AU Expanded Mechanism Discusses Implementation of Continental Roadmap for Resolution of Conflict in Sudan 

Addis Ababa May 31/2023 (ENA)The Third Meeting of the Expanded Mechanism on the Sudan Crisis discussed today the implementation of the African Union Roadmap for the Resolution of the Conflict in Sudan.

During the opening session, African Union Commission Conflict Management Directorate, Political Affairs, Peace and Security Director Sarjoh Bah said the AU has been working on a number of issues since the last meeting on 2nd May, 2023.

It has convened two meetings on the trilateral mechanism in order to agree on the way forward, and also held a meeting of all humanitarian organizations working in Sudan to discuss how to cooperate, he added.

“This third meeting of the expanded mechanism is the first engagement we are undertaking following the PSC summit level meeting that took place on Saturday, to share the outcome of the meeting and to discuss the way forward,” the director stated.

Bah further stated that AU is embarking on a tour of regional capitals to express concerns about the crisis in Sudan, and the potential impact on the neighboring states and the continent as a whole if the fighting is not arrested immediately and an inclusive political process is allowed to start.

At the last meeting, it was agreed that the AU would consult to put in place a Core Group that would guide the work of the international community in addressing the Sudan crisis. 

The director said that the AU is now ready to convene the Core Group in the coming week.

“While doing that, we need to start planning and preparing for the inclusive negotiations on a political process, one which would address both the immediate and long-term causes of the Sudanese crisis.” 

While disagreements over the reform of the security sector did provide the immediate trigger for the conflict, Sudan and the Sudanese need to address the systemic grievances that date back decades.

The African Union is working to support such an inclusive political process, which would allow for the full representation of the voices of all sectors of Sudanese civil society and political parties, Bah elaborated.

Deputy Head of Office UNOAU and Director of Political Affairs, Gérald Mitchell said the UN fully endorses the demand that the Sudanese warring parties in this conflict resume a political process that will yield a democratic outcome in line with the democratic aspirations of the Sudanese people without delay. 

Building on the work we have done in the trilateral mechanism, Mitchell pointed out that “the United Nations remains committed to working closely with the African Union and regard as we pursue a permanent ceasefire, facilitation of humanitarian access, and providing support to the Sudanese actors in preparing the ground to the right moment to return to civilian democratic rule.”

IGAD Permanent Representative to the African Union, Maureen Achieng said the authority is steadfastly committed to fostering peace in Sudan and the broader region. 

“We are by now well aware of the ongoing efforts by IGAD Member States, the African Union, and the international community at large to address the situation in Sudan and bring the warring parties to the negotiating table.” 

Ethiopian News Agency