressive results are recorded  in wheat productivity. 

  In “Let’s Ethiopia Produce,” a national campaign that intends to solve the problems of the industrial sector, encouraging results have been achieved through increasing productivity and creating market linkages, he noted.

Adem also indicated the ‘ Dine for the Nation’ and other projects, were able to stimulate the tourism sector and create 2.4 million jobs in nine months; and this achievement will continue to be strengthened.

The Party executive committee has also set direction to take strong measures to reduce the role of non-value-added actors in the producers-consumers chain, preventing contrabandists with a view to stabilizing inflation.

He stated that in realizing inclusive prosperity and developing social system, encouraging results have been achieved in education, health, youth and women empowerment.

Stating that mutual benefits and productive diplomatic activities have registered results, priority has been given to neighboring countries in creating economic integration and boosting people-to-people relations, he noted this will be continued in a strengthening manner.  

 In preserving our sovereignty and territorial integrity, we were able to overcome the pressure of some elements following the war in the northern part of the country, he said.

As the principle of African solution to African problems has recorded results, it will be strengthened.

 In the future, we will pursue balanced  and inclusive diplomatic works  to maintain our interests, he said adding we will continue to overcome the pressure and expand our allies. 

To maintain the successful accomplishments of the ongoing political, social, economic and diplomatic activities, Prosperity Party will continue filtering, strengthening and building  the leadership, he said.
























Ethiopian News Agency