Chinese Investors Keen to Invest in Ethiopia: Ethiopian Embassy

Addis Ababa May 22/2023(ENA) Chinese investors are very interested to engage in various economic sectors in Ethiopia, Deputy Head of the Ethiopian Embassy in China, Ambassador Dawano Kedir said.

According to Ambassador Dawano, efforts are well underway to expand the participation of Chinese investors in various investment sectors in Ethiopia. 

Ethiopian Embassy in China is promoting investment options based on the needs of Chinese investors, Ambassador Dawano told ENA.

The embassy is focused on promoting investment options in the agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors, he said.

The ambassador also pointed out that efforts are well underway to maintain the strong relationship between Ethiopia and China, both in politics and people-to-people ties.

This will further strengthen Ethiopia's strategic partnership and development cooperation with China, he said.

Legal reforms in the investment sector, incentives being offered to foreign investors and activities undertaken to bring lasting peace have been promoted by the embassy, he said.

He recalled that 107 Chinese companies participated in the international investment forum held in Ethiopia last April.

Therefore, Chinese investors engaged in manufacturing, cement, steel, mining and other sectors have managed to understand the current situation in Ethiopia, he said.

The modern Ethiopia-China diplomatic relationship started in the 1970s and is getting stronger by the day.


Ethiopian News Agency