More than 550 Million USD Earned from Horticulture Export in 8 Months of Current Fiscal Year: Association   

Addis Ababa May 21/2023 (ENA) The Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) announced that more than 550 million USD has been secured from the export of horticulture products in eight months of the current fiscal year.  

The Association held experience sharing and field visits in flower farm companies located around Batu town to students and teachers of horticulture at Hawassa University today.

During the occasion, Promotion and Information Head of the Association, Yemisrach Birhanu said Ethiopia is the second nation in Africa after Kenya and 4th in the world in the production and export market of flower.

The association was established with a view to strengthen the international competitiveness of companies engaged in horticulture production and exports in order to help the country reap the economic benefits of the sector, Yemisrach said.

The association also strives to improve the competitiveness of members and promote sustainable growth of Ethiopian horticulture sector by providing innovative services.

Hence, the head stated that the association has been exerting efforts to strengthen Ethiopia’s international competitiveness and foreign exchange revenue from the horticulture sector including cut flowers, fruit, vegetables, and herbs among others.

To realizing this objective, she indicated that several trainings are being given to the companies in addition to providing incentives by developing international quality standard certification of various levels.

The association has established its own Technical and Vocational College that gives trainings to its members and others who wish to attend the courses.

Workplace safety and quality of production process are some of the key criteria vital to improve competitiveness; she said adding trainings are being organized to the companies and their experts to help them carry out the production process with quality standard and free of environmental pollution.

According to the head, the Association is also engaged in establishing market linkages between the producers and buyers using various methods.

She said horticulture sector is playing key role in the development of the national economy of Ethiopia, noting that more than 550 million USD has been secured from the export of horticulture products in eight months of the current fiscal year.

EHPEA is a business membership organization which is established in 2002 with the objective to promote the interest of members who are engaged in the production and export of cut flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs, cuttings as well as vegetable seeds.


Ethiopian News Agency