Ethiopia, Italy and Somalia Agree to Boost Trilateral Relationship


Addis Ababa April 15/2023(ENA) Italy, Ethiopia and Somalia have agreed to consolidate their trilateral multifaceted relations.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has conferred with his Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni, and  Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

The discussion between the leaders focused on ways of strengthening their trilateral relationship.

Press Secretary for the Prime Minister Office, Billene Seyoum told journalists the leaders also  held fruitful discussion about strengthening partnership and multilateral diplomacy.

During the discussion, PM Abiy Ahmed pointed out that Ethiopia will work with determination  to strengthen the relationship between the countries.

In addition, he particularly conferred on the issue of strengthening economic and infrastructure links between Ethiopia and Somalia.

Prime Minister Giorgio Meloni on her part mentioned that Italy will be a partner in the efforts of linking Ethiopia and Somalia with road infrastructure.

On the other hand, the leaders have discussed the engagement of Italian companies in various fields of investment in Ethiopia and Somalia.

Prime Minister Giorgio Meloni also said that the Italian government will support Italian companies to invest in Ethiopia, especially in agriculture, tourism, and renewable energy sectors.

The favorable environment created for investment in Somalia following the relative peace in the country was also mentioned during the discussion.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that his government will provide all the necessary support for Italian companies to invest in Ethiopia under favorable conditions.

The press secretary stated that Ethiopia's diplomacy is gaining momentum after the Pretoria peace agreement.



Ethiopian News Agency